1517 – Heightening Your Senses with Jason Mantzoukas

Jason and Jimmy share eyeball tips

Jason and Jimmy share eyeball tips

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Earwolf link

00 – Hello! Indeed welcome to 1517! Jimmy was handing me a can. Jimmy trusts me with a can. I know my way around them.

Jimmy and Danielle went out to Shadow Mountain in the Palm Springs area for an anniversary for some friends. It’s a nice shirt that was on the $10 clearance rack. Jimmy picked it up. It makes his eyes pop.

Welcome to the program! Pardcastathon is coming up on Friday. Let’s top 144 grand guys! We want to hit $150,000.

Any money we raise is a win but the goal is to top last year.

Lets tease some names guys:

Sarah Silverman
Weird Al
Jason Thompson
*Conan has donated two tix and a meet and greet! (won’t be on the show though) he’s out of town.
Danielle, Paul Gilmartin, Greg Behrendt, Dave Holmes, Scott Aukerman, Rich Somer, Zach Galifiankis! 30+ guests!

Smiletrain.org/pardcast for donations or directly at NeverNotFunny.com

05 – Welcome to 1517. Jimmy’s shirt keeps people guessing. Jimmy is dried out from the desert air. Oliver came along also. Oliver danced up a storm at the party. Jimmy calls him a little bit of a show off. He was doing some disco moves. Jimmy and Danielle asked where he learned them and he said they just came to him. Oliver and some friends

10 – Trip the Light fantastic 

It’s also a LIT album, A Paul McCartney Live Album, an Ima album, and a Sophie Ellis-Bextor album.


Doc Talk! Jimmy talks about documentaries he’s watched. Including one on Voice Overs, I Know That Voice.

Matt says Jimmy’s hands are perfect strangling hands. Jimmy disagrees as they’re small.

15 – Jimmy enjoyed the doc but admits there is weirdness to the craft and the industry. Thanks for podcasting Serial!

Jimmy address his ranting and raving about Serial getting credit for podcasting on the players club.

The guys talk Serial despite bitching about people talking about it so much.

20 – Matt says enjoying Serial is like being a part of a club like with Game of Thrones. Water Cooler stuff.

Jimmy says he doesn’t really feel the need to talk about it. Maybe if he worked in an office he would.

Matt wonders what color his hair is. Jimmy says dark blonde.

Jimmy talks about doing a show once with Todd Glass in the audience. He was going off on A Whitney Brown for whatever reason and how he diesn’t get it. Todd walked in and asked what he was talking about. Todd said I don’t know who that is. Jimmy said “oh he’s great.”

Jimmy getting an email, not from our guest though. Someone apparently just backed out but no problemo! We got too many guests and not enough time as it is.

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15P – Cracking the Case with Andy Peters

Andy Peters

Andy Peters

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Players Club 15P – Andy Peters

00 – Hello and indeed! The door is open! Jimmy sings My Way whilst checking his cell phone.

He’s getting an email from Gold Star that Kinky Boots tickets are on sale.

Jimmy talks about the thanksgiving holiday, passing the gravy boat, and sharing his rendition of My Way.

Pardcastathon right around the corner.

Busy day for Jimmy on the 24th.

Got a nice write-up from Entertainment Weekly!

That guy parked in front of Jimmy’s house again. They’re constantly doing something with his yard.

Mail chimp? 

Jimmy talks about Serial and how some journalists are acting like it is the start of podcasting. Give proper credit people!

05 – Journalists just not wanting to do the research to see that Serial isn’t the first podcast.

Jimmy can’t get into specifics on what he is referring or the person he is talking about will know.

Jimmy talks about Serial having the NPR lilt sometimes.

Serial is not Sgt. Pepper. It’s great but it’s not the best.


10 – Matt’s already listened to the latest episode. Jimmy hasn’t listened yet. Jimmy asks if Matt has googled about the subject matter yet. He hasn’t but he is in a facebook group with fans of the show.

Jimmy thinks the show is more involved with the case than Matt does like they are trying to prove the guys innocent.

barbarino15 – More Serial chat! Jimmy and Matt give their theories and suspects.

Our guest is here! He’s dancing around.

Sarah Koenig born in 1969. 

20 – Jimmy got the 30th anniversary edition of Bryan Adams’ Reckelss from Pat. He hasn’t heard it in years and he still loves it.

Jimmy talks about Billy Idol’s new album again claiming that it might be the best of the decade. He needs to further research that though. He still calls it Phenomenal.

Still shocked Sarah Koenig is 45.

Pardcastathon is November 28!!

Matt says that Jimmy and Andy Kindler were way ahead of not liking Bill Cosby.

Matt blames Eliot for his tardiness.

It is BARBARINO btw. 

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1516 – Calling the Shots with Paul Scheer

Paul Scheer finds out that Jimmy really does like him!

Paul Scheer finds out that Jimmy really does like him!

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF 1516 – Paul Scheer
Paul’s website

00 – Hello indeed! Episode 1516! We did it! We finally got to the episode Jimmy’s thought it has been for 8 or 9 episodes! We now sing Christine sixteen!


She’s young and clean. Gross.

Jimmy is on the new episode of Who Charted! Check it out.

One of the questions was about which Kiss makeup he would wear. Jimmy probably goes Demon, it’s the most fun. Jimmy’s probably allergic to that cat makeup.

The Demon make-up kit! 

Another link

05 – No free rides! Looks like that originated on episode 713 with Mike Sweeney. 

Matt talks about Gene Simmons on Howard Stern. “We got business Gene!”

Gymnais! Elipt! Tread! All these abbreviated things jimmy does.

Sal Bar. We miss him.

Jimmy did some weights today. His arm is a little tender.

Kettlebell – 

10 – Listen to the Players Club to get in on this Eliot story. Unfucking real.

Pardcastathon is right around the corner! Next Friday! 12 – 1! Bakers Dozen guys! 3P – 4A east coast.

Hawaii is 2 hours behind us. 

Tweaked Audio

Lotta favorites at the Pardcasathon! Lots of guests. Packed to the gills. Most we’ve ever had. More like a variety show with music and magic and comedy and interviews.

Matt’s really excited for it.

Don Dixon’s Romeo at Julliard. #1 album of 1987.
He’s married to Marti Jones.

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15O – Slamming Doors with April Richardson

April Richardson

April Richardson

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

April’s website

00 – Hello! Players Club STARRING Jimmy Pardo. Jimmy’s about to sneeze but isn’t sure if its in his head or not.

Tickly nose ghost dog allergy reaction

Jimmy talks about a flight where someone was walking their dog down the aisle of the plane.

What makes Eliot so goddamn special!

One handed catch of the Kleenex by Jimmy.


True or False Hacksaw Hamilton tweeted Jimmy. He says false but it is in deed true.

05 – In the air tonight urban legend:


Jimmy talks flags and phil hendrie

10 – Jimmy talks about seeing a GH actor while waiting for a plane. They struck up a conversation. Jimmy thinks he came off as a psycho fan.

15 – Flag information

Lowering the flag or Retreat ceremony. 

Jimmy talks more about Spinelli from GH! 

Bradford Anderson plays him. A couple hours later, he tweeted Jimmy.

20 – Matt theorizes that all the kidnapped babies on GH are by the same person. Jimmy said that’s happened before.

Sonny’s arrested for Murder! Lot of criminal stuff happening on GH right now apparently.

The guys talk Nashville. Jimmy wants it to be 2 hours long.

April Richardson is here! She’s looking spiffy! All matched up!

She’s not fucking around!

She’s got his money!

Jimmy got everyone’s Culture Club tickets and wants his money. For humor.

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1515 – Rocking On with Pat Francis

Famed women's tennis champion Pat Francis

Famed women’s tennis champion Pat Francis

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Indeed welcome! 1510 is not this episode but it is a good one. They’re all Jimmy’s babies.

Stomach issues! Ohhhhh LAWDY!!!!

Stomach issues! Ohhhhh LAWDY!!!!

Jimmy’s having tummy issues. The elections are gonna set the black man back. Jimy not sure why his Louisiana plantation owner is upset about the black man.

Jimmy was in Louisville this weekend. Jimmy talks about the voice of the dumb. Jimmy talks about the guy who came up to him at the show. Said he lumbered over to him and was the size of the yeti with mutton-chops.

Jimmy acknowledges Matt’s gotta get to rick-rolling people. He prefers Matt’s hair up to down.

A guy who interviewed Jimmy last week from Paste, had a great head of hair.

Jimmy hates the brothers from another mother phrase but he thinks that Michael might be just that.

Michael Dunaway – @michaeldunaway

05 – A gaggle of dumb came to the shows down at the Laughing Derby. Talking, not heckling, just not shutting up.

Jimmy doesn’t understand the mentality of going to a show and assuming that they have to be good to you. Comedy is probably more subjective than most art forms so hope for funny don’t expect it. If you’re dropping money on tickets/food/etc, make sure you do a little research to make sure you are gonna enjoy the comic.

Go in positive!

10 – The venue is going through a change. Simple comedy outweighs the smart comedy, like Peoria was. Louisville is changing to the opposite like Peoria is now.

Cultivate an audience!

Don’t give away tickets.

Better clients, better comics, better reputation is you do it Jimmy’s suggested way.

Don’t move Eliot, let’s stay stationary.

Cash that fucking check Eliot!
Eliot may not know what a bit is. He took us into a cool-du-sac.

Matt and Jimmy wish they’d lived in a cul-de-sac.

15 – Eliot’s hair was getting shaggy so he cut it. Jimmy not a fan of it. I complimented him on it.

Jimmy’s got a ipad mail taking up memory but not deleting when he deletes it.

More GB chat while I’m out with our guest.

20 – Jimmy goes on about putting a hooker in the ocean related to the bowling ball and feather experiment going around facebook.

Eliot says he did that in junior high.

Jimmy balks.

Let NASA have something, Eliot.

The guys talk about the space plane crashing.

Put something up your ass and tickle around a bit.

Guys talk about fitting a bowling ball up the ass.

Jimmy describes the procedure to get that ball up there.

Eliot might go see Wicked despite hearing how awful it is.

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15N – Jumping Cars with Gary Brightwell.

Welcome to wonderful newcomer Gary_Brightwell

Welcome to wonderful newcomer Gary_Brightwell

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Gary’s website

My guess 15 Nightmare

00 – Welcome to Never Not Funny! Episode 15 N…..last week Matt posted season 14. Jimmy says he has coined the term sheeple. Jimmy hates people who call people sheeple.

The country is in good shape guys.

Jimmy got a Brass Transit cd via mail. They’re a great Chicago cover band.

Brass Transit 

05 – Matt and Zoe are rollerblading together.

Things are a little shaky after getting the Eliot treatment last week.

Wildflower by Skylark

Wildflower by Skylark

Happy belated birthday Matt! Sorry the pizza sucked.

10 – 9 out of 10 people who own a Jag or higher probably can’t drive.

Do not call pizza pie around Jimmy.


Jimmy finally watched 20 Feet From Stardom. He loved it.

Merry Clayton is the back up singer Jimmy is trying to think of 

Merry Clayton was injured in a car crash

Darlene Love 

Aretha was indeed on Atlantic 

15 – Jimmy and Matt tak more 20 Feet From Stardom.

Lisa Fischer 

20 – If Van Morrison walked in Jimmy’d break his nose. Matt thinks that is almost insane.

Shout out to NeverNotQuotes! 

Gary Brightwell is our guest today and he is not on Twitter. He’s trying to join but someone has his name.

Update: he’s @Gary_Brightwell

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15M – Stirring it Up with Greg Warren

Greg Warren

Greg Warren

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Greg’s Website

00 – The door is open as it is each and every episode.

15 M as in it will be revealed later.

Jimmy names as may American Idol winners as he can

Ruben and Truman’s win was shocking.

Jimmy got an allergy shot today. He’s a little fuzzy headed today. Matt thinks its an excuse for delaying his America Idol list.


05 – Jimmy details his route getting here from the doctors. Sounds like it was a nightmare. He was also stuck behind a mailman.

10 – Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack chat and snippets.
Movie 1984
Soundtrack 1985 MCA

15 – Our guest is here! Greg Warren. He is sitting politely while we still talk Beverly hills cop.

20 – Jimmy and Matt talk about the gopro video of the woman walking and getting cat calls. http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/28/living/hollaback-10-hours-walking-in-nyc/index.html

The guys talk how they’d react to a woman with large bosom.

25 – Greg knows how to handle himself in a radio format he has to know he doesn’t have a mic. Danielle is a big fan of Greg Warren!

Matt drops a 9/11 joke that doesn’t land very well. There’s not a bigger fan of 9/11 jokes than Jimmy and he takes offense to Matt’s joke. Ya understand!?

Suck a dick if you don’t like the jokes!

Jimmy is seeing Kiss tonight courtesy of his LAKiss season tickets.

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1514 – Passing Notes with Matt Besser

Matt Besser, not thinking.

Matt Besser, not thinking.

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello and welcome! 1514! Take a little trip! Jimmy’s chair is a little off. Jimmy goes outside to find out what the noise is.


Mason Reese 

Solid 9/11.

05 – I’m alone in my not enjoyment of Chris Rock’s SNL monologue.

Jimmy liked a lot of it. Word Choice!

5 people died in the Boston marathon bombings 

It’s comedy don’t be offended by jokes is Jimmy’s take on Chris Rock’s monologue.

The  slogan Matt was trying to remember is “54-40 or fight” but it’s about the Oregon territory dispute

Jimmy wonders if Chris Rock has a bit of palsy.

Matt and Jimmy wonder if Chris was a little rusty.

10 – Jimmy and Matt talk more about the SNL monologue.

Jimmy talks about having to follow Chris Rock on stage and being bumped by him.

15 – Tight set from Dat Phan or 45 minutes of Chris Rock working out his set?

Jimmy is on board with Foot Cardigans.

Chew some gum hillbillies smoking in airport bathroom stall.

A woman next to Jimmy busted out some hard boiled eggs on the plane.

20 – We don’t need these mother fucking eggs on these mother fucking plane


Eggs kickstarter 

Soleil Moon Frye did have a breast reduction 

25 – FootCardigan.com code word frosty2!

“You don’t need socks!” – Danielle to Jimmy at Target. Jimmy’s got too many socks.

Matt Besser knows how a sock handles itself.

Head-sweaters was mentioned in episode 1411 with Matt Walsh. Never Not Notes, remembers, even if no one else does, Jimmy! 

Johnny Intern the sloth.

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1513 – Chasing Beauty with Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hot! Hot! Hot in the headphones! Welcome to the show! 1513! Took a little trip on the mighty mississip. Eliot just froze up like he’s never froze up before. Joseph Limbaugh’s got Eliot rattled!

Jimmy talks about his the dallas airport attack.

Apparently Paul Rudd was part of this?!!

05 – More airport talk.


Matt and Jimmy and Danielle went to the muck run. Matt flew through it because he had to use the bathroom.

10 – Seems like the muck run was more family friendly than warrior dash. Great fun. Danielle and Jimmy stayed together the entire time. “Wheels” took off.

Great fun at the muck run! Jimmy would do it every weekend if he could. Or maybe one a month.

15 – Lori Petty was in Tank Girl. Has had some substance issues in the past.

Eliot asks about shirt selection for the muck run. Jimmy was wearing a Triumph t-shirt. He says he tries to wear something he doesn’t think he’ll wear again. Matt wore his NNF season 13 shirt.

Matt’s wife does the laundry. Jimmy razzes him on it. Matt says that he does the cooking and Jimmy says that’s interesting because she should be doing that too.

Danielle does some cleaning but luckily she lives with Felix Unger so it’s kept pretty neat anyway.

Lots of heavy mud on this race.

20 – Pumpkin Patch trip with Oliver! Jimmy got ready for the 5k on Sunday at 5:30. He did it! The day after the muck run he did the 5k! He feels fine except for the knee issue that keeps popping up after half marathons. It’s the outside of the right knee.

After about 9 miles the knee flared up. Right around the spot that the course starts going up hill towards a bridge. 2 hours 20 minutes on this 5k.

Matt is on board with Eliot’s “in the shower?” question.

“Whatever it is, I’m against it.” – Groucho Marx.

Ya understand?!

All for humor guys! Jimmy’s calling Eliot an idiot is all for humor.

Knee pain

Knee pain

Jimmy’s knee still hurts.

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15L – Wheeling and Dealing with Oscar Nunez

Oscar Nunez, happy to be back on Never Not Funny

Oscar Nunez, happy to be back on Never Not Funny

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


My guess L as in Loverboy

00 – Welcome to Epitode 15L!

Joe Pepitone 


Mad Dog is here! He and Matt talk about Seinfeld. Mad Dog True or False’s Matt!


So long Mad Dog!

05 – He’s back! Shut the fuck up Mad Dog is Matt’s suggestion so they can learn the Pepitone Jersey #.

Mad Dog’s father apparently enjoyed the beer and beat him.

Gary Gulman had a great phone app joke on Conan.

Jimmy was close to the right number with his 22 guess.

Mad Dog is taking off again.

Jimmy enjoys when people ask Mad Dog questions.

10 – Jimmy calls bullshit on Mad Dog’s father issues. Tells him to “Frozen it (let it go)”

Jimmy confirms Matt is in his MCI five.

ING changes name to Voya. 

Matt talks about Quick Books.

Eliot’s got a friend is in. Joseph Limbaugh. He’s worked with Jimmy a few times over the year including a short film and some sketches for Acme Saturday Night.

brady15 – Jimmy talks more about the acme show and it having a light house because it was up against a Max Fun show.

Eliot is training Joseph just in case he gets sick. Jimmy wants to make sure Eliot isn’t training him for other darker reasons.
The guys talk about the first time Eliot was in here with Andrew.

20 – Jimmy would like Eliot to not say True Dat for his own safety.

Jimmy says Eliot is the only guy who can shut down a rally. When he gets on his soap box flags come down banners are rolled up.

Joesph thinks there is just the right amount of cameras.

Eliot dropped a lens cover and Jimmy said it sounded like a Polynesian band was coming in.

Jimmy’s dad was in a Polynesian band as a drummer.

The Brady Bunch Hawaii storyline was 3 episodes!

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