1507 – Tattooing You with Joe DeRosa


Joe DeRosa

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome! Jimmy sings a new theme song. Attempts to shoot a napkin into the trash 6 times. Fails.

Use your names little dicks like Bright Eyes and Five for Fighting!

05 – Jimmy’s had the same windshield covers for 20 years. Air Touch Cellular. It made it through numerous cars.

It’s really hot out side. Surface of the sun hot.

Jimmy tries to get us to guess the song she’s Hot to Go. Matt correctly guesses Lyle Lovett after Jimmy gives us a L.

10 – We listen to some Lyle Lovett Pontiac 

Jimmy went to Matt’s for Zoe’s party. It was a hang out or drop off party. Jimmy asked Oliver if he wanted him to stay. Oliver told him to take off!

When Jimmy came back later it was too crowded! Matt wishes more parents would have left too.

Oliver had a great time!

Hot in the valley baby!

Jimmy went to the mall and enjoyed some Panda Express honey sesame chicken.

15 – Jimmy said he went out side and felt his face melt ala Darkman or Raiders of the Lost Arc.

They also went to a party at Charles Cheeses.

Our guest is here! He’s going through something on Twitter. Jimmy’s on his side.

Jimmy's beef: Child abusers and those who defend them

Jimmy’s beef: Child abusers and those who defend them

Apparently Jimmy’s taking heat for supporting the KID in the Adrian Pterson situation.

We swim in a sea of dumb.

Joe’s lost weight, stopped smoking, less drinking.

Jimmy stopped by my yard sale! Fun weekend!

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15F – Documenting the Scene with Jordan Brady

Famed director, sans baseball cap, Jordan Brady

Famed director, sans baseball cap, Jordan Brady

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Still indeed! The door is open and it’s now closed! Eliot’s haircut looks great! Jimmy apologizes for pummeling Eliot’s hair on the last episode.

Matt says it’s like a pack of wolves on a steak.

Eliot is our friend and a human being!

Jimmy officially publicly apologizes to Eliot. It’s always done for humor but this last episode may have gone to 11. Now shut off your mic Eliot!

Jimmy's beef: Uncooperative digital timer

Jimmy’s beef: Uncooperative digital timer

He looks like a handsome guy. He’s got a nice smile until he talks.

Guys talk Pull-ups and American Ninja Warrior. Matt Eiseman is a friend of Jimmy’s!

Matt successfully says Akbar’s name. I can’t even type it.

05 – American Ninja Warrior is just good family fun to watch on TV. Jimmy talks about Battle of the Network Stars.

9/11 Never forget. Jimmy will never forget.

Here is that sports thing Matt was talking about: http://iwilldare.com/2013/09/rock-roll-sports-classic-a-thing-that-happened-on-our-planet/

10 – More 9/11 talk. Someone on twitter knew a guy who knew a guy who was in the towers.

Go to earwolf.com/NNF to vote for your favorite t-shirt design! Vote until 9/25! So far voting is strong!

Jimmy makes a character that always turns into Cajun Jimmy.

We hear a little Lionel Richie Stuck on You – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tuskegee-deluxe-edition/id509616104?uo=4&at=1l3vqNv

Our guest showed up in Flip Flops. He gets a reaming from Jimmy.

Jimmy's beef: Jordan's flip-flops; Matt's friend Mike, and Matt's accusation that Jimmy doesn't mention his flip-flop disdain as often as he used to

Jimmy’s beef: Jordan’s flip-flops; Matt’s friend Mike, and Matt’s accusation that Jimmy doesn’t mention his flip-flop disdain as often as he used to

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1506 – Burning Down the House with Ben Gleib

Ben Gleib

Ben Gleib

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! Episode 1506! It rained for about 13 seconds today. Came strong, fast, and hard at Jimmy’s house. Jimmy doesn’t talk about his private sex life and he does not approve of people who brag about it.

Jimmy said fingering.

Cigars, farting, and sex talk. 3 things no one in here is interested in.

Apparently I get mole eyes when I take my glasses off.

05 – I went to the LA Fair, saw Pentatonix.

Cigars – Quote for us to guess.


Matt sings some Rihanna.

Young Frankenstein was the film. Out on 40th Anniversary Blu-ray tomorrow!

Shave your beard Kyle Dodson!!

LA Fair talk!

This is the ride Matt was talking about.

It’s called Speed.

10 – Jimmy prefers a skinny hot dog to a thick one. Matt doesn’t like a poor bun: dog ratio.

Jimmy will put an onion on his hot dog while at a ball park.

Ketchup on a baked potato? No. Butter/sour cream on a French fri? No.

Jimmy compares Eliot to a bear trap. Matt wants him to design a game about possibly getting stuck into a conversation.

Jimmy’s always going somewhere!!
We gotta have a reminder meeting on who’s show this is.

Jimmy’s the hero!

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15E – Lighting it Up with Brooks Wheelan

Brooks Whelan

Brooks Whelan

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Additional notes and editing by Darryl Asher

Brooks Wheelan

00 – Welcome to the Players Club! Welcome to 15 Elastic! No one got that.

Jimmy’s voice sounding a little sluggish.

New game, guessing how much Jimmy slept last night. He’s now blaming Eliot for his getting sick.

Africian American gentlemen fronting a white orchestra.

Hillybillies confused over their love of Darius Rucker.

Cajun Jimmy stops by! (But, no, it’s actually Raymond, president of the Charlie Pride fan club.)

Caption? No caption needed!

Caption? No caption needed!

Charley Pride is still with us!

Gone Country was by Alan Jackson

05 – Fan clubs run meet and greets, or used to be. Cajun Jimmy on a rant!

Peanuts are harvested

Ronald Regan Jelly Bellies 

10 – It’s a pitiful sight to see a grown man gargle.

Jimmy’s throat is raw so the Cajun jimmy voice is soothing. Actually it’s not Cajun Jimmy at all! It’s a new character Charley Pride fan club guy named Raymond.

Jimmy watched Back to the Future and confirms that it holds up. Jimmy’s apparently choked off Raymond to get the mic back. Jimmy fears that some asshole is going to remake BTTF and ruin it.

15 – Jimmy wants to turn the show title into Gaslight.

Who sings Vienna? Band lead singer Midge err, cowrote


A Russell Watson did a cover of Vienna.

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Season 1, Episode 13 – Mostly About Music and Concerts

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NNF Season 1 Episode 13

June 30, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


Lucky 13!

You recognize my name from television, radio, and mostly from this podcast

The first night-time taping, but 92 degrees

Mike is in a Tony Soprano shirt

Matt’s Rising Sun $5 faux retro tee shirt from Target causes Mike to accuse him of hipsterism

Matt defends his North Face breathable cargo pants

Jimmy is in a KISS Rock and Roll Over tee shirt

Jimmy and Mike talk about seeing KISS in concert


Jimmy just bought the least used guitar in history at Guitar Center

Jimmy saw Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick at Guitar Center; Pat Francis didn’t care

Billy Corgan picked up Nielson in his car outside of Guitar Center

Mike Schmidt has been working on the X-Box game Saint’s Row as a writer

More KISS concert talk


Pat Francis got them into the sky box at Dodger Stadium for the concert, probably illegally

Jimmy does a Starchild impression

Mike talks about Paul Stanley getting stuck on a tow line over the crowd during Love Gun

Gene Simmons is a 55 year old Jewish man

Roadies had to rescue Paul Stanley with a ladder

Who likes a bass solo? The bassist

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1505 – Busting a Move with Kulap Vilaysack



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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Indiegogo Fund Raiser
Origin Story

00 – 1505! 1-5-0-5! Jimmy’s been up since 615. First day co-hosting the Playboy Morning Show. He’s saw tits, asses, but no puss. He had a lot of fun. Young Jeezy was supposed to be a guest. He was at the Chris Brown party where Suge Knight got shot. Suge got shot 6 times and walked out on his own.

Jeezy in Jail! 

Jimmy’s favorite part of the VMA was Nicki Minaj singing about Anaconda and having to adjust her dress and underwear.

Matt doesn’t know what the fuck is going on anymore in terms of VMAs and music. Jimmy says that is a wonderful way to put it.

Becky G 

Not a white girl from Sherman Oaks. A Hispanic girl from Inglewood.

Jimmy loved Usher’s performance. Thinks Sam Smith was okay.

05 – Matt wants more nostalgia when watching MTV. Maybe it should be covering more genres like the old days.

Taylor Swift – Shake it Off 

Common Cares about Ferguson.

Jeezy arrested not related to Suge Knight.

10 – Jimmy asks Matt about the whole East Coast/West Coast feud. Jimmy’s done some research and by god he’s gonna get it out.

Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy featuring Kanye West

Kanye West featuring Young Jeezy

15 – Robin Williams VMA “tribute” 

Eliot’s under the weather. He went on a date last week and might be why he is sick. They had a long date of talk and drinks. Conversation! It wasn’t “Eliot doing a monologue over noodles.” Jimmy wonders if Eliot’s gonna play the field while his new girl is on a trip.

Eliot guesses Queen correctly.

Matt wonders what would happen if you brought a bike on Naked and Afraid, or if it would even be allowed.

Matt and Jimmy went to see some Shakespeare with the family. Andy Daly was there. Fun times had by all. Mid Summer Nights Dream My Little Pony Style.

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14D – Rooting for the Home Team with David Huntsberger

David Huntsberger (bottom) and his hair (top)

David Huntsberger (bottom) and his hair (top)

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

David Huntsberger
Professor Blastoff

00 – Hello! Indeed the door is open! Welcome in! Jimmy’s been up since 6am. He’s talked out. Let’s get out and vote.

Election day is 11/4 this year. Fly your flag.

What band did Election Day?

Tighten up that ascot and quiet down that larynx. Matt tells Eliot he looks like a homeless Paul F. Tompkins. Or Clue to Jimmy.

Jimmy's beef: Eliot's talking and outfit

Jimmy’s beef: Eliot’s talking and outfit

He looks great!

Pipe in the face is what you order at a bathhouse.

Jimmy’s giving away money for a song guess and a movie.

05 – Jimmy wants more layers for Eliot. No correct guesses for the song. Next clue is that they were an off shoot from another band.

I’m out! It’s down to Eliot and Matt for $5. Matt’s out. Eliot guesses Robert Palmer. Incorrectly. The answer is Arcadia featuring members of Duran Duran. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcadia_(band)

10 – $2 still up for grabs. Jimmy talks about doing the worst Johnny Carson impression ever on the Playboy morning show. He expects a call from Guinness.

More music guessing. Asia is guessed by Matt.

The movie was Less Than Zero as spoken by James Spader.

15-D as in DYNASTY!

15 – Never Not Funny might be Nunca no es Gracioso

Jimmy on a half apple box on @Midnight this week. Jen Kirkman and April Richardson are tall ladies especially in heals. Looks like Jimmy’s up to 5’5”

Jimmy makes a joke about sicking ISIS on Eliot, instantly regrets it.

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1504 – Trying Again with Rob Corddry

Rob Corddry, feeling guilty

Rob Corddry, feeling guilty

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Additional notes and editing by Darryl Asher

NNF 1504 – Rob Corddry

00 – Indeed! Welcome in. Never Not Funny episode 1504! Eliot is fresh off the set of some Indy film as an extra director wannabe. Lotta layers when it’s 100 degrees out Eliot. Jimmy analyzes his outfit.

Eliot didn’t know what he was signing up for. Eliot is here because Matt and Jimmy are cowards and lazy.

4th and Loud has started. Jimmy thinks it’s great.

Jimmy really enjoyed the first hour. Paul Stanley called the uniforms “outfits.”

05 – Jimmy’s looking forward to episode 2.

Jimmy talks about seeing Gene and Paul laying into the light guys after a show. He was with his brother.

More 4th and Loud chat. The quarterback is always white.

10 – Eliot has a great joke about watching a documentary with Burt Reynolds playing football in prison.

Jimmy found 4th and Loud really, really interesting.

Jimmy comments on Gene Simmons suicide quote.

Jimmy does the Kiss Alive 2 drum solo. Matt ruined it.

15 – 1000 island chat.

Fiji Water chat!

There is a bottled water that makes Jimmy a little sick: Sparkletts.

Jimmy talks about south of movie star north of dicey. Apparently the roller rink near Jimmy’s old house was the crip rink.

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15C – Climbing the Charts with Laurie Kilmartin

Laurie Kilmartin in good cheer

Laurie Kilmartin in good cheer

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Laurie Kilmartin
00 – Jimmy’s got a fuzz! Jimmy’s noticing some hearing differences between ears. Matt knows he has some damage to his ear. He tells the story about how it happened: a Rock the Vote concert with Everclear, P.U.S.A., Cypress Hill.

The other Presidents Of The USA song is Peaches.

Los Angeles is Burning is by Bad Religion

05 – Welcome into the Players Club! Matt doesn’t tell enough stories. Jimmy brings up posting kid quotes and talking about it. It’s a bummer when they get old enough where it’s not really quotable anymore.

“Who are they versing?” Zoe on the way to the Dodger game.

Now we’re at too many Matt stories.

Matt tells another story about Elise being reminded of Jimmy whenever anyone says Caboose.

It seems Alexis Arquette transitioned in 2002

Surreal Life Season 6

10 – Jimmy thinks he’ll last one or two days on the Playboy morning show. Lots of meetings for this show!

Jimmy loves that Jason Thompson picture Matt posted. He said he chose the one with the most hat.

Jimmy talks about copying someone actor’s headshot because it looked so good. Mailbag!

Something from Ghosts and Horses.

Jimmy is trying to open this box with a hunting knife.

Jimmy went camping with his son he knows what he is doing.

Jimmy’s ridiculous Saturday Night Live shirt head-shot

Jimmy Pardo, comedian and model

Jimmy Pardo, comedian and model

15 – He reads the letter. Brian Bieber out of Souix Falls. Jimmy nailed that letter.

Thanks for the books, Brian!

Jimmy wants to get rid of all change. Round it up!

Matt gets True or Falsed.

More mail!

Wendy Cusick, Mike’s wife!

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Season 1 Episode 12 – Scott Aukerman, A Crude Limo Driver, Jimmy’s Food Issues, and Young Jimmy as Spiderman

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NNF Season 1 Episode 12

June 23, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


It’s a 4th episode, so we have a guest

Scott Aukerman, host of Comedy Death Ray, and writer of Shark Tale II

Matt is NOT isos on this show, he is The Producer (Matt’s aspecialthing.com name is “isos” – In Search of Sasquatch)

Mike gets applause

How did Mike and Jimmy not hear each other’s childhood stories before the podcast?

Jimmy flies First Class and ignores Mike as he walks by to steerage

You people who turn up your ventilation nozzles on a plane are assholes because you are spreading recirculated sickness

Jimmy's beef: You assholes who turn on the blower on planes

Jimmy’s beef: You assholes on planes who turn on the diseased air blower


Downgrading from First Class to coach is a real step down

Scott’s Writers’ Guild contract specifies you must fly First Class and use the limo

Don’t talk to the limo driver; he doesn’t want to talk to you either

Jimmy’s Houston limo driver starts talking to him crudely about his sexual escapades



Who enjoys the crude limo driver’s story?

Matt tops everyone’s crude bloody talk

Scott likes being on TV a little

How is it being around Brian Posehn when he is recognized all the time?

How is it for Mike hanging out with Big Time Celebrity Jimmy?

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