3407 – Believing in life after love with Alyssa Sabo

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Welcome in! 3407 Eclipse day!

Jimmy’s got many eclipse glasses and no idea where they are.

A total solar eclipse won’t be visible again from the contiguous US until August 22, 2044, but totality will only occur over North Dakota and Montana, plus northern Canada. However, the next total solar eclipse with a coast-to-coast path spanning the Lower 48 states will occur on August 12, 2045.



Matt and Jimmy went to see Bruce Springsteen last night!

Talking the mysterious 3rd level at the forum!

The show flew by! 3 hours +!

Matt “The Camel” Belknap!

Matt and Jimmy talk about the concert and the songs.

15 – Jimmy talks about Tom Morello and how recognizable his sound is.

Matt and Jimmy arrived at the parking at the exact same time.

20 – “I thought it was wool.” – Jimmy to the bootleg shirt seller with a hoodie

Jimmy’s talks his north west shows! He’s got some dates coming in September as well that are being finalized.

Tier 2 and up make sure your info and sizes etc are set for your perks!

Eclipse talk!

30 – Flat Earthers on Eclipse – https://en.as.com/latest_news/how-do-flat-earthers-explain-a-total-solar-eclipse-n/
Robin Williams Fire! Matt saw it when he was 10.

40 – We’ll be right back!

Character actor sighting coming up!

43m – We’re back!

Alyssa Sabo is here!

She talks about pretending to be Mike Pence’s daughter on TikTok.

45 – Alyssa talks about coming from evangelical roots.

The Johnstown Flood was in 1889! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnstown_Flood

Alyssa’s dog is named Paula Abdul!

50 – Matt explains his Paula wall as a kid.

Why did she name her dog Paula Abdul? It sounds like Kala which was her dog’s original name before she took her.

Talking grudges! Alyssa talks about some kid Ryan making fun of her long sleeve tshirt.

55 – Alyssa talks about being big time Christian and talking about it all the time in middle and high school.

She talks about going into a medical induced coma for two weeks because of a genetic issue with her liver.

60 – Couple drunks next to Matt and Jimmy at the concert.

Concert etiquette!






Alyssa talks more about her movie loves.

1h10m – Alyssa talks about the apps and trying to date and how crazy it all is.

Working Actor sighting!

1h15m – McLovin! Eliot got it.

Also Terry Crews!

1h20m – Alyssa talks about being on tons of game shows! Her first one was The Price is Right!

She gives us the secrets of getting on the show! Pop off!

She hit $1 on the wheel! Twice!! $26k!

She also won the showcase showdown!

1h25m – Her next one was one she saw looking for singers and it was Killer Karaoke!

She did so well in the audition that they kept putting her on shows. Match Game, Celebrity Name Game, Bullseye (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4586280/) and more!

1h35m – It’s trivia time!

We’ll be right back!

1h40m – we’re back!

Jimmy asks Alyssa what her manager Bruce is doing right now.


Jimmy’s been with Bruce for 29 years!

Round the horn!!

1h45m – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Live_and_Die_in_L.A._(soundtrack)

My answer is last!


We get some Cher from Alyssa!

Favorite 4-letter bands?!

1h55m – Eliot talks about the ad he saw for a comedy special – Alex Edelman Just For US.


2h – Trivia results below!

2h5m – Alyssa has a video coming out! It’s a country sound called Ugly Baby (Take Me Home)!

Thank you Alyssa!

Jimmy’s LPGA fantasy team sucks apparently.

Ok bye!!



Trivia Results:
Category: Authors
Question: What famous authors museum notably houses a large number of cats with six toes, one of which was gifted to him by the captain of a ship at a harbor?

Garon: Ernest Hemingway (14 pts)
Eliot: Edgar Allen Poe (5 pts)
Matt: Stephen King (2 pts)
Alyssa Sabo: Shel Silverstein (5 pts)
Jimmy: Stephen King (4 pts)

Answer is: Ernest Hemingway

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole