15U – Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ with Pat Francis

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello and welcome! Merry Christmas to ya! Merica! This drops 12/28! We got time and temp on the wall. 10:40am Monday the 22 of December. 74 degrees.

Matt keeps his house at 73 degrees as does Jimmy. 72 is freezing apparently.

Our House is a very very fine house.

Not madness. It’s Crosby Stills and Nash –

Madness is Our House.

73 is the magic number in Jimmy’s house. 72 is too cold. 74 is too hot.

At Matt’s house, Charlie’s room gets the coldest at night.

Jimmy doesn’t agree that Matt’s temperature choices are for the planet at all.

Can we blame the Taliban for the CA drought? Jimmy wants to blame it on the rain.

05 – We gotta fix that clock.

The door is opening. NO! Jimmy says!


Jimmy wants the guest to leave. He’s planted and refusing. Oh there he goes. And he’s back!

Pat is here!!

No heat or air in the day. At night 74-75. Poor house circulation. the house addition has no ducts.

Jimmy just had the ducts redone in his house.

Jimmy went to see Dr. Sugarman. Apparently he has a vocal cord ulcer and an infection! He’s gotta update the doctor today.
Pat wonders if its dr. burt sugarman from Midnight Special.

Wolfman McConaughey!

10 – True Detective was pitched as an anthology series. – 

Jimmy comments on Cuban relations eliminating the close but know cigar phrase.

Travel to Cuba – 

Mike Siegel travelled to Cuba. Pat worried he’d get sold into sex slavery because he is so good looking.

Cucumber is technically a fruit. 

Jimmy wants to be sure what he is sticking up his ass.

Celery stalk goes bush up!

Oliver loves the Hans and Frans TV commercials.

15 – Kevin Nealon’s done PCAT twice. He’ll be our guest on the evens.

Jimmy talk about a Paul Gilmartin post and his fans coming to his defense.

Olympic chat. Winter Olympics was more important to Jimmy than the summer.

Jimmy lost interest in Olympics once Pros were allowed in.

Paul Williams and Barbra Streisand wrote Evergreen.

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15T – Popping Off with Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer, just back from Malaysia

Rich Sommer, just back from Malaysia

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NNF  Players Club 15T  – Rich Sommer


00 – The players club is open and the door is closed! It’s a clever atmosphere! A clever way!

15 T as in we’ll find out later.

Jimmy considers the double dip on the letter word.

The perfect melodic rock album – 

05 – Jimmy talks about a bit on the Jay Thomas Show on Sirius asking where people are sitting.

Jimmy wants to go through the Survivor Vital Signs album.

He’s considering taking NNF Live?!

Jimmy underestimated the success of NNF on earwolf.

Would Matt rather be right than funny?

Jimmy urges people to revisit Smokey and the Bandit.

Jimmy wonders if he did something to make Eliot think he could talk like he was a guest on the show. He and Matt discuss walling Eliot off or letting him control video remotely.

Eliot would love that idea and would go pantless. Jimmy prefers a sweat pant at home.

Jimmy doesn’t wash his pajama pants often enough. Everything else gets a nice rinse.

10 – Matt wants to talk about a recent Doug Loves Movies episode (12 guests of Christmas). Jimmy wants to talk about it when Rich Sommer, our guest, arrives.

Jimmy saw Whiplash. He doesn’t suck at the teet of JK Simmons but he is phenomenal in this movie. Jimmy says it’s the new Billy Idol album of movies. Whiplash and Foxcatcher vying for the #1 spot.

The guys talk fox catcher and Breakfast club.  Are kidnappings up? Eliot thinks for profit kidnappings are more popular in the 70s.

Vital Signs!

15 – “Get your protractor out prick head!” – Jimmy to Eliot.

Jimmy sang every song.

Jimmy recounts asking the survivor guy about being asked for a song in Karate Kid.


Jimmy’s gonna give $100 to someone who can guess the first hit by Jim Peterik.

Eliot guesses Vehicle and wins $6.

20 – Rich is furious with what is happening in here.

Early break! Jimmy was running a little late due to an exterminator showing up unannounced.

Old man lizard is here guys! Jimmy wants to hate everything Eliot is doing but he isn’t doing anything bad.


We’re back!

We just took a break, that’s a show business term. Also known as an intermission in theater.

Jimmy asks Rich about double intermissions in the world of theater.

Jimmy did like Into The Woods. Covers his mic and coughs into his hand.

Rich and Jimmy both loved the Les Mis movie.

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1520 – Blowing the Doors Off with Adam Ferrara

Listen to this episode right here:

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Adam Ferrara assumes the position

Adam Ferrara assumes the position

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Welcome! I gave my drink a jiggle jaggle. Jimmy again rocking the Member’s Only jacket. Jimmy saw a guy trying to buy a MO Jacket and get declined.

Players Club, Members Only, Admirals Club Trifecta.

Welcome to 1520! Jimmy can’t do the took a little trip song.

Matt stumbled across a Santa. Zoe for the first time was not afraid of Santa. Great moment.

Jimmy and Danielle took Oliver to see Santa on Sunday. No wait

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

05 – $26 cheapest package for picture with Santa?!

Eliot and his jew bullshit is ruining Christmas. (FOR HUMOR!)

Danielle is full jewish, Oliver is only half Jewish.

Matt and Elise told Zoe about the story of Christmas but all she wanted to know about is Santa.

The Pagan Roots of Easter: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/belief/2010/apr/03/easter-pagan-symbolism

Jimmy says the Nashville Christmas album is great. The only song he isn’t a fan of is Blue Christmas by Chip Estin.

Cat Stevens Discography – 

Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Harold and Maude soundtrack – 

10 – Jimmy talks about his experiences with Cat Stevens. He’s been a fan for 30 years. Jimmy talks about getting tickets, and how Cat cancelled his NY show because of scalpers. The LA show could only use credit cards to get into the show and both people had to enter together. 2 Ticket MAX.

Jimmy said it was neat to be in a roomful of people where at least one of the two people REALLY wanted to be there. A lot of people felt like it was the event of a lifetime. Apparently, Jimmy was REALLY outgoing at this show.

15 – Jimmy offered Dennis, the guy sitting next to them a slider. They talked about the car show. Dennis was a really low talker. Jimmy apparently made friends with Dennis and Linda. Danielle was surprised

They had Row W. Some huge guy (a paul bunion like wall) sat right in front of Jimmy but Danielle switched with him.

A guy behind jimmy said, “It’s been 38 years!” in such a way that it gave Jimmy chills. At around 8:10 Cat himself came over the speakers and said there were still a lot of people outside so they were going to start a few minutes later.

Jimmy literally welled up when the show started and was crying by the third song. He was overcome with emotion in the most positive way.

20 – When Cat did wild world and turned into Father and Son Jimmy was full on movie style weeping. He turned and saw that Danielle was crying to.

Here is the set list for the show: 

Jimmy lost his snapping ability but just got it back.

During an intermission, Jimmy went to the merch table and saw Dennis and Linda next in line. They were able to get him a shirt.

Great night!

Cat Stevens real name is Steven Demetre Georgiou

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15S – Voicing Concern with Mo Mandel

Mo Mandel

Mo Mandel

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Yes indeed!! Welcome into the players club!! Episode 15 Sssssssssssssssss Jimmy is hissing like a snake but that is not the word. Jimmy thinks Nicki Minaj is sexy and enjoys her single Pills N Potions. 

Jay Z and Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind – 

The song Jimmy was thinking of was Monster

05 – Disneyland trip was okay. I missed Nick Kroll. Woulda rather been here guys!

We hear a little Pills N Potions.

Jimmy likes that song. Matt can’t support any pills or potions. Jimmy mentions Matt had some Butterbeer at Oliver’s birthday.

10 – Jimmy doesn’t understand the hatred for Elf on a Shelf. Jimmy and Matt talk about screwing up the Elf movements.

“Why does he want to sit in the stink?” Jimmy on Harry the Elf being in the bathroom.

Matt’s elf is named Stiller.

Ricky Schroeder’s NYPD Blue character is Danny Sorenson. 

15 – Jimmy mentions a twitter event. Anna DeVane is terrible at her job. Sme guy tweets back at Jimmy. He reads the tweets. Jimmy blocks the guy live on air. Successfully blocked!


Once you resort to name calling you’re just a child.

Here is the email Matt and Jimmy are talking about: 

Joel McHale email – 

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1519 – Sporting Chance with Nick Kroll (Featuring Yours Truly!)

Listen to this episode right here:


Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll

In studio notes via Skype by Darryl Asher
We took a little trip down the mighty Mississip AGAIN!

Jimmy realized that now that I have Skyped in a couple times in place of Garon, they won’t be able to get rid of me without being assholes


They guys complain about the very low volume of free work I do for them

Jimmy has mail, but starts to talk to me about the cake instead

My lovely bride Jenn made cakes for Matt, Pat, and Jimmy for Pardcastathon. Oliver loved
Jenn’s cake, even though he doesn’t usually like cake.


Sidetracked into “gotcha journalism” talk

Jimmy apologizes to a listener about his reaction to her email

10671330_10152513687597197_7861898783515555446_n 10801776_10152513687602197_1481323836668650299_n 10805792_10152513687592197_5407850034911255490_n

The cakes had they guys’ faces on them. Oliver: “You got a nose and a little bit of eye”

Matt had the only cake with perishable dairy product, and waited the longest to eat it

Jimmy does not have mob ties – or maybe he does!

Jenn has nerd red because Chekov ate some of her cake. (Jimmy’s father-in-law is Walter
Koenig, of Star Trek TOS fame, in case you’ve been living under a rock.)

Jimmy; “Those phasers are set to DULL”

More questions about Jenn’s cakes and whether she mails them (She does mail them, but not
as a business.)


Mail from Kelly and Curtis – it’s books for kids! Absolute Mayhem

More Jenn cake talk – Matt pretended that it was hurting him when the knife cut into the
picture of his face on the cake. Voodoo cake!

Garon and Jason are at Disneyland for Jason’s birthday

Danielle mixes stuff in the fridge crisper; one should be for veg and one for fruit

Refrigerator talk


I try to be unobtrusive about wiping my nose and FAIL

The water dispenser on a fridge is UGLY, Jimmy and I agree

My kitchen, almost done (needs baseboards and a few other things)

My kitchen, almost done (needs baseboards and a few other things) Note the refrigerator has NO ice and water dispenser, because they are UGLY!


My kitchen remodel and cement counters

Eliot: under counter drawer fridge? Yes or no?


Matt over-explains his refrigerator

Side by side has less space than over-under

Danielle might shove a carrot up Jimmy’s ass


Jimmy says: Eaten Alive was fantastic – a guy (not) eaten by an anaconda!

Jimmy gives Eaten Alive play-by-play

Jimmy answers the guest’s phone call mid-story

Nick Kroll is the guest

Eaten Alive spoiler: he had to tap out after a broken arm and dislocated shoulders

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Pardcastathon 2014


Buy Pardcastathon! Proceeds go to Smile Train.

Pardcastathon 2014 was held November 28th

In theater notes by Garon Cockerel
Photographs and editing by Darryl Asher

Pardcastathon Notes!!

Hello and indeed welcome to Pardcastathon 2014!!

12pm: Communication already strong with the booth!


Wayne Federman

Wayne Federman

Wayne on keyboards.

Me on slow lookups.

Wayne and Jimmy ready to throw down already?

They’re talkin; elevators.

Wayne was a service dispatcher for Otis elevators which had the longest motto ever.

We’re scheduled to 1am guys!

Jimmy forgot to teach his mother how to watch this on the TV.

Jimmy took an Uber in to the show.

We have a smile train rep here this year!

Jimmy thinks Obama has aged worse than any other president. Wayne wonders if anyone really knows how bad John Addams aged.

Jack Klugman passed in 2012.  All Old Couple members are dead.

Jimmy couldn’t watch black TV.

Jimmy tells a story about a joke. Wayne wonders if it’s the Aristocrats.

Jimmy tells about Redd Foxx walking on stage to a crowd of only a few white people, “I ain’t doing no show for 12 white people!” And walked of stage. They played him on and off with the Sanford and Son theme.

Dennis Miller and Jimmy have the same hand size.

Hello Matt and Pat!!

They all do some dancing! Hour 9 moves.pcat-2

More dancing!

Pat finishes his tweet with #ferguson

Jimmy talks about being on a plane with Ron Glass.

Don’t dismiss the at home audience Matt!

Demond Wilson Still Alive – 

Ron Glass Still Alive – 

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15R – Biting Your Tongue with Jimmy Dore

Jimmy Dore

Jimmy Dore

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello and welcome! Members only guys! Jimmy’s got the jacket to prove it.

Jimmy is in an official Members Only Jacket. 

More Members Only info

If I get fired its because of animal fur.

Jimmy close to throttling Eliot. He’s been here almost five years. Jimmy is amazed that he looks younger today than he did when Eliot started.

Serial chat! New episode dropped today. Avoiding spoilers is getting tough.

Zim Zam (Amanda Zimmerman) failed Jimmy!

Matt explains what the game Zim Zam is, tetherball with a tennis ball and a paddle. Any kind of paddle. Matt says you can use your dick if you want, he doesn’t fucking care. I might be the funniest thing he’s ever said.

05 – Both Matt and Jimmy had tears in their eyes while recording something or SiriusXM. Sirius is playing some sampling (Jimmy doesn’t like to say highlights) of Pardcastathon over the weekend.

It’s funny hearing someone screwing up and getting mad at it.

Here is Casey Kasem losing it

Jimmy recounts what made him and Jimmy laugh so hard.


Eliot’s pushing buttons over there.

We talk about Eliot showing up on Master Chef Junior as a culinary VIP (he says a seat filler). Eliot talks about the event and what he was doing.

10 – Eliot got a sunburn for that event and got burned. Jimmy suggests an aloe.

Tilapia – 

No Candy and No Hamburgers for Jimmy in 2015! He’s not enjoying the hamburger any longer so he’s taking the year off from a hamburger. Specifically a hamburger. Tacos, steaks, etc not included.

Matt wonders if he’ll eat a cheeseburger.

Jimmy recounts a Bill Burr joke.

Jimmy brings up Matt’s celebrity sighting and says we need to talk about the recent sighting Jimmy had that was witnessed by Matt.

Jimmy didn’t wanna do celebrity sightings on PCAT14 since there were so many celebrities coming on the show as it is.

Jimmy talks more about seeing Joel Osteen. 

Jimmy thinks Joel’s message is mostly positive.

I took a drink and it made a weird noise.

We’re gonna guess Matt’s sighting.

15 – Jimmy talks more about religions and joel osteen.

Matt: Darryl Asher creating a Cooze in the Carpool Lane icon right now

Jimmy wonders if I have a Celebrity Sighting icon. I do now!

Jimmy wonders if Darryl made a logo for Celeb sightings.

Here it is, slavedriver

Here it is, slavedriver

20 – Jimmy and his mom (Danielle and her friend went also) went to see Fleetwood Mac the day after Pardcastathon. They bought their tickets months a part from each other and ended up setting right near each other. Same section one row apart and a couple seats away.

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1518 – Swinging Away with Erin Foley

Listen here for free!

In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Erin Foley, without balls

Erin Foley, without balls

Sports Without Balls

00 – Welcome in! Episode 1518! We took a trip around the mighty mississip! Jimmy can’t wait to get out of the teens to stop saying that.

Might be a sleepy episode! We’re still coming off PCAT14 which is trying on the system.

Matt’s son was sick with the stomach flu.

If there was ever an argument against car seats, it’s that it prevents them from leaning forward to puke.

Simpler times guys.

The Internet! It’s What’s Happening!

Now that PCAT14 is over, the guys are feeling like their bodies are ready to rebel and succumb to sickness.

This year had Jimmy on the stage more this year. Matt was off stage more.

On PCAT day jimmy had a powerade at 10am, and ubered in, then had a piece of pizza while the magic was happening (despite the miscommunication in email with them). He had part of a slice of pizza that was gross.

05 – Everyone delivered at PCAT, more guests than ever before. Thanks for all the donations and those who bought the auctions!

Nobody works harder than Eliot! Jimmy appreciates everyone’s help, especially Scott Bogel backstage working sound. He did a great job.

Eliot does a great job and it does not go unnoticed.

You should be able to purchase the PCAT14 all 13+ hours by the time this episode is out!

Jimmy lists off the guests from PCAT.

Purchase at pardcast.com should be up by Thursday 12/4!

10 – Jimmy talks about getting the updated totals throughout the day and starting to panic a bit.

Mushmouth Clown could be the name of Jimmy’s next CD.

Total 2013 at the end of the night $134, 500. (141 on the following Monday)

15 – 2014: 141,000 at the end of the night.
Here is the Monday after total for 2014: $152,688.14!

Our goal was to get to $150k. WE DID IT!!

Jimmy thanks everyone!

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15Q – Back to Business with Jimmy and the Gang


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello indeed! 15 Q! Qqqqq light up my life! We’re gonna have a bit of a shorter episode. It’s the holidays and Jimmy is cursing due to mic issues.

He wants new mics by the new year Matt! Do what needs to be done! We already have top of the line mics but they’re picking up some kind of interference in the building.

Jimmy hasn’t seen Ghostbusters in a while so he’s hoping he is getting the references. GB or On The Waterfront? Matt’s “go ghostbusters on it” tipped jimmy off that it was not On The Waterfront.

We’re prethanksgiving today so hope everyone had a great one! And that we had a great Pardcastathon. It would take a lot for PCAT14 to come up short.

Jimmy spitballs future pardcastathon’s happening here in studio.

Like 9/10/2001 things change. Sarah Koenig gets another mention. Serial took the week off for the holiday. We did not. Jesse Thorne did not. Get in the studio Sarah!

Danielle is now on board with Serial.

05 – Shortened episode. We almost took the week off due to pardcastathon.

Bears are dangerous so stay in your tent. Should Jimmy do camping tips instead of car tips?

Oh no! The Culture Club show is cancelled officially due to a vocal node.

10 – Culture Club set list for 10/21 show in London 

Matt spoke with the lead singer of DSB the Journey cover band. Matt explains the difference between a cover band and a tribute band. Cover bands reinterpret, tribute bands try to be as similar as possible.
Jimmy talks about Kiss tribute band Strutter doing Kiss when Kiss wasn’t doing Kiss.

The guys talk more about Cover bands vs Tribute bands.

The DSB performing at The Collection:

The Collection at Riverpark

15 – Jimmy says that Dave Matthews is the best of the new generation hippie bands.

Jimmy would rather see DMB than Phish. Jimmy loves jams.

Jimmy is getting a very important text message. He’s got a crisis going on apparently.

Jimmy’s done a 45 degree on Dave Matthews Band. He hates the community environment more than the music.

Jimmy goes dark a bit.

Jimmy will leave the culture club show with a shirt.

Jimmy both annoyed and fascinated by Richard blade.

Guys talk about concert foods.

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1517 – Heightening Your Senses with Jason Mantzoukas

Jason and Jimmy share eyeball tips

Jason and Jimmy share eyeball tips

Listen to this episode for free.

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Earwolf link

00 – Hello! Indeed welcome to 1517! Jimmy was handing me a can. Jimmy trusts me with a can. I know my way around them.

Jimmy and Danielle went out to Shadow Mountain in the Palm Springs area for an anniversary for some friends. It’s a nice shirt that was on the $10 clearance rack. Jimmy picked it up. It makes his eyes pop.

Welcome to the program! Pardcastathon is coming up on Friday. Let’s top 144 grand guys! We want to hit $150,000.

Any money we raise is a win but the goal is to top last year.

Lets tease some names guys:

Sarah Silverman
Weird Al
Jason Thompson
*Conan has donated two tix and a meet and greet! (won’t be on the show though) he’s out of town.
Danielle, Paul Gilmartin, Greg Behrendt, Dave Holmes, Scott Aukerman, Rich Somer, Zach Galifiankis! 30+ guests!

Smiletrain.org/pardcast for donations or directly at NeverNotFunny.com

05 – Welcome to 1517. Jimmy’s shirt keeps people guessing. Jimmy is dried out from the desert air. Oliver came along also. Oliver danced up a storm at the party. Jimmy calls him a little bit of a show off. He was doing some disco moves. Jimmy and Danielle asked where he learned them and he said they just came to him. Oliver and some friends

10 – Trip the Light fantastic 

It’s also a LIT album, A Paul McCartney Live Album, an Ima album, and a Sophie Ellis-Bextor album.


Doc Talk! Jimmy talks about documentaries he’s watched. Including one on Voice Overs, I Know That Voice.

Matt says Jimmy’s hands are perfect strangling hands. Jimmy disagrees as they’re small.

15 – Jimmy enjoyed the doc but admits there is weirdness to the craft and the industry. Thanks for podcasting Serial!

Jimmy address his ranting and raving about Serial getting credit for podcasting on the players club.

The guys talk Serial despite bitching about people talking about it so much.

20 – Matt says enjoying Serial is like being a part of a club like with Game of Thrones. Water Cooler stuff.

Jimmy says he doesn’t really feel the need to talk about it. Maybe if he worked in an office he would.

Matt wonders what color his hair is. Jimmy says dark blonde.

Jimmy talks about doing a show once with Todd Glass in the audience. He was going off on A Whitney Brown for whatever reason and how he diesn’t get it. Todd walked in and asked what he was talking about. Todd said I don’t know who that is. Jimmy said “oh he’s great.”

Jimmy getting an email, not from our guest though. Someone apparently just backed out but no problemo! We got too many guests and not enough time as it is.

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