624 – Andrew Daly

Released 4/21/2010

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Intro: The 24th episode of the 600th season! And Jimmy sexually experimented in the 60s in San Francisco.

1:55 Jimmy enjoyed choking with a watch fob

2:30 Dan did a great job last week, but keep it quiet

3:00 Eliot from indhd.com hasn’t been seen since episode #623

3:10 Matt is in 2 shirts and a beard, for a look that’s called “2 shirts and a beard”

3:35 We now have 19 cameras

3:50 Matt is doing The Month of Not Shaving

4:30 When did this podcast become video-prominent?

4:45 Eliot molests Andrew

5:00 Matt has fond memories of his Catholic childhood

Andrew Daly

5:20 Andrew was Amos on Amos & Andy

5:40 Please! more research about racist radio and television!

6:15 Andrew Daly is starring in the story of Yankee great Yogi Berra

6:30 Correction: It’s Yogi Bear

6:55 Andrew tells a story he shouldn’t tell about 2 circus freaks

7:15 There may be a quiz regarding the intricacies of the call sheet

8:00 The call sheet ranking goes to the head of circus freaks

8:20 Andrew’s idea for making the movie more self-aware

8:45 T.J. Miller is out of your league

9:00 Jimmy has seen all of Andrew Daly’s movies, and dailies

9:20 School for Scoundrels

9:40 Why did Matt even open his mouth?

10:50 Judah Friedlander’s hat may have made a cameo

10:15 Jim Parsons is a good, funny guy

10:40 Matt actually saw Jim Parsons on Santa Monica Blvd. in person

11:15 Re-telling the Al Pacino star sighting story

11:30 Exactly what is it that Pacino can’t even fuckin’ imagine?

12:00 Calling back Zimm-Zamm, because Jimmy used the word “tethered”

12:15 Dan shows he has The Right Stuff

12:30 Eliot talks loud and often

12:45 Matt insists on going right the hell back to Zimm-Zamm

13:00 How does Jimmy eat his Fiddle Faddle?

13:20 Pinatas are fun!!! No, wait, NOT fun!

13:40 The one thing the Mexicans make right needs to be flimsier

14:20 Tim Tam is the only non-bullshit cookie in New Zealand

15:15 By Andrew’s logic, The Yogi Bear movie was mathematically inevitable

15:45 Release date: Christmas 2010 means: film in New Zealand

16:00 Driving on the wrong side of the road

16:30 Jimmy reminds Andrew he’s number 6 on the call sheet, as if he had forgotten

16:50 Tom Cavenaugh is number 1 on the call sheet

17:00 Yogi Bear love interest Anna Faris is married to What’s His Face

17:30 Chris Pratt seems like a good guy

17:40 Andrew hung out with Nate Corddry on the set

17:50 Hot Tub Time Machine, a tragic comedy

18:40 Jimmy recounts the call sheet

19:00 Justin Timberlake as Boo-Boo, and Dan Aykroyd as Yogi

19:30 Andrew tried desperately to not spoil the Yogi Bear movie

20:00 Do we care if stars do voiceover work?

21:00 Tom Cavenaugh is great on the panel… and on the hoops!

21:30 Steve Gutenburg – can’t keep him away from the net

21:45 Three Men and a Baby ghost legend

22:15 Stalked by a Ted Danson standee

23:15 Jimmy explains comedy to Andrew and Matt

24:00 Jimmy fears competition in comedy

24:30 The New Zealand comedy scene

25:30 The many voices of Scatman Carothers

26:15 Harlem Globetrotters, Gilligan’s Island, and guest voices

29:00 Charles Fleischer, Man of Two Voices

29:00 Matt now feels way less special about his facebook friendship with Charles Fleischer

Matt Belknp and Andrew Daly

29:50 Matt revs into his Roger Rabbit impression

30:10 Jimmy recons How to Train Your Dragon and Date Night

30:45 Once again, Andrew loses a role to J.B. Smoove

31:15 Matt justifies his You Fascinate Me  job

31:30 Jimmy plays fake drums

32:30 To Matt, they all look alike

33:45 The track-listing and drum fills of Tom Sawyer by Rush

35:00 Jimmy pretends to know something about album marketing

36:45 Toddler talk with Andrew and Jimmy

37:30 Inappropriate hostility

38:30 More than one kid: easier or harder?

38:45 Andrew’s fear of the big metal straining spoon

40:00 How to make good pop bands: go cut a switch

40:30 Andrew predicts the future of Justin Bieber

40:30 “An unhealthy level of excellence”

42:00 Justin Bieber: possibly a hippy 22 year old woman

42:00 Guy! Guy! Dude Looks Like a Lady

43:00 The golden tones of Eliot

43:25 Sing along with Jimmy: Dude Looks Like a Lady (Aerosmith)

43:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Toys in the Attic (Aerosmith)

43:45 Has anyone ever bought an Aerosmith album?

44:45 Sober Aerosmith sucks

46:00 Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits

46:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Dream On (Aerosmith)

46:25 Sing along with Jimmy: Same Old Song and Dance (Aerosmith)

46:38 Sing along with Jimmy: Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)

47:56 Sing along with Jimmy: Come Together (Aerosmith)

48:10 Come Together is just a series of random phrases

48:45 The Aerosmith podcast

Jimmy Pardo again

49:35 Sing along with Jimmy: Remember (Walking in the Sand) (Aerosmith)

50:00 Finally, Jimmy has something in common with Matt

50:45 Sing along with Jimmy: How Bizarre (OMC)

51:45 Uncle Cracka, an associate of Kid Rock

52:40 Weather: I love that kinda rain

53:00 Andrew’s love of early U2

53:20 Andrew Daly’s favorite, unskippable song Pink Floyd Green is the Colour

Pink Floyd

54:20 Jimmy is a Pink Floyd late bloomer

54:45 Matt thinks the surroundings of Pink Floyd ruin the band for some people

55:00 Grateful Dead, tie dye, and Matt’s father-in-law

58:15 Dan gets some ground rules laid on him with Buddy Rich level anger

1:00:45 Where is Andrew Daly on the Yogi Bear poster?

1:00:10 Break!

1:01:20 Dan is just marking time

1:01:45 Jimmy messes up Andrew’s credits

1:02:20 Sing along with Jimmy: Eastbound and Down (Jerry Reed)

1:02:30 Why does this come up so often?

1:03:30 Jimmy calls bullshit on Dan’s unprofessional behavior

1:04:45 The most inappropriate transition in recent NNF memory

1:05:15 Vacuuming and children

1:05:45 Yo Gabba Gabba

1:06:00 “Being too thin is AWESOME!!!!”

1:06:30 Oliver and Michael Jackson: Look at the moves!

1:07:30 Adults and children are allowed to behave differently

1:09:30 WB and the racist frog

1:10:00 Jimmy’s long and storied career with the WB

1:10:30 Jimmy is not a good writer, but at least he’s not a good faker

1:11:30 Third Rock and Joe Diffie

Jimmy "Ringo" Pardo

1:12:00 The guy from Mel’s Diner shows up on Sony’s movie theater songlist

1:12:45 Jimmy had reason to be really into country music for a whole month

1:13:00 Matt feels understood by Guns ‘n’ Roses

1:14:00 This is obviously off-air conversation. Please skip forward to 1:14:20

1:14:20 Mark Volman update, including Nashville Dancing with the Stars

1:16:00 How Flo and Eddy destroyed rap music

1:17:00 Andrew responds to spontaneous clapping: “Hey, alright!”

Mark Volman

1:17:20 Sing along with Jimmy: Pickup Man (Joe Diffie)

1:17:45 Jimmy decides Joe Diffie is good, with an unnecessary wink

1:18:20 Undercover Gay Prostitute Cop. Coming Soon!

1:19:15 Oh boy a Johnny Gills story!

1:19:45 Never Not Funny is like TMZ Classic

1:20:35 Sing along with Jimmy: Raised on Radio (Journey)

1:20:45 Lost

1:21:50 Pat Francis has checked out mentally. And is no longer interested in Lost.

1:22:00 Cliff Hanger, radio DJ

1:23:00 “Nothin’ but thanks!”

1:23:20 The ridiculousness of sign-offs is discussed. Onnnn the podcast.

1:24:20 Funny Money will be right back in a Woolery

1:24:45 Woolery gets it. He’s a military man!

1:25:20 Andrew doubts if Dan is a good kid doing good work

1:25:30 Life As We Know It, Andrew’s next movie

1:26:00 What kind of work does Andrew turn down

Coco is the one on the right

1:26:45 Who’s with Coco?

1:27:10 Andrew’s first TV job was with Conan

1:27:30 Jimmy won’t count his chickens, but he wants to point out the exits

1:28:00 The awkward Leno mobologue*

1:29:30 The Weinberg/Leno rumor

1:30:00 Matt pulls the funniest Dan-look-it-up in Dan-look-it-up history

1:31:30 Movies about trucks, that you can get behind

1:32:15 Oliver sings a hippy song

1:13:15 Andrew will not be eaten for breakfast

1:34:00 Steel cut oatmeal

1:34:40 Eliot goes into Def Jam laugh mode over Roots in New Zealand

1:35:10 Thank goodness that the use of the N-word for geographical locations is being discussed

1:36:00 Don’t bury your heart under a sacred tree

1:37:00 A racist joke is the perfect place to end

1:37:15 Jimmy’s neighborhood is named after somebody

1:38:30 West Hollywood is named after James Baldwin

1:40:00 Jimmy demands that Dan look things up multiple times

1:40:45 No one wants this end

1:41:00 Jimmy and Andrew trade toddler school schedule info

1:42:30 Dan needs a crazy radio name

AK-47 gone, not forgotten

*Yes, “mobologue,” when the mob comes forward before Leno’s monologue. I just made it up, and it’s great! I don’t care if others have coined it before me, I am taking full credit. Mobologue. Learn it, use it, live it, love it. Mobologue.


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  • Darryl,

    I believe I heard your Notes site mentioned on the show before, but I hadn’t had a chance to check it out until now. I just wanted to say thanks for putting all the effort in. The site is funny and really helpful for finding favorite moments, and the icons and photos are great. I guess I don’t really have anything of substance to say here, but I wanted to make sure you knew your efforts were appreciated. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Jared! Your comment has exactly the kind of substance I like: praising of ME!!!!

      Seriously, thanks for the feedback. It really does help to know that people enjoy the site. Keep checking back!

  • luke

    Darryl, I believe I am the one who coined the term “mobologue”. Therefore I am entitled to some kind of financial compensation. Have Dan Katz look it up.