Why Never Not Notes?

Here are the answers to some questions that no one is asking about this site.

Who are you? Are you a comedian? Are you insane? Are you a stalker? Are you friends with the guys? Are you bored? Are you an attention whore?

Let’s take these one at a time:

Who are you?
My name is Darryl Asher. I’m a life-long fan of comedy.

Are you a comedian?
I don’t perform any more, but I used to do comedy and magic shows as a paying hobby, starting at 14 years old. But in my 30s, I decided I’d rather focus on my other interests, raise my daughter, and enjoy other peoples’ shows instead of doing my own.

Are you insane?
No. I’m a very balanced, easy-going, married empty-nester. I have a pretty normal job, and I connect with people easily. I don’t suffer from any delusions, and I have a firm grip on reality. I am very sound and stable mentally and emotionally.

Are you a stalker? Are you friends with the Never Not Funny guys?
I’m a fan who likes to pretend the entire show exists for me to get shout-outs. FOR HUMOR! I am friends to some degree with Jimmy and Matt. I’m grateful that they graciously allow me to be in-studio whenever I visit Los Angeles, but we don’t really hang out other than that. However, Jenn and I have become good friends with Pat Francis and really enjoy spending time with him and his family whenever we can. Jimmy, Matt, Pat, Garon, and Eliot are all super nice people who really love the fans.

Are you bored?
Not at all. Although this site is a hobby, I was not looking for something to fill my time when I started it. I have a full time job, plus I do occasional freelance web /graphic design. I also have a wonderful wife, two cats and a dog, good friends, and plenty of responsibilities and interests to keep me busy. In addition, I create fine-art photography which can be seen and purchased at brightstudio.com.

Are you an attention whore?


  • I’m just making my way through season 1 as we speak, but it’s taking longer than expected! I’ll hopefully have your notes catch up with me as I listen and then be able to really meta listen au max!

    -Ghost Dad

  • sub farooqi

    Great site! It’s very convenient especially when I wanna hear a particular riff without having to go through all the seasons. I put on a NNF episode every night to wind down after a long day. Keep up the good work buddy!

  • As the NNF expert do you know if Jimmy has ever discussed his step brother/cousin? In episode 11 he mentioned it but said that’s a story for another time but Im interested in how that happened. Can you direct me to an explanatory episode? Thanks

    • Wow, I sure don’t know that one off-hand Anthony! I don’t recall an explanation ever being given, but I could certainly be wrong.

      Is there a Never Not Funny archaeologist out there who wants to dig this up?

  • Hey Darryl-

    Could you use some assistants/acolytes/minions? My wife and I are avid NNF fans, currently relistening to back catalog between episodes. Any way we could be of assistance?


    • Hi Michael!

      There is absolutely always room for minions at Never Not Notes World Headquarters. In fact, I recently had a Minion Wing built specifically for this purpose.

      Just e-mail me your notes (a text file or Word file is fine) and I’ll put them into the site with credit to you. You can do them as detailed or non-detailed as you want. You can include 5-minute increment time-codes if you want, or just ignore them altogether. I think it works fine either way.

      The only back-episode I have done but not uploaded is the Greg Fitzsimmons episode (505) so other than that one, feel free to annotate any episode that is currently noteless. And THANKS!