612 – Rich Sommer

Release date 1/13/2010

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Intro: Jimmy is wearing an Evel Knievel 3/4 sleeve shirt he got from famed director Fellini’s basement.

4:00 High-haired Matt and the difference between samosa and mimosa

5:00 Pilgrimage to Pardo

6:15 White guys with afros

8:00 The quality of AMC programs

8:45 Sing Along with Jimmy: Dreamweaver

9:15 The George Lopez Revolution

10:00 Rich Sommer, The Gentleman Visitor

Rich Sommer


10:30 How Jimmy and Matt met Rich

12:00 Dueling watches

12:15 Andrew’s knowledge of Dave Foley’s birthday

13:00 What do you do at a Mad Men party?

13:30 The exemplary child-rearing example of Mad Men

14:00 Jimmy had JFK in the dead pool

15:15 “Am I required to have my ear drums blown out?”

15:45 Jimmy Pardo: Fan of Christian music

16:30 Sing Along with Jimmy: September

17:15 Jimmy’s favorite album what year?

17:45 Kansas. Not the state.

19:15 Rich’s nightmare about the podcast

Jimmy's sit-com freeze-frame

19:30 Rich’s musical taste

22:30 Ellis Paul changed Jimmy’s life

24:00 Bea Sommer: the most beautiful baby girl in the world

25:00 Early break! Andrew has stomach troubles!

26:00 An elaborate scheme to defraud 7-11 by trading Monster Drinks

27:45 Jimmy’s awkward and unnecessarily complex 7-11 double-hot dog purchase

28:45 Sing Along with Jimmy: Closer to Fine

29:00 Rich’s empty diploma case

30:00 Rich’s inexcusable ignorance of Rachel Quaintance

30:30 Rich Sommer’s radio days

32:30 “Can you explain Pat Francis to me?”

36:30 Rich on The Office

38:30 Rich Sommer cheats on Jennifer Crane with Pam Beesly

42:00 Home for the holidays

45:00 Foul-mouthed babies

46:00 Jimmy’s moratorium on white guys saying “bitch”

48:00 Separation of powers in Facebook

49:30 Rich in The Devil Wears Prada

50:00 The wonder, beauty, and irritation that is Rent

52:50 Sing Along with Jimmy: La Vie Boheme

53:30 Rich’s breakthrough role in Fiddler on the Roof

54:30 Jesus Christ, Superstar

56:30 Sing Along with Jimmy: Goodnight and Thank You

57:15 Bella Lagosi

57:30 Is Jimmy dyslexic?

58:00 Randy “Dog” Jackson and Journey

59:15 Sing Along with Jimmy: Kokomo

59:30 Matt attends the Reverse Rose Bowl Parade

1:00:00 Is “cholo” derogatory?

1:04:00 Sing Along with Jimmy: It’s a Family Affair

1:05:00 Local Angeleno broadcasters

1:06:30 Rich the sigher

1:07:30 “God forbid you yes-and!”

1:08:45 Snowboarding Bulldogs

1:09:30 Obvious Trivia: Did you know Dick Van Patten runs a dog food company?

1:11:30 What’s it like to be weightless? and other stupid questions

1:13:00 Atronauts: the red-neck truckers of space

1:13:45 Santa Buddies and other Christmas videos

1:18:00 Let’s talk about our precious babies!

1:20:00 Rich Sommer: non-home-owner

1:21:15 Sing Along with Jimmy: Hello Walls

1:21:45 Celebrities on Sesame Street

1:25:30 Kids just love Schindler’s List

1:26:15 Too. Much. Monster. Drink.

1:27:00 Stupid Question of the Week: Eric Wilkinson: When you spot a police car when just barely speeding, do you slow down or not?

1:33:00 Sing Along with Jimmy: Born to be Wild

1:33:15 “This episode has been contentious.”

1:34:15 Time to mock the fans

1:35:00 Thrill-a-minute as Jimmy and Matt do math and use a calendar

1:36:00 Never Not Funny, busted by the server police

1:36:15 Sing Along with Jimmy: Getting Away with Murder

1:36:30 Plugs: SF Sketchfest, Mad Men

Ooonn da pockit!