I’m a little behind but I have a good excuse

Sorry for the delay on getting the last few episodes up. I’ve been at MaxFunCon, so I’ve been a little busy having maximum fun. Never Not Funny Live closed out the proceedings with a hilarious and memorable performance, which will certainly be coming your way.

The accompanying photo will give you a little taste of what’s in store. Yes, Matt sent Pat right to the floor and Jimmy out of his seat in a comedic one-two punch!

In addition to Never Not Funny Live, Jimmy hosted a comedy show featuring Maria Bamford, Al Madrigal, and Marc Maron. Jimmy was at the top of his game, and had the crowd in nonstop laughter. This performance might be available at some point through MaxFun. I’ll post a link if it happens.

It was great to catch up with Jimmy, Matt and Pat again, and to see how loved they are by fans and performers alike.

So, hang tight, people! More notes are in the works, along with some other exciting developments. Meanwhile, why not go ahead and sign up for Season 7?