1703 – Clacking Up with John Ross Bowie

John Ross Bowie

John Ross Bowie

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello everyone! Wecome in to 17-3! Jimmy’s tired of the 0s, and the aughts, and were back to the 0s. 1703!

On the 405 Jimmy witnessed a car fire and explosion.

Eliot and Jimmy talk about it.

Our guest is here and waiting in the kitchen.

Jimmy still wants to know how Eliot get here sooner than him.

They talk more about the fire.

Eliot is the cooler! He’s got a talent.

05 – Someone create a tostada this tostada that t-shirt! Make it one color.

Jimmy did a string of radio interviews last week. He talks about a time he “stuck his foot in his mouth.” He said, “if this doesn’t go right you’ll find me up in a tower shooting down at people” isn’t the best phrase to use anymore.

Jimmy talks about PC people ruining comedy.

Loosen up!! Hair bun fuckwads!

Jimmy and Danielle went to see Heart at the Hollywood Bowl courtesy of ME. Jimmy sees them all the time, they’re playing bigger venues now then ever. Jimmy wonders if it’s the demographic not having new music out.

Terrific show. Terrific seats.

Liv Warfield

10 – Jimmy talks about Liv’s show. She’s phenomenal. The woman sitting next to them kept saying how good she was.

Jimmy talks about Liv vamping the last 2 minutes including taking off her shoes and dancing. Her back up singer would sing her a warning, “take your time girl, don’t wanna break something!”

Jimmy’s seen heart 6-12 times over the last 20 years. He’s seen Anne amazing to great. Never less than great though. He said this show was as closer to amazing as she’s ever been. The second best he’s ever seen them.

15 – I get the blade! It’s mail time!

Becky Frasier sent us some CLACKERS!!!

John Ross Bowie is here! He’s playing with my Clackers. (Ahem)

Jimmy doesn’t wnt to go down the path of Eliot correcting him when he said Funuever.

20 – Jimmy talks about being infuriated by correcting word comedy.

Plenty of ball play!

Clackers commercial

25 – Thanks for the clackers Becky!

Jimmy talks about our guest in the complimentary.

No one wants to upset Daddy!


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17B – CeCe Pleasants

Bicycle enthusiast CeCe Pleasants

Bicycle enthusiast CeCe Pleasants


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hey hey HEY everybody! Hello indeed!! Clock troubles. It took a lickin and kept on tickin’. CDN!

17B! Welcome in!

Podfest on 9/20! You can live stream (and watch for 3 weeks after) the entire fest live for $25. Use the code NNF and save $5!

Save some effort and shut that trap Eliot.

flagylToday is Jimmy’s last day of Flagyl.

Jimmy and Matt go through all of Jimmy’s daughters.

Jimmy talks about his doctor. He loves him!

Jimmy is on the mend. Tomorrow he finds out if he has a hernia or a torn muscle.

05 – Jimmy saw a ballgame down in Anaheim. He went down early to avoid traffic and charged up at the mall. He got a haircut and the guy didn’t listen to a word he said. Turns out Jimmy likes the haircut.

I brought The Surface for Jimmy. He reads the case. It’s misleading.

Jimmy loves the sea! He loves water!

Matt saw Shaun the Sheep and really liked it. Apparently Charlie’s laughter influenced the rest of the theater.

No tits at all! Sorry Jimmy.

10 – Jimmy demonstrates Oliver’s reaction to Wallace and Gromit. He is enjoying PeeWee’s Playhouse though! Jimmy doesn’t seem to think it holds up.

It seems that Eliot has something very important to say. He calls Jimmy’s whistling “impressive.”


Spoiler: Jimmy was the celebrity

Jimmy got recognized at the ball game last night. He sat behind a group of guys that were annoying so he had to move.

Seemed like a lot of movement going on. “That’s just baseball man!” – Matt

Jimmy left early and listened to the rest of the game on the ride home. White Sox lost 5-3.

Mail call!!

Jimmy opens some packages.

He would love to hear a more about talking to Tig about probiotics.

Amanda Zimmerman gives Matt the recorder songbook for star wars.recorder

15 – Matt plays some Star Wars theme. Matt learns the song live on the show.

Another gift from Amanda! It’s a Harry Potter recorder set AND a recorder music book with Enchanted, Frozen, and Tangled!

Matt gives us some Mary Had a Little Lamb!

Oliver gets that Harry Potter set.

Thanks Amanda!!!

20 – More recorder fun. Jimmy gives us a Sinatra-fied version of Let It Go. Matt not sure if he loved it or hated it. I think we all loved it.

Jimmy wonders what’s going on with Norm Macdonald going as the KFC spokesman.

Our guest is here!

CeCe Pleasants!

She ran an open mic that Matt did.

Jimmy talks about her appearance on Mike Henry’s podcast. He loved it.

25 – We’re gonna go on a break with Matt playing something from the frozen song book.

Sing Along with Jimmy!

Oh nope, Jimmy’s Sinatra-ing us out again with Let Us Go.

We’ll be back!
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1702 – Learning Lines with Adam Pally

Adam Pally

Adam Pally

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello indeed! Welcome into the program!

We won in award in 2008!

Jimmy talks about podcast lists and how they’re so subjective and just one blog or persons opinion.

Matt comes clean about It Follows. It got him! He’s on my side!

Matt is conflicted. He doesn’t want to be on my side but doesn’t want to go against Jimmy.

He watched it with his wife. 10 minutes in he started to feel like turning it off, he was finding it dull. He kept going and once it got going he was in. Elise was on the verge of tears from fear.

Jimmy is disgusted and has disinvited Matt and family from Oliver’s party.

Jimmy on It Follows: It Sucks.

Matt defends his opinion.

05 – Matt had an interview with Fangoria once!

Matt thinks Jimmy didn’t like it because it was trying too hard to be old school. Jimmy disagrees and also thinks the soundtrack is horrible.

Matt fails in psychoanalyzing.

Killer Legends 

Bo Ransdell! @BoinTx

Lost after Dark 

10 – Jimmy talks about his Texas shows.
Jimmy not feeling any better. He talked with Tig about it. It’s a constant state of being uncomfortable. You just want to scream until it ends.

Eliot tries to talk about it but is getting it all wrong. Jimmy doesn’t want to ice him for it because he’s showing concern but he’s wrong.

Jimmy talks about a fan on twitter.

Mac Blake opened for Jimmy. Great guy.

15 – Jimmy talks more about the shows at The Velveeta Room.

Jimmy talks about meeting this guy from Twitter. He had tears in his eyes. Looked like a bond villain.

The NNF fan is terrific and they get it! Use some lava soap and clean the hand!

20 – CDC C-diff

Eliot chimes in about romans and feces.

Room goes silent.

Jimmy came in with the intention to not yell at eliot or ice him at all. But Eliot can’t help himself and riles up Jimmy anyway.

25 – Eliot was late due to an infuriating email from a business partner. Jimmy thought it was the traffic on the 10.

Jimmy saw a Mazda outside, looked nice.

Apparently, Liam Neesan enjoys a coffee nearby now and again.

Jimmy rented a dodge charger the other day. “That is a car man!” – Jimmy on the Charger. He loves it! This time he had a Nissan rogue and a Chrysler.


I get yelled at for lack of info.

Adam is wearing Jordans. Jimmy doesn’t know anyone outside of Chicago who wears Jordans.

30 – Chicago chat! Jimmy and Adam talk baseball.

Jimmy and Adam talk about Michael Jordan and his dad being murdered under a bridge execution style.

These are all the words and thoughts of Adam Pally not NNF, Jimmy, Matt, Eliot, or myself.

Adam gives some false info about gangs using kids to commit murders because their prints aren’t formed yet.

Not really time for Gambling, but  the gambling talk deserves an icon.

Not really time for Gambling, but the gambling talk deserves an icon.

35 – Jimmy gets his gambling debt information from Family Guy.

Adam fitting in already!

Hamm can swim!!

We’ll be back.

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17A – Walking the Course with Cathy Ladman

Cathy Ladman

Cathy Ladman


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello!!!

My new podcast will be called A Gaggle of Queers.

Jimmy talks about Difficult People. He’s loving it.

Matt’s loving both Playing House and Difficult People.

Advertising talk. Playing House/Samsung talk.

Door open AND closed.

Behold, he stands at the door and knocks. Won't you open your heart to him, MC Lyte?

Behold, he stands at the door and knocks. Won’t you open your heart to him, MC Lyte? (I’m going to use this as much as possible)

No MC Lyte update for Matt. He saw her this morning with a camera crew.

05 – Matt’s making two separate intros! One for Players Club and one for Earwolf.

What is this show really about? Hello or goodbye?

I actually feel bad using a Health Update icon here, because I don't want to make light of C-Diff, but here it is.

I actually feel bad using a Health Update icon here, because I don’t want to make light of C-Diff, but here it is. Get better quick, Jimmy!

Jimmy not feeling good. He is in constant pain and light headed, also slightly dizzy and nauseas.

Show some concern listeners!!

The CDIFF Situation were great at banaroo.

Someone tweeted a solution to CDIFF to NNF: Fecal transplant.

10 – Embrace the illness Jimmy!

Jimmy wonders why he hasn’t lost much appetite or lost any weight.

Jimmy is going on record: He’s not a doctor and he would not be surprised if he doesn’t have a hernia and that its part of the symptoms of the CDIFF.

Jimmy told his mom about the Jere Burns stuff. She suggests calling it the Wynne Duffy. Jimmy shocked no one else thought of it.

Jimmy’s latest retail interaction time!

15 – Jimmy talks about getting a new set of golf clubs. He’s been hitting well lately.

He got a 20% off coupon he’d wish he got a month ago when he got the clubs.

Jimmy goes in deep on this club info.

This store has a satisfaction guarantee, price guarantee.

He confirmed his plans via someone on email. Stapled everything together and headed into the store.

Turns out all was wrong, it was two different sets of clubs. The guy rep pointed that out and Jimmy said, THANK YOU I AM AN IDIOT!

20 – Jimmy is waiting for a doctor to call.

Jimmy gives me instructions on how to answer his phone to any calls.

The solar people keep calling!

Matt wants to play his recorder on the phone as hold music.

25 – Dry run!

Jimmy talks about a local gardener guy coming in. Feels bad for him.


Nowhere to go but up and I don’t know where the stairs are. – me on facebook

The guys talk about James Urbaniak’s character on Difficult People.

The guys talk about Hulu ads.

Cathy wants to talk!

30 – Cathy talks about the shows she likes. Bloodline, Masters of Sex, Portlandia, I Love Lucy.

Jimmy and Co talk about Bloodline.

Cathy says C-Different attitude.

One more run through!

We’ll be back!

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1701 – Playing Jazz with James Urbaniak

James Urbaniak

James Urbaniak

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Getting On with James Urbaniak

00 – Little more in the headphones please!! Welcome to 1701 or 17 zed one whatever that means. Jimmy went British. We’re better than them.

We’ll be your favorite once you get used to us!

Store link once you click INTO the site but not on the home page.

www.nevernotfunny.com and www.pardcast.com

Just a few seats left at the second show in Austin!

Matt started listening to Yaz’s first album. Matt not a big fan of Don’t Go but loves Only You. He talks about the second song on the album Too Pieces. We hear a bit of it.

05 – Nothing gets more comments than Yaz and Rich Sommer reporting on the airline apparently. We definitely cultivated My Brother though.

Jimmy doesn’t need to know about the references to other shows.

Jimmy talks about heading to fan appreciation night for LA Kiss.

Eliot’s in the distance! Keep him in the distance!

Jimmy ranks us. Eliot’s a 4. I’m a 3.

Jimmy compares me to Gelman on Regis and Kathy Lee.

Jimmy NNF cursed Kathy Lee to her face for being rude (not really).

10 – Jimmy talks more about heading to the LA Kiss night. His GPS jumped from half hour to over an hour so they just bailed and went to get dinner.

They had a delicious meal at portillos which is apparently just 10 minutes or so from the stadium. Jimmy just couldn’t handle the traffic and didn’t care enough.

They also went to a trampoline place. Danielle has been sicker than Jimmy has ever seen her.

Jimmy talks about the Trampoline place. He’s mad at the woman for not telling him about the 3 hour special on Saturday nights.

15 – Jimmy is tired of it. Do your jobs.

Jimmy is gonna start fining us for insubordination.

We got some mail!

Jimmy reads the mail while I grab our guest.

Some cool drawings from Scott. One of Batman for Oliver and one of Cajun Jimmy.

20 – Jimmy is sending Matt to Big Five Sporting Goods for a Baseball bat. He wants Matt to break every camera (except one) and then Eliot’s jaw.

Choke up on the bat Matt!

Jimmy’s taking the post!

Urbankiak is in here! It’s an embarrassment!

Jimmy’s upset guys.

Jimmy’s not sure if all of that was fake.

He talks about our guest James Urbaniak.

Jimmy says that Andrea Martin is extremely funny.

25 – Early break! Thank you for the letter and drawings Scott!

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16Z – Wrapping up the Season with Jimmy and the Gang

Join the Players Club

Eliot, Garon, Jimmy, Matt

Eliot, Garon, Jimmy, Matt

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Jimmy Pardo
Never Not Funny
AST Records
Modest Games
Pop Culture Beast


00 – Jimmy needs a little juice in the cans! Jimmy concerned he might have a hernia but he hopes its just a muscle tear. He says there’s a little thing poking out though. He felt it at after the Teleprompter show.

He talks about it and it’s nauseating me.

Oliver came along to watch the show! Jimmy loves the show and enjoys doing.

Oliver and Jimmy played prompter on the way home.

Oliver is a master impersonator. We all know this.

Everything is a contest with Oliver and Jimmy. He talks about the rubber toys he got for Oliver and the contest they had.

05 – Jimmy has some Vinyl updates. He traded some vinyls in!

Jimmy is on the latest episode of Rock Solid: Kiss – Keepers and Clunkers! It’s a long one.

Jimmy goes back to the vinyl stories. Some he’s buying over and over because he forgets. He had a few albums. He was expecting $60 for the lot. The guy comes back saying, 32 cash or 44 store credit. Jimmy wasn’t sure about it. He tried to talk about it with the guy who then started to get combative.

10 – The guy was still a dick even after Jimmy tried to apologize despite having done nothing wrong.

Just a second later in front of the guy, “Are you Jimmy Pardo?!”

15 – Jimmy brings up Eliot’s Chrome v Firefox posts.

OK, not so much a shout-out as Matt outing me as a participant in Eliot's browser chat. It so happened that JUST THAT DAY I had issues with Firefox and Adobe CC downloads, I needed to VENT, I tell you!!! I'm not ashamed.

OK, not so much a shout-out as Matt outing me as a participant in Eliot’s browser chat. It so happened that JUST THAT DAY I had issues with Firefox and Adobe CC downloads. I needed to VENT, I tell you!!! I’m not ashamed.

Browser talk!

Jimmy’s on Firefox 4.

The guys enjoy the Firefox logo.

The Edge

The Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new Microsoft browser.

Happy birthday, Matt!

20 – Jimmy and Eliot enjoyed Difficult People, Billy Eichner’s new show.

It’s on Hulu.

Welcome to the final episode of the Players Club season 16! Season 17 is available now!

Jimmy had a nice conversation with Steve Dahl. He also did Chic McGee’s show.

We appreciate you listening!!! Jimmy appreciates you using your firefox to sign up.

Jimmy talks about Lenny Kravitz’ “crank.”

25 – Jimmy and Matt talk cover songs both from Lenny and Chicago.

Jimmy not a fan. He calls him a poser.

More cover talk.

Here is Lenny’s dick.

30 – Jimmy not a big Blondie guy.

He talks about getting a vinyl he got from a local Chicago band. He used to think they should have been bigger until he listened to that album and realized it.

More LK Dick talk.

Lenny is 5’7’’ Matt changes his tune and admits it’s a nice dick.

35 – Thriller! 

Jimmy has spoked: He loves the stones Dirty Work album.

We’ll be back!

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1625 – Taking Your First Step into a Larger World with Andy Daly

Andy Daly (Boobee Boobee)

Andy Daly (Boobee Boobee)

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Watch Review Thursdays at 1030 on Comedy Central!

00 – Hello indeed! Final episode of the season!

Get your finances in order and join the players club!

Happy birthday John O’Halloran! (Spelling?)

Belknap Facebook birthday controversy.

One and done Johnny!

Put freeze frame on the list Oddvar!

Jimmy can’t remember if that song Dale played was Freezeframe or Centerfold.

05 – More Yaz chat! Jimmy suggests just getting the hits.


Jimmy has a celebrity sighting! He also saw Kumail in the airport.

He sat next to a celeb in first class.

Jimmy couldn’t think of who it was. Everyone on the plane was looking at him.

10 – Jimmy gives us some info on the celebrity. He is a football player. May 15 69. 5’9.

Matt guesses Emmett Smith! Correct!

Great shows in Indiana!!

Jimmy has a new character! Plantation Jimmy! Also Gerald who might be fucking plantation Jimmy’s wife.

Jimmy gives us some details on his Plantation Jimmy character.

Jimmy saw Brad Wilhelm and he looks great.

Jimmy gives some trip details and hotel problems.

15 – He just wanted a nap! Do your job!

Andy Daly is here!!!

One more thing about Jimmy’s trip.

Referencing the Sinbad Episode.


Ted Nugent

Jimmy talks about doing Bob and Tom.

He met Max of Cards Against Humanity fame.

Jimmy talks about talking about Nugent getting everything wrong about the Cecil incident.

The emails that jimmy got after calling racist homophobe! Insanity.

Jimmy tells us more reactions from Nugent fans.

Eliot chimes in. Jimmy not happy with it.

20 – “I’ve already alerted Ted to your comments.” – fan of Nugent to Jimmy.

The hate letters Jimmy received taking down Terrible Ted are unbelievable.

Jimmy still loves Stranglehold though.

Traffic made Jimmy late. There was an accident that he was close enough to hear but not close enough to pass.

Andy Daly is here!

Jimmy didn’t get to watch Review yet. He fell asleep intending to watch.

Comedy is not on the morning agenda.

A rare second appearance in the same season on the free feed.

25 – Jimmy not letting Matt talk bad about the fans excitement about getting Rich Sommer on the line for the new details on the found airplane.

Jimmy tells us what its all about. Social media, pressing the flesh, listeners = dollars.

We’ll be back!

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16Y – Moving Through the Doorway of a Nation with April Richardson



Join the Players Club!

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Door open door shut!!!

16 Y! Y? because I love you, Y because I care!

Jimmy allergic to the power bar today.

Eliot enjoyed a Bagel Dog.

Matt had a power crunch also. Jimmy’s getting some allergies.

Last episode was loose! This one might be too loose.

More pills for Jimmy.

Watermelon sourpatch slurpee?

Matt and Jimmy talk about watermelon flavoring.

Throat issues!

Throat issues!

05 – Jimmy’s having some problems with his throat due this allergy situation.

Jimmy loves his new headphones. BrainWavz. $18!

Jimmy almost bought a backpack. Doesn’t need one but wanted it.

Hobby Lobby cares about this country. Man and woman marrying, gun in everyone. Jimmy rants about it. Jimmy gets his glue exclusively from Hobby lobby .

Animal glue info

10 – Matt’s gotta go get his album and we gotta do an update on the Fantasy Baseball League.

Mad Dogs under the weather!

Sick Mad Dog gives the standings of the NNF Fantasy league.

Jimmy predicts he finishes in forth place, in all of his leagues.

15 – Thanks Mad Dog!

I Melt With You – 

Matt’s going to get his album!

Behold, he stands at the door and knocks. Won't you open your heart to him, MC Lyte?

Behold, he stands at the door and knocks. Won’t you open your heart to him, MC Lyte?

He returns empty handed. No opportunity to get that record. Lyte was keeping the door closed.

20 – April is here! She looks great.

Jimmy tells a story about a date he went on with Danielle and a friend of hers.

Al jolson/al jurreau.

Ministry chat.

Early break!

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1624 – Licking it Up with Todd Levin

Todd Levin

Todd Levin

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Arizona tea!!

Send us stuff Arizona and bonobos! Jimmy talks sponsors and plays a voicemail from Naturebox reminding him to add some stuff to his shelf.

Matt gets a character coined as Uncle Dennis.

Kesha talk! It’s not a crime to love Kesha unless you are robbing a bank while you do it.

We talk Taylor Swift vs Nikki Minaj.

05 – The show Danielle is writing on, The Comment Section, premieres August 7.

Jimmy talks about E News considering the Hulk Hogan story as “serious news.”

Jimmy compares Eliot to the hostage on Speed that tries to stop the bus and blows everyone up.

Jimmy’s long Rock Solid episode is fun!

Jimmy is in Indianapolis this weekend!

Velveeta Room on 8/15!

10 – Thanks everyone for Reddit and the Race to Escape love!

Race to Escape review: 

Jimmy is an “unobtrusive narrator. “

Jimmy talks Kathy Lee. “Allegedly”

Thanks for the nice words on the today show! Jimmy is good with the analyzing of the show though.

More It Follows talk. Jimmy stands by his belief that the movie is awful.

15 – Parcastathon will be moved to the spring! Take note!

20 – Jimmy’s A-Ha t-shirt looks like Peter Cetera.

Jimmy talks Scoundrel Days by A-Ha. Great album! He has it on Vinyl.

A-Ha albums

1035x1035-largeJimmy says U2s latest album, Songs of Innocence, might be the best album they’ve done.

Matt suggests listening to Song Exploder for some U2 talk about Cedarwood Road.

25 – Jimmy talks NNF F-Baseball. Play the game right!

Matt thinks that league sounds fun.

Jimmy shows off that Mad World book.

30 – Jimmy officially comes out against the prologue. He also explains he was sick but is feeling better.

Brand new riff from Matt re: shoe licking.

Wear shoes in the airport!!

Jimmy and Matt talk the cost of licking a shoe.

We’re taking a break! Todd Levin is here working in his notebook. Matt thinks Todd has perfect licking shoes.

35 – Jimmy is on Conan the same night as Ice-T and Coco.


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16X – Playing Games with Jimmy and the Gang

sevensIn studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


16 X-Ray

00 – Hello! Indeed! Lets do this! A rare Friday recording. Late in the game, no newbs!

Jimmy is bailing on these headphones. He got some science channel headphones.

Thank you science channel for those unusable headphones! Probably best for cellphones.

Close ‘em up!

No guest today!

16 Xanadu!

Jimmy is still on Cipro (Ciproflaxacin) 

Jimmy had a whirlwind trip to NYC! Jimmy couldn’t do Seth Myers or Jimmy Fallon only because of backlog and already booking.

Jimmy apologizes for having to miss a episode but is glad we get to release that Greg Behrendt episode for everyone to see.

05 – Jimmy was a bit late. He explains why and talks about the paint on his house. He doesn’t like the beige awning.

He talks about heading to the paint store and fighting with them over buying paint because his sales person wasn’t there. The girl then told him they would come out take the awning off, bring it to the store, paint it, and then bring it back.

10 – Jimmy did an interview with Kyle Dowling. He is a big supporter of ours. One of his questions was if you were in an escape room who would you be with? Jimmy’s answer didn’t come as quick as he would have liked. He couldn’t even quickly come up with two comedic names. He answered Conan and Adele and then changed it to Danielle (even though he wasn’t allowed to) and Eliot.

Jimmy suggests Kyle tell his readers who Eliot is.

Here is the AMA with Jimmy and Riaz – 

Jimmy gives us the details about the AMA. He calls is ridiculous stupid fun.

15 – Jimmy talks about doing the Today show! He was on with Kathy Lee and Jenna Bush. He says it just moves and moves.

He thinks he and Kathy Lee did some friendly ball-busting. He isn’t 100% convinced she was enjoying it.

Jimmy says its bananas how fast everything moves and how they move from studio to studio.

20 – Jimmy had a gazillion WMD jokes ready for Jenna but didn’t want to be “that guy.”

Jimmy was there at 10:10 and out in a car by 10:57.

Great interview with Slate, Mike Pesca. Great time with Kennedy. Lots of Fox apparently. He also interviewed with Kyle Anderson.

Jimmy also mentions Dylan Wise’s post on his blog.

Jimmy talks about being in a business class “pod” on his flight. It had a text and a multiple cock sized TV.

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