Episode 2 – We’re Going Weekly!

“Hey everybody this is Jimmy Pardo, welcome to Never Not Funny, the official Pardcast… podcast…” Big news! We are going weekly, not bi-weekly as we first thought We’re now in a studio, not the dining room Confusion over the definition of “bi” Michael Glenn Schmidt, number 22, shortstop for Chicago Pat was supposed to be here, but his wife has […]

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Episode 1 – Where It All Began

Episode 1 is available with the purchase of Season 1 for only $19.99 Released April 7, 2006 | Run time 40:45 Welcome to the Running Your Trap Podcast. Or “Pardcast.” Jimmy drops the F-bomb, right outta the box, resulting in a discussion of whether the show should be PG-13 or R. Too late, it’s now R There will be no […]

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