Episode 240 – Live 100th Episode with Pat Francis

Released March 7, 2008

Intro: It’s 240 you idiot! Headphone issues right outta the box.

1:30 We don’t edit jerk

1:40 Jimmy can’t handle seeing the faces of his adoring fans

NNF Unplugged

2:00 Never Not Funny Unplugged from the studio with a select group

2:50 Phil Semenik was on standby for the crowd of 30

4:00 A glimpse behind the curtain

4:15 PELKEY!!!!!! She was here way too early

4:30 Good looking listeners

5:15 Jimmy is curt in his emails to Pat

6:15 Jimmy is amazed that anyone listens to him

6:45 Revisiting sexyis.com


7:15 Two bottoms and a top, that’s where it’s at

7:30 Phil Defalco, Andrew Koenig and a 3 camera shoot,

7:50 Jimmy is left out of the U2 3D viewing

8:45 Pat thinks Jimmy is very much like Tony Clifton

9:05 Jimmy is more like Groucho than Rickles

9:45 Matt goes scatological

10:15 Pat is going to collect money from audience members at the 20 minute mark

10:45 Did Jimmy and Pat ever talk about making fun of Neal Shon to his face?

11:30 Friends of NNF are in Semi-Pro

12:30 Rob Corddry was treated like a janitor

13:30 Loudness and headphones

13:45 Pat’s haircare secrets

14:15 The Sex and the City movie trailer causes Belknap family dischord

15:15 Pat hits on an audience member

15:30 Shoulder talk

16:30 Putting way too much thought into Sex and the City than it deserves

17:30 Greg Behrendt and metrosexuality

18:30 Matt has come into his own in season 2

18:45 Complaints about the upcoming pay format

19:00 Pat’s hat-wearing habits

19:45 Show clothes

20:00 Jimmy’s bolo tie earplugs

20:40 Jimmy is blending into the background

21:15 Soap operas in the morning?

21:45 The crowd is against Matt

22:15 Jimmy’s sleepless, stormy drive, and flight

22:50 “That’s fun! That’s fun for everyone but you!”

23:25 Too much garlic for Jimmy

23:45 Pizza Hut? Does that sound right?

24:00 Pat just had laser eye surgery

24:00 Right outta the act: They used the laser from my CD player

24:00 Pat does crowd work

25:45 Pat does Jimmy’s act

26:00 The coupon jokes upstages the audience member’s blindness

26:00 Matt is still upset over his parents’ divorce 22 years ago

27:00 Jimmy’s folks married extremely young

27:45 Pat wants to know the cause of the divorce

28:30 More insultis of the partially blind audience member

29:30 Pat’s recover from laser surgery

29:45 Jimmy’s a 10! Or a 7.

30:15 Jimmy still thinks he a shot with teenagers

30:45 Inappropriate talk about Danielle

31:45 Matt chooses to have good vision

31:55 Babies with glasses

32:30 Lipnicky talk

33:30 Technical camera talk

34:00 Deciding whether to play to the audience, or do the show as normal

34:30 Jimmy’s uncomfortable topics

35:00 Jimmy’s string of best friends

36:30 Jimmy’s Chicago story about Paul Partyka

37:45 History of a Joke and George Carlin

40:00 Jimmy’s experience with History of a Joke

41:00 Back to the Chicago story (but not really)

44:30 Jimmy has the skills necessary to teach acting

45:00 Jimmy as a rapist in acting class

46:45 Melissa Etheridge demographic

47:30 Matt admits the whole thing is scripted

48:00 Bicycling to the tennis courts

50:00 Jimmy steals Matt’s joke right in front of him

50:30 Punt, pass, and kick with a heavy football

51:15 Pat lightens the mood with death talk

52:00 Matt follows instructions in the Producer Book

53:45 The hackey, Head-On commercial

54:15 Once again, back to the tennis story

56:30 Partyka’s stomach trouble on the tennis court

58:15 A hose of dirty water

1:00:30 What might have happened to the stain?

1:03:00 Pat was fired from 2 warm up jobs

1:04:00 Pat as warm-up on the Hindenberg

1:04:30 Craig Kilborne yelling at Jimmy

1:06:00 Jimmy has the chops

1:07:30 Jimmy defends his shit story

1:08:30 Pat at movies

1:11:00 Seat buffer

1:13:45 Matt gets stiffed by the crowd

1:14:30 Pat works on Win Ben Stein’s Money

1:15:30 Don’t reveal the location of NNFstudios!

1:15:45 Pelkey talk

1:16::45 Pat defends his actions

1:17:15 Macho Pat wants to be behind 2-way mirror

1:18:45 Pat’s mailbox

1:20:00 Eating habits for take-out

1:23:00 Food smells and movies

1:23:45 If your oxygen mask bag does not inflate, is it still working?

1:24:00 Jimmy will check in with Oliver from time to time to make sure he’s ok.

1:24:45 What is your American Gladiator name?

1:25:15 Tag vs. punchline

1:25:30 Back to History of a Joke

1:25:45 Jimmy doesn’t understand the physical universe

1:26:50 Don’t tell Bil Dwyer he wasn’t first choice for Rock of Love

1:27:00 Jimmy doesn’t want to contribute to the world’s hell-going

Happy, handsome Bil Dwyer

1:28:00 Bil Dwyer is a good-looking, always-smiling, happy man

1:28:30 Jimmy as a bellhop on The Surreal Life

1:29:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Up All Night (Slaughter)

1:30:00 The show name may be in error

1:30:15 Pat has opinions about the pay format

1:31:00 Info about the new Primo format

1:31:45 Email response has been overwhelming

1:32:00 Cloistered above a 7-11 in Sherman Oaks, it’s hard to be in touch with “the people”

1:32:25 “Let me cut you off and pretend you’re not talking at all…”

1:32:30 Pat is a big help to Matt

1:33:30 “You and I are going to have mink coats in six weeks”

1:33:45 Elise’s mink coat

1:35:15 Jimmy takes it out on the ladies!

1:35:45 Audience Q & A

Jack Inferno (Rich Galvin)

1:36:00 Sam gets a Jack Inferno CD

1:37:00 Sam’s question for Jimmy: Talk about being on the show Jury Duty

1:38:00 Pat is being nice. Or doing a bit.

1:38:45 Laney Kazan, torch singer and jury member

1:39:45 Michael gets a Low Strung t-shirt

1:40:15 Michael’s question: Have you regretted anything you talked about on the podcast, and how close have you come to editing?

1:40:30 Pat tells about the New Year’s episode they ditched and did entirely over

1:41:30 Pat calls back the tennis poop story

1:41:00 Masturbation talk

1:42:30 A fan emailed a list of “You remember ______” references

1:43:30 Matt’s one regretted story: Masturbation to Madonna audio

1:46:00 Jimmy has to beg for one for question

1:46:00 Candace gets a Low Strung t-shirt

1:46:30 Why didn’t anyone make a bigger deal about Jimmy calling Oliver the wrong name last episode?

1:47:00 Oliver was almost named Oscar

1:47:45 Jimmy won’t reveal potential girl-baby names, although he may have on a previous episode. If only there were some show notes to reference.

1:49:30 This is the longest podcast in the history of podcasts

1:49:45 Pat is not happy with his numbers

1:50:15 Pat’s theme music is not being played at the top of the show

1:50:40 Andrew Koenig asks for a plug for MonkeyGoLucky.com, where video clips will be available

Oooooooonnnnn …. the podcast!