Episode 622 – 200th Episode LIVE at UCB with Andy Richter, Jen Kirkman, Matt Besser and Pat Francis

Release date 4/7/2010

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Intro: Our two hundredths episode! Why is Jimmy not on television?

1:20 Episode 200, and one day from the fourth anniversary, which the audience greets with pointed apathy

Jimmy Pardo

2:00 “That guy’s got a laugh that’ll be distracting.”

2:10  Twilight start in a 99 seat theater

2:45 The cast of Twilight are nice people and we wish them luck

3:45 Matt hates hackey weather

4:20 “I have never sat gayer.”

4:50 A classic Jimmy scare-take

5:15 Sit in each other’s laps if you need to

5:30 Ladies in attendance: 17

5:45 Matt wants to play Pac-Man

Matt Belknap

6:00 Never Not Funny is a bigger draw than Neal Schon of Journey

6:45 Scooby-Doo / Jerry Reed reference is lost on the audience

7:15 The “scalped” ticket plan falls apart

7:45 Old people like Mannix

8:30 The UCB has a back-vac. Or maybe a leaf blower.

9:00 New territory: 4 guests on the show

9:20 Matt’s style is throwing Jimmy off

9:45 Matt sandbags Andy Richter

10:10 Andy Richer everybody!

Andy Richter

10:30 Andy is dressed for the driving range, thereby revealing his true feelings about the anniversary

10:50 Andy gets a TV-star laugh

11:00 Andy calls out Matt for shushing his phone call

12:00 “Some of us don’t live in Timid Town!”

12:45 Note to audience: do not be helpful!

13:15 Andy clarifies the definition of “scalped tickets”

13:50 Jimmy gets discount tickets by avoiding good performers

14:00 An intimate evening with Neal Schon

14:30 La Bamba is in the audience!

15:00 Don’t boo Leno!

15:15 The upcoming Conan tour has Andy rattled

16:00 Jimmy does what he does best: puts Andy at ease

16:45 Will Conan be on the Conan tour?

Matt and Andy

17:15 There may be hot sandwiches on the Conan tour

17:45 The L.A. food truck explosion

18:30 Jimmy learns Spanish

19:00 Andy on the driving range

19:00 Golf is the new white shame

21:00 Andy is an alt-golfer

21:30 A little elitism is a good thing

22:00 Jimmy’s going to sell his old clubs on the wrong website

22:30 “404 invalid” is a good piece of business

22:45 Andy’s golf history and equipment

Jerry Reed

23:15 The career of Jerry Reed

24:00 The coke-fueled Jerry Reed TV show

24:40 Sing along with Jimmy: East Bound and Down (Jerry Reed)

25:15 Andy half-heartedly dishes on the content of the Conan tour

26:00 “What a joy!” is Pardo for “Fuck off!”


27:45 Andy’s exciting post-show plans

29:00 How to avoid caring for your sick child

29:30 Andy’s anti-social crust

30:30 The Golden Girls are comforting and sassy

31:00 Andy is rushed off stage

31:15 We are close to getting an intern

32:45 Jimmy’s awkward introduction of Jen Kirkman

33:30 Jimmy makes people hate Jen

34:00 Jen’s negative feedback

34:45 Jen has a good story about Nineteen

35:15 Jen knows more references than Matt

Jen Kirkman

35:40 Matt likes that old time Rock and Roll

36:00 No Bob Seger on iTunes, yet Jen keeps accidentally downloading covers of Hollywood Nights

36:45 Puttin’ on the Hits live!

37:45 “What’s a BluBlocker?”

38:45 This lip-synching, not karaoke

39:15 Matt is perhaps too intrigued with Jen’s boots

40:15 Panda Juice

40:45 Jen provides Jimmy’s new Lucille Ball avatar

41:30 Jimmy may have missed the point of Avatar

42:00 Spiking drinks at Starbucks

44:00 Sing along with Jimmy: Coffee in a Cardboard Cup (Mandy Patinkin)

44:15 Starbucks has comic-blocking signage


44:30 B-12 shots from a white-coated non-shady lady at the health food store

45:45 Jen needs her alone time

46:00 Facebook drama

49:00 Some groups should not mix on facebook

49:30 Jimmy’s creepiness rips a hole in Jen’s stocking

50:15 Matt gets all up in Jen’s business

50:45 We wish the best of luck to Kurt Cobain

Jen as Lucy

51:00 Horny for Vinny Barbarino

52:00 Divinyls: grotesquely sexy (Christina Amphlett)

52:45 “There’s nothing sexier than a sweatshirt!”

54:00 The Marriage Ref

54:45 Seinfeld on Letterman

54:55 “Jerry didn’t understand socks in 1988!”

55:15 You don’t have to be rich and in show business to have an iPhone

55:40 “I haven’t touched a grocery cart in 20 years!”

56:00 Jen withholds her applause but tips her hat

56:30 Matt breaks out the show-biz lingo: “panel”

57:15 Jimmy goes to a conceptual Seinfeld show at the Roxy

58:00 The Thrilling Supernatural Suspense Adventure. Or something.

58:30 Jimmy was not yelling at Jen

58:45 Jimmy is jacked up on Monster drinks

59:15 Unavailability and lack of interest have kept Matt Besser of the show until now

59:45 More yelling at the audience

1:100:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (The Beatles)

1:00:30 Matt and Jimmy’s history

Jimmy, Matt, and Matt

1:01:30 Besser is a unforgettable opener

1:02:00 Besser and Bernie Mac

1:03:00 “We gotta get you a suit!”

1:04:00 Besser getting married

1:05:15 Jimmy is defensive about his age

1:06:15 Jimmy’s foolproof way to make sure Besser has a baby boy

1:07:30 Freedom Rock… turn it up!

1:09:00 Besser is being taunted by Justin Bieber

1:11:00 Is the “W” word acceptable?

Matt Besser

1:11:45 Dancing around words is more offensive than the words

1:13:00 Chocolate Sundays at the Laugh Factory

1:13:30 Lynard Skynard’s new album is pretty good

1:14:00 The New Cars

1:14:45 Don’t kids like adults singing?

11:15:45 Besser’s brand new 6-year old movie Wild Girls Gone

1:16:45 Freak Dance

1:18:00 Besser’s grandfather was a one-eyed cliche

1:19:30 Jimmy loves to go to the gym, including showering and shaving

1:21:15 “Look what Jerry just did in my hand!”

1:22:00 Jimmy’s Blue Brothers performance

1:22:36 Besser’s gone and Matt has to hit the head

1:23:30 Crazy Laugher hasn’t laughed since being called out

1:24:00 Jen Kirkman’s reprise

The Man with the Yellow Bag

1:24:55 Pat Francis everybody

1:25:20 “What’s up my w*****!”

1:26:15 Racism in Winnie the Pooh

1:27:45 Pat’s family watches Don Knotts in Cinderfella (Don Knotts?)

1:29:00 The Return of The Man with the Yellow Bag

1:29:45 Jimmy proves he is a true friend

1:30:00 The Neal Schon experience

1:33:30 The Neal Schon merch experience

1:36:15 A journey back to April 5, 1991 with Jimmy and Pat

1:38:45 Pat brought a clip

1:39:30 Experience the Shake Weight

1:41:00 You really need the video for anything past here

1:42:00 Matt may have done this before

Shake Weight

1:43:00 Jimmy avoids eye-contact

1:43:30 Old Man Handy J.

1:44:30 Pat’s Workout Sex Club

1:45:15 Pat whines about not getting to do his third piece

AK-47, gone, not forgotten!