615 – Paul Rust

Release date 2/3/2010

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Intro: A lot has gone down in the last two weeks.

2:00: Matt has asymmetrical hair.

3:00 Jimmy’s million dollar offer to Matt

4:00 Andrew has a low-sodium beard, being shadowed by Eliot from High Mountain

6:00 Paul Rust as Nick in Jimmy Pardo’s Dance Party

11:00 Let’s unpack some issues

11:30 Le Mars, Iowa: ice cream capitol of the world

16:00 New years resolutions should start in February

16:45 Knocking over the sandcastle

17:30 Obvious Trivia: Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor

17:45 It’s the best, guys!

18:15 TV show openings

21:00 Groundhog day

22:00 Paul Rust’s TV credits

23:30 Is Paul too old for I Love You Beth Cooper?

27:00 Son of a cobbler

28:00 Topless scenes in I Love You Beth Cooper

31:30 Outhouse humor from Paul’s dad

33:30 Young actors (not) in love

36:00 The Tonight Show

39:00 The last days of taping with Conan

42:30 A surprise visit from Edward James Olmos

44:00 Shadoe Stevens

46:30 Back to the outhouse

47:30 Rust’s Western Shed

48:30 Tim Cavanaugh in Iowa

49:30 Paul’s backstage encounter

52:30 Paul’s mistaken gaiety

54:00 Not Too Shabby at UCB LA

54:30 Nightowls and nightlife

57:30 Missing paperboys (you remember Missing Paperboys…)

58:30 Congratulations to Jimmy on losing his job!

1:01:00 Break

1:01:30 Potty talk

1:02:00 The forgotten theme song

1:05:00 Jimmy Pardo’s Podcast Feud

1:09:00 Public peeing by Matt’s house

1:14:30 Ted Nugent uncensored

1:21:00 Paul’s car troubles

1:22:15 Kitty cat fever

1:23:00 Plugs for Paul

1:24:30 Steve Wynn / Steve Winwood

Oooonnn da pocst!

One comment

  • Rich

    For the very first time, though I have always known I would eventually, I needed Never Not Notes for a fact check, and there was the info I needed right there. I read them from time to time for pleasure, but now I have put them to their true use, cross referencing my memory. 😀