16N – Fantasizing with Erin Foley

Sporty Erin Foley

Sporty Erin Foley

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


16 Nugget

00 – what is happening! Welcome!! Clock alarm is going bananas! More listeners on earwolf but we treat the players club much better!

The glue on the magnet failed.

I never said either of those things on facebook.

Jimmy hates Avengers 2!

pitch-perfectMatt watched Pitch Perfect over the weekend and loved it!

05 – Oliver liked it! Jimmy and other fam not a fan.

Avengers marvel talk.

Jimmy getting a new front door.

“Shut the front door!” – Matt

10 – Jimmy talks about comic movies he likes.

Jimmy can’t wait for San Andreas.

Matt talks about old school movies that are far superior to the current action movies.

Earthquake talk!

Apparently not fracking related.

15 – Was Mad Dog Russo fired? Doesn’t appear to be true.
Jimmy a few minutes late due to man in his house fixing the door.

New album from Vance Gilbert 

Nearness of You

Jimmy Mad Dog gives the NNF Fantasy Baseball rundown. Jimmy is in 2nd place!

Erin Foley is here!!!

She and Jimmy are in a fantasy league together. Erin is 24/24/2.

20 – Jimmy talks about the fantasy league. Apparently a couple of assholes are in that group who didn’t wanna change anything.

Matt wonders if it’s polite to ask how much money Jimmy has in Fantasy Baseball currently.

Jimmy not a fan of head to head.

Jimmy will do one year in this group once he wins then he is out.

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1614 – Freezing the Frame with Janet Varney

Janet Varney

Janet Varney

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Editing and additional notes by Garon Cockrell


00 – Hello! Welcome to 1614! Jimmy was talking his T-shirt. Bourgeois Tagg!

Here is their Vevo channel 

Jimmy’s had that shirt for 30 years. He’s worn it for the first time today.

He’s tried to sell the shirt 30 times and never got a bid.

Jimmy’s new character, Actor portraying blind man, is back.

The guys try to imitate a blind person. Matt’s gotten much better with eye contact, mostly with Jimmy.

Jimmy talks about giving a speech in high school. His teacher said it was the best speech shed ever heard from someone looking at a table.

05 – Jimmy wishes Matt had a paper to read off so this show went better.

Jimmy explains the letter game on the Players Club. He then talks about how Eliot wanted to turn it into an actual segment.

Some Beavis and Butthead talk. Matt does his Beavis impression.

Beavis and Butthead chat.

10 – Beavis and Butthead talk Iron Maiden From Here To Eternity

Peter Cetera singing some Chicago songs recently

Jimmy and Matt end Eliot’s talk but offing themselves with a paper gun and lightsaber.

15 – Vacation movies chat. I love Christmas Vacation and everyone else finds it okay.

New Vacation trailer

Jimmy is in fact over his breakup with Jennifer.

20 – Is Eliot going to add a foot cam?

Get off your selfie sticks!

It’s small business week. Jimmy asks Matt about it. Jimmy is going to present Never Not Funny LLC to Oliver’s class. He has no idea what to talk about.

Matt talks about the Rock Solid episode with Steve Lukather. It’s the 200th episode and features a little Star Wars tidbit.

We’ll be back!

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16M – Crying it Out with Jason Pardo

Jason Pardo (no relation... or is there?)

Jason Pardo (no relation… or is there?)

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Indeed welcome!! Matt’s in a button up he got for his birthday last year. Happy birthday, Matt.

Eliot had an hour of sleep. And didn’t realize he had to be here early.

The blues is the working mans music.

Tiny sleep and traffic is why Eliot was late.

Jimmy had a small bit of sleep also.

Jimmy blames frakking.

Eliot wonders if Jimmy has tried to set his water on fire. This apparently is a side effect of frakking.

Matt wants to set this conversation on fire.

We learn things from Eliot!

05 – There’s an election over in the UK. Jimmy reminds us that there was a war and we beat them in it. Who cares about the royal baby?!

The fascination with the royal family is not the same as Matt having a hobby. “Slit the throat.” – Jimmy

Dumb people are fascinated with the royal family and watch Nancy Grace.

Jimmy rants about the royal family including Charles flying around with his dumbo ears.

Jimmy picked up some Dan Folgerberg at Amoeba. He beat out Joan Armatrading.

This early call is for the birds.

Nashville talk!

10 – Jimmy did a pilot presentation for a show where people got to try out a house before they bought it.

Guys talk about houses.

Jimmy says he enjoys Mortgage Fairchild. Eliot says she amoratizes over time or some word I don’t know what. He gets stone faced despite it being a good piece.

Jimmy talks about Darren Stoner, former schoolmate.

15 – Matt discusses “the look” on Nashville.

Beverly O’Connor

Jonathan Jackson

Our guest is here! Jason Pardo. There’s only room for one Pardo in this town.

Jimmy has his album, enjoys it.

Jimmy really likes his acting and his character.

20 – The guys are going to Nashville Live on Saturday.

Jimmy talks about a character on GH clunking everything up.

The guys are loving Connie Britton’s work.

Jason Pardo is here! They may or may not be related.

Jason comes from improv. He’s dressed for any character we need him to be.

We’ll be back!!

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1613 – Crashing the Party with Timothy Simons

Timothy Simons

Timothy Simons

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

@ timothycsimons

00 – Yeeeess welcome into 1613! Jimmy is wearing a shirt he got courtesy of a fan sending in a gift card. Jimmy can’t remember if it was Jason Wilcon or Jason Baldwin


“Three beautiful ladies and a queer…” – Jimmy singing in his head when he saw this group enter a restaurant.

Jimmy talks about a Carol Burnett sketch that made them all laugh to the point of tears.

Jimmy binged Silicon Valley! All through season one and part of two.

05 – Jimmy and Oliver watched some Deal or No Deal reruns on GSN. Oliver pointed out that it’s the same thing all the time.

National Bingo Night


Eliot chimes in with an attempt at humor about Courtney Cox having a donkey. Jimmy wonders if he’d get off if he murdered Eliot.

Jimmy wants to get mad at Eliot for coughing but can’t.

Jimmy talks about his Wings for Life run. Calls it one of the cheapest and well organized races he’s ever done.

The race is in 31 countries around the world starting at the same time. Jimmy’s started at 4am.

Apparently this race doesn’t have an endpoint. You run until the chase car catches you.

10 – The run has a neat vibe, felt less self-involved. Jimmy felt great. There were people in wheelchairs participating as well. Jimmy was going to help one up a hll but someone else stepped in.

Jimmy talks about the chase car closing in on him. Said it was exhilarating.

He made it to 7.1 miles before he was caught.

15 – Jimmy gives the details while I run and get the guest!

20 – Jimmy took Oliver to See Tim doing a puppet based sketch show. Tim’s kids are 3 ½!

S-eye-mins. We’re right! There’s only one M. The controversy is solved.

Tim and Jimmy talk Matt Walsh.

Jimmy knew Matt pre-UCB.


25 – Eliot shows off a Meeple that he thinks Jimmy shirt resembles. Jimmy wants Tim to take a swing at Eliot.

“Lip stroke.” – Eliot.


Jimmy and Matt talk about Eliot’s email to change a feature on the show. “Imagine I’m staring at you with a blank face.”

Matt wants to develop Jimmy Emojis.

Secrets and Lies chat!

We’ll be back!!

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16L – Jumping for Joy with Shane Mauss

Shane Mauss

Shane Mauss

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! 16 L!!! What will that L word be? Lexicon? Lexington? Leprechaun? It’s the first thing that popped into Jimmy’s head. They filmed the L-Word by Jimmy’s old place and didn’t want to let him go into his own house because they were shooting.

The L-Word 

Don’t be an asshole 3rd ADs!

Jimmy wants to slam Jay Leno’s bloated head into the side of his old shell tanker.

Eliot does the worst Leno impression ever. Jimmy likens it to Mighty Mouse.

05 – Jimmy’s OCD is causing him to be annoyed by some wiring by Eliot’s cubby.

That severe face pain Jimmy experienced last episode has not returned.

Jay's Shell International Truck

Jay’s Shell International Truck

Matt finds that picture of Leno’s Shell truck.

Matt gives the story about the truck and taking the photo.

Jimmy keeps talking about getting a fiero but he doesn’t know where to put it.

Jimmy is SO close to punching Eliot in the mouth.

Jimmy acknowledges that we did not get to the Tom Cruise talk with TJ Miller.

10 – Tom Cruise deserved an Oscar for Magnolia and definitely for Rain Man.

July 18, 1999 was indeed a Sunday and the last day Jimmy drank and the day he saw Eyes Wide Shut.

Our guest is here Shane Mauss! Jimmy and Matt talk about the day Shane showed up in the middle of a recording on the wrong day and we told him to hit bricks.

15 – Shane’s right foot works fine. His left is screwed. He’s DDL. Jimmy tries to guess Shane’s car. A Hyundai Alantra! Is that spelled right? It’s an ’08.

hyundai-fuel-cellHyundai Fuel Cell – 

Who drives a subaru?

Shane saw bears at Mt. Rushmore.

20 – Mount Rushmore talk.

Jimmy MIGHT HAVE TO BACKPEDDLE ON THE BEACH BOYS!!! Their surfer stuff sucks but Jimmy says Pet Sounds is pretty good. There might be more songs he likes than he admits too.

The Quarrymen – 


25 – Crazy Horse Memorial – 

You know who would know about this, Darryl Asher!

You know who would know about this, Darryl Asher! (True, I have been there a couple times.)

Shane looks to be drinking some sort of elixir.

“It’s a Kombocha dick fuck.” – Jimmy

30 – Jimmy’s gonna taste this elixir stuff. 

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1612 – Yanking Your Chain with T.J. Miller

TJ MillerIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello indeed! Welcome to 1612! Jimmy describes the room as frigid!

Jimmy’s gonna keep us posted on the temp and time. Now that it’s here we’re gonna fix that time.

We’re high and in charge!

Happy birthday Charlie!

Jimmy explains what happened Saturday afternoon. Including running a 5k in 27m11s.

Jimmy thinks he lost 12 seconds when he had to fix his iPod.

He felt like the race was more incline than decline.

Jimmy spoke to the good-looking flight attendant couple about incline vs decline.

05 – 74.7 degrees guys!

There was also a 1K for the kids to do.

Long story short they slept through the rain.

Jimmy tries to categorize the weather Matt experienced.

10 – Jimmy was able to watch the LA Kiss lose in person again. Jimmy does some Monday morning coaching.

The guys talk LA Kiss and coaching situation. http://www.arenafootball.com/teams/aflkiss/

Jimmy talks about the drunk rich OC guys that came back this time. They actually apologized for being so terrible last week. They took one more sip of beer and, “like dr. jekyl and mr. hyde” they went crazy again. This drunk idiot was getting laughs from people around him. To be fair it is a football game and the guy is having fun but still poor language around families is rude.

15 – Jimmy’s decided to move his seats. He isn’t gonna confront them because he doesn’t want to get beaten up in front of Oliver by three rich dicks in izods and flipflops.


On the way out of the stadium, Jimmy saw the worst car accident he’s ever seen in his life.

Power surge or something.

For the players club only: Power surge jimmy giving a play by play.

Welcome back to the program! We just had a power surge and we’re not sure how much we kept in during this brownout or whatever it is.

Jimmy gets back to the accident story. It was a t-bone right in the driver door. Really loud and violent accident. Oliver was scared the whole way home.

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16K – Painting the Town Red with Joe Wagner

Joe "Cool" Wagner

Joe “Cool” Wagner

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Web Link

00 – Hello and indeed! Jimmy needs his phones up! Pat was in here yesterday, Jimmy suggests his stuff is different. Matt calls him the goldilocks of podcasting.

Jimmy’s not happy with how these headphones are sounding today. He switches inputs and sounds much better. Nope he’s going back to 2! Jimmy and Matt talk about Pat’s microphone skills.

Jimmy just listened the Richie Zito episode of Rock Solid. He talks abut Zito having worked with someone artists that Jimmy on paper should like but doesn’t. He says it was a great episode.

Jimmy spent an hour testing out office chairs. Took one home and realized he didn’t like the one he picked.

05 – Jimmy doesn’t want to get a footrest. Jimmy not a big spender on office chairs. He gets a new one every couple years.

Herman Miller chairs –

Harvey Corman died in 2008. 

Jimmy and family are watching old Carol Burnett shows thanks to me loaning it to them.

Oliver got a big kick out of Dinah Shore singing 50 ways to leave your lover.

Jimmy compliments the warm up comic Bob Oshack (Sp??) @midnight. Said he was great and a brilliant comic mind.

Jimmy talks about his latest @midnight appearance. Credit to Danielle for Down Syndrome Abbey.

10 – Kiss and Scooby Doo together again! 

Drone strike today – 

15 – Apparently they had to edit around Jimmy on @midnight after they revealed Serial won a Peabody. Jimmy doesn’t remember but he might have literally went bananas on Serial winning a Peabody.

I went to grab our guest and come back to Mad dog giving us the run down on the rankings of the NNF Fantasy BBall league. Jimmy’s Spineless Windbags are in 6th.

Jimmy’s got a pending trade out there but has not heard back yet.

20 – Only the winner gets to stay in the league next year along with Jimmy and Steve. The rest of the drafting is all new!

Jimmy’s watching and enjoying Secrets and Lies. The guys are worried Nashville might not return next season.

Our guest Joe Wagner, gives us his info on Coke Zero.

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1611 – Raving Against the Machine with Jason Nash

Jason Nash

Jason Nash

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! 420 edition! Jimmy says he saw lines around the dispensaries. Jimmy thinks you should be outgrowing the 420 stuff after about 25. We wish all the dopers luck today.

Not everyone is an asshole. Just the one guy jimmy is referring to. You dumb motherfuckers. Stop being offended. Jimmy is specifically talking to one or two human beings.

Jimmy and Matt explain the show. Relax. Slow your roll man. Relax, baby, relax. – Jimmy populates season 17 intro.

05 – I ran out to Jimmy’s car to get his hoodie/sweatshirt/scully

That sounds like a great way to get caught in a sound mistake. – Matt Gourley makes the opening of next season.

Matt recounts a story from something he watched with Regan and Bo Jackson.

The guys talk Bo Jackson.

10 – Jimmy talks about going to see Paul Blart 2. Has a lot of funny. He wonders if there is a critic conspiracy against Kevin James. Jimmy did his Paul Blurt laugh at least 6 times.

The entire family saw it and laughed and left with smiles on their faces.

Matt gives his thoughts on critics and automatically seeing someone in a specific light.

Jimmy wonders why Get Hard gets good reviews and Paul Blart 2 gets none.

15 – Matt explains the new word hutch. Jimmy explains the term “gay pibb” and Paul Gilmartin missing the joke.

Jimmy endorses Paul Blart 2.

Metacritic – 

Our guest is here! He’s got new shoes. No mom this time. She loved having jimmy make fun of her. She has a sense of humor.

Lorraine! Jimmy is friends with her somewhere. He thinks it’s facebook.

Everything about Jason today has Jimmy wanting to go get some refurbished piano wire and decapitating him with it.

.257 hitter and 297 home runs. 101 stolen bases are jimmy’s guess.

He changes.

Matt ges 248 and 212. 168 stolen bases

30 – Zero fun on the Bo Jackson stats. I couldn’t find the stolen bases because im a homosexual and don’t know sports.

We wish Bo a lot of love on 420!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

1610 no 1611 Bump it up!!!

Jimmy’s got a caffeine headache from lack of Coke Zero. He’s also got the chills.

Time and temp from Jimmy. Talking hillbilly hippies. Jimmy enjoyed Record Store day over in Ann Arbor.

Jimmy picked up Springsteen and Eddie and the Cruisers on vinyl.

Top five comedy clubs in the country over in Ann Arbor!

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16J – Treading Lightly with Todd Glass

Todd Glass sees something more interesting than the camera

Todd Glass sees something more interesting than the camera

Join the Players Club

No in studio notes; all notes and editing by Darryl Asher


0- Jimmy has the wrong season right outta the box

Tony Thaxton sitting in for sicko Garon, which is why I (Darryl) am doing these notes, because Tony is an excellent drummer, not a note-taker

Tony’s podcast: Feliz Navipod

Tony went to Conan an saw Brian Wilson

Earthquake talk! (Not the comedian)

Eliot can’t tell the difference between an earthquake and a small child on the stairs

Earthquake epicenter near Jimmy’s house, maybe at the Target

5- Jimmy’s mom’s cat felt the earthquake before people

Wham Rap (AGAIN!)

Jimmy ran the Hollywood half-marathon

Jimmy finished in pain




For 50 bucks – who did the album Into the Gap

Jimmy loses $50 to Tony Thaxton

180 gram vinyl

15- Jimmy finds a way to make his $50 loss a business expense

Fantasy Baseball update with Jimmy Mad Dog Russo

Jimmy likes the old-timey feel of the Fantasy Baseball update music

The Lumbermen – Cody Perrin’s team consists of mostly Cardinals

20- Real talk about fantasy sports

Too much info might be detrimental to the fantasy games

25- Jimmy seems to think that his rooting for a player actually has an outcome on their performance, Tiger Town style

Modern Marvels disasters – Eliot’s first improv show? (Matt)

freshofftheboatFresh Off the Boat – lotta funny!

Eliot’s close personal friend is on that show, but he can’t remember her name

Pizza is here! Which is great because I’m starving.


30- 16 Jackal or Jaguar or Journey

Todd didn’t write down a J word

Radio stations that give money away (like NNF)

WMAQ is gonna make me rich!

Shockingly, Jimmy got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for obnixious behavior

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