1604 – Kicking Back with Sarah Colonna

Sarah Colonna

Sarah Colonna


00 – Hey everyone! Welcome back! “y’know from last week”

Jimmy might be having an allergic reaction to some nuts.

Sarah Calonna is coming in soon.

We got mail!

Jimmy thinks it dropped 20 degrees and started raining between his walk from the car to the door. It was sunny when he parked.

Jimmy really enjoyed Big Hero Six. Thought it got a little redundant in the middle but still liked it. Matt thought a little more time with the robot would have been good.

Jimmy opened the mail and it is “the thing”

It’s artwork of the catchphrases from the season 15 intro.  We’re gonna frame it and hang it up here in the studio.

05 – Thanks Alex Robinson!  Matt wants the next one to be here faster.

Jimmy wants Matt to be more appreciative of our fans.

I got 2600 in Threes. I suck at it.

Jimmy talks fantasy baseball.

10 – He panicked after he picked his keepers.  None of this makes any sense to me. You’re on your own.

Jimmy got a new pillow and had a great sleep.

Jimmy reminds us that you want to pick the best players per Cliff Floyd. You also want them to be healthy.

Welcome in!

Jimmy’s got a question for everyone.

He shows off a water bottle. We all understand what it is.

15 – The bottle

appleJimmy keeps getting shocked.

Talk about apple fuckin’

Talking about fluid measurements.

20 – How much water is too much?

The guys talk about what foods don’t have water.

Water intoxication

“Well I’m using crab apples.”

25 – Jimmy wants to ask Sarah Colonna about the thermos.

Our guest is here!

The guys talk water containers.

Jimmy did not like the phrase “Dropped a couple of clicks.”

Sarah has no idea what the counter does.

144 ounces is 1.125 gallons.

If you’re not thirsty don’t drink!

Jimmy got a sandwich and chicken from Dominos. He enjoyed it. The sandwich is as good as the pizza is bad.

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16C – Partying Hearty with Matt Weinhold

Matt Weinhold

Matt Weinhold

Join the Players Club

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Monster Party Podcast
Youtube Channel

00 – ABORT! Welcome to Never Not Funny! Players Club 16C.

We’re all wearing our VIP Daddy’s Dojo shirts from OneKolor.com!

Jimmy did the someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah riff with Oliver.

Jimmy’s wearing the cans this week! Left his new buds at home.

Jimmy wonders what the future of football is. Robotics maybe?

Jimmy in a headphone Catch 22.

Something’s gotta be done about football!

05 – Flag football? Any joy in that?

No treble Matt!

Matt says without the tackle the game doesn’t last.

VinylRecords_TriangleWebJimmy talks about his new credenza, receiver, and turn table.  He found a bunch of bumper stickers that will go out with the new vip stuff next season.

Jimmy is into 180 grain vinyl now.  He picked up Chicago 2, 5, 7, GH, Kiss Alive, Styx Grand Illusion, Iron Maiden Number of the Beast.

10 – Jimmy is enjoying music again! He describes his listening process and lists off the comedy albums he has (including several Martin Mulls).  His Cosby album did not make the move from the garage to the house.  In fact it was violated severely.

Jimmy’s forbidding Matt from listening to Cosby.

Matt talks about his upcoming appearance on Comedy on Vinyl talking Stephen Wright’ album I Have a Pony.

He talks about the shortest joke: Lost a button hole.

15 – The Day the Laughter Died

Our guest just walked in! Matt Weinhold!

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1603 – Shuttering the Windows with Jen Kirkman

Jen Kirkman tippin' shades

Jen Kirkman tippin’ shades

In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello indeed! Episode 1603! Jimmy calling in from the car stuck in traffic.  45 to 50 minutes away!! He’s actually 6 minutes away but has to use the bathroom.

He recognizes this bit is stupid.

He took Larry to radio shack?

Matt’s offending Larry.

05 – Matt wonders why Larry is eating bagels in Jimmy’s car.

Jimmy’s coming in live! His sound is worse out of the car in his end and better on ours.

He’s coming!  He made it!

Jimmy brought his shutters. He’s got a shutter guy coming.

shuttersA mobile shutter guy?!

Jimmy doesn’t know what a mobile shutter guy costs.

Welcome in officially!

Jimmy’s shutter screws seemed to be grooveless. He needs stella to come fix.

Some Oscar chat!

Matt tried to record it but his power went out 2 hours into the show.

10 – Jimmy found it to be really boring. Jack black seems to have saved the opening from being a snooze.

Jimmy says this year was way more self-congratulatory than ever.  Matt says it’s because the films weren’t great.  You see through the nonsense when you aren’t on board with the movies.

15 – Most of the jokes fell flat but Neil Patrick Harris tried his best to deliver them.

Too cutesy?

The guys talk about the Lady Gaga performance.

I’m young enough to still like movies. Matt’s jaded about them now.

20 – The Glory performance is the popular one.  Wonderful song, amazing performance.

Jimmy talks about the Illeana Douglas Living Room show.

Ocean Spray water-ish

25 – Guys try it. I track down cups.

Stevia –  

Jimmy talks more about the living room show.

Justin Willman is the host of Cupcake Wars  – 

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16B – Swapping Stories with Neil Garguilo and David Park

Episode 16B - Neil Garguilo and David ParkNNF Players Club 16B – David Park and Neil Garguilo


Thursdays 8/11 on AXS TV.
Dr God Live 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. 10PM at IOwest in Hollywood.

16 Ballad

00 – Hello and welcome! Jimmy thrown by voices in the hall!

Safety first on the water guys.

The door outside is missing. They’re fixing it maybe?

Possibly a couple of hobos outside? Looking for some chili!

Jimmy updates everyone on the Fantasy Baseball stuff.

Steve’s running the show!

Using the CBS site. Jimmy’s paying out of pocket for the site. We will pardomize the 13 winners at the end of the show!

“You gotta dump out John?” – worst sentence in tv history?

George RR Martin.

05 – A tree tried to steal my hat.

hotdogKetchup controversy. People angered at Rich for having ketchup on his hotdog.

Hot Dog vs Burger?

Jimmy still off burgers.

Smash Burger chat.

10 – John Ross Bowie and Jimmy went to see Patty LuPone! Jimmy tells the story about he event. They ran into Fred Willard at the venue.

Their seats were pretty much the same spot s the last time they saw her.

They loved the show. She was phenomenal.

Jimmy talks more about the show, the merch table, and buying a preautographed CD.

Our guest sneaks in and gets the treatment from Jimmy who then continues his story. They met Patty hung out got autographed and when they left John and Jimmy jumped up and down and hugged like a “couple of queeeerrrsss.”

15 – Jimmy says there was zero divaness from Patty at all.

Both of our guests are now here!

David Park and Neil Garguilo!

Our door is missing we have no idea why. It may be stolen!

Maybe I’ll go find out what happened? Or maybe ill cellophane the door?

Neil’s in to kill someone.

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1602 – Signing Up with Andy Daly

Andy Daly. Booby Booby.

Andy Daly. Booby Booby.

No show notes from Garon-substitute Tony Thaxton. Who know, they might show up! Or I might get time to do my own notes. Or a fan might want to do them. You can even listen to the episode right here on this page and make your own set of notes.


16A – Busting Out with Rachel Quaintance

Rachel Quaintance

Rachel Quaintance

We have two whole sets of show notes! I did a set because I didn’t get any from Jay, but then after I did mine, Jay’s showed up, courtesy of Matt Belknap. So enjoy the most notes ever for an episode of Never Not Funny. Rachel is worthy of them! Jay’s notes follow mine below:

All notes and editing by Darryl Asher, because Rachel is awesome and deserves to have notes of her appearance available for posterity, despite the fact that she used to think my name was Ronald


First Players Club episode of Season 16

Jimmy gives a convoluted explanation of the letter game

Episode 500 will be live at UCB on Franklin March 22, 7:30pm, with live streaming audio

Jay “Cheeseman” Spaulding is filling in for Tony Thaxton, who was filling in for Garon Cockrell

Let’s talk about Jat’s tats, and the fact that he should have them removed

Jimmy tried to bond with Jay over matching phone cases, but fails

Jay works at UCB on Sunset doing tech


More than you need to know about how UCB updates their event calendar

Danielle is a writer on the Writers’ Guild Awards, which is high praise

Jimmy’s over-explanation of (something) puts himself into a coma

Jimmy wants Matt to guess which show he is seeing with John Ross Bowie. Matt nails it: Patti LuPone!

Jimmy announces the Players Club Fantasy Baseball League, but explains that he is actually too busy for it


Jimmy lays down the law about how to apply to be in the Fantasy Baseball League

Jimmy: "I don't need Johnny Porkchop talking to Darryl Asher in the chat room while I'm trying to figure out if Darek Jeter is still in the league"

Jimmy: “I don’t need Johnny Porkchop talking to Darryl Asher in the chat room while I’m trying to figure out if Darek Jeter is still in the league”

(Don’t worry, Jimmy. Besides hearing you talk about it, Darryl Asher has ZERO interest in fantasy baseball!)

aspecialthing.com is probably now a ghost town. (I admit to not having logged in there in years). Facebook and Twitter have taken over what AST used to do.

Old Man Lizard shows up

There will be money involved in the Fantasy Baseball League, so no cheapskates

Winner gets money, plus a Never Not Funny Surprise Pack


Matt… baseketball… list of names… something…

Calves Cavs pun talk

Jimmy thinks a listener will make a Cleveland Calves (as in the animal) basketball jersey design

clevelandcalvesSince no one made one, here is my 10 minute amateur design, the quality of which matched Matt’s pun

Jay is wearing an engagement ring, to signify his engagement to the lovely Liezl, comedy photographer extraordinaire


Mystery wall addition coming!

Jay and Liezl are engaged and will get married “one day”

Jimmy discusses Conan’s remote to a Korean massage

Rachel “Sexy Boots” Quaintance arrives and is told to sit

Amanda “Zim Zam” Zimmerman sent a pillow made from an old Bag O Corn tee shirt, plus sent a bag of popcorn

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1601 – Sneaking Around with Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


NNF 1601 – Rich Sommer

00 – Hello! Welcome to episode 1601! First episode of our 16th season!

Just months away from our 9th anniversary!!

I’m back!!

Lot happening over here today!

Tony Thaxton is gunning for my job.

Jimmy talks about the Ronald Reagan controversy when Tony Thaxton FAILED AT HIS ONE JOB! You can’t have my gig Tony!

[Note from Darryl: Garon makes it LOOK easy, but it’s not. See all these links in the notes? They are all (or mostly) from Garon! Even when they don’t go back and ask him about stuff, here they are. PLUS he takes notes and emails them to me. Your job is safe Garon! For now.]



05 – Target Controversy! People putting out Jimmy’s business.

10 – We talk amiibos.

Jimmy hopes Ghostbusters 3 is actually funny,

15 – Rich Sommer is here!

Eddie Murphy hosted in 82 and 84 – 

Rich is switching his shirt.

20 – Jimmy pitches Players Club! $99.99 gets you a year and an exclusive T-shirt. $30 for 6 months, $50 for a year.

Matt’s taylor is Jonathon Taylor Thomas.


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1525 – Closing Up Shop with Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm with a ham sandwich.

Jon Hamm with a ham sandwich.

In studio notes by NO ONE because Tony Thaxton sat in for Garon and I have no notes from him. Tony Thaxton: incredible drummer. Terrible Never Not Funny note-taker. If I have time and/or interest, I (Darryl) might eventually do the show notes for this episode.

Meanwhile, enjoy this photo of Jon Hamm holding a ham sandwich.