34B – Getting tutored with Leslie Liao

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 Hello and welcome! Whenever you listen! Biden won in 2020 in case you aren’t caught up!

Super Tuesday!

Jimmy enjoys watching the coverage although this year makes it feel pretty boring considering it’s the two candidates we have.

Jimmy can’t handle Steve Kornacki anymore.

Talking elections!


10 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Garvey

Eliot has started watching Naked Attraction.

Talking Publicists!

15 – Jimmy’s physical therapist has a celeb sighting he can’t talk about. NDA! Thanks ENRIQUE!

Matt has a celeb sighting though!

20 – Bob Uecker – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Uecker



25 – Celeb sighting at Zoe’s school. It was Al Pacino!

MLB The Show 24 will feature a career mode that allows gamers to create a female player and steer her journey to the big leagues. The game draws on the experiences of female baseball players. For the first time, women will don Major League Baseball jerseys in MLB The Show, the long-running popular video game.


40 – Jimmy talks about his old basketball coach.

We’ll be right back!

34 B not 32!

45 – Jimmy saw Leslie’s tonight show set and said it was outstanding!

She has a special on Netflix as well!

Talking cable!

Is Tubi editing movies?

Leslie talks about working at Netflix and then having a special on Netflix yet still working at Netflix.

50 – Jimmy talks about Adam Chester also having a day job even while working with Elton John!

55 – Leslie talks about college and not going too far away. (OC to USC)

Matt suggests Jimmy rent out Oliver’s room to keep a third person in the house.

60 – Leslie talks about her boyfriend! Her birthday is just a couple days away. Happy birthday!

Talking dating apps! Leslie met her boyfriend on Hinge.

Talking Connections!

1h5m – Her boyfriend’s name is Pedro.

Eliot brings up Napoleon Dynamite. Jimmy’s not a fan.

Leslie is performing at a bar in Mar Vista tonight!

1h10m – There’s no green room at the bar Leslie’s performing at tonight.

She talks about venues without greenrooms and having to walk past the folks in line like she’s cutting them all.

1h15m – Leslie talks about her dream club with a green room and a separate nook for the headliner.

1h20m – Leslie talks about talking to Jimmy Fallon after her set.


1h25m – Jimmy through a paper at me and it startled me and I forgot what I was going to write here. It started with a W though!

Round the horn!

Talking my hair!

1h30m – Concert talk! https://josiahandthe.com/

My guess is Back To School!

Eliot’s here! He updates us on “table gate”

He got a new table!

1h45m – Eliot’s guess is Blues Brothers!

1h50m – Leslie guesses Billy Madison, Jimmy allows her a second guess because he’s not a fan of Adam Sandler movies.

She somehow ends up on Better Off Dead!

Matt’s guess is Bad News Bears

1h55m – We hear the fans!

Spinal Tap 2? https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/28/movies/spinal-tap-sequel-rob-reiner.html

2h – Jimmy’s five!

5) Better Off Dead
4) Blazing Saddles
3) The Blues Brothers
2) Best In Show
1) Beverly Hills Cop!

No winner!


Axel F drops on Netflix July 3!

Leslie is on the road! LeslieLiao.com!

Who’s good?

We’re done!!


My pleasure,

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