From Darryl: A Note of No Great Importance

Hello NeverNotNoties! (That’s not a thing.)

Talking all things Pink Floyd and Nick Mason from 24F with Riley Silverman.

It’s hard to believe that Never Not Notes has been around for over nine years now! And its predecessor, the mostly now-dormant, was started over ten years ago. During all that time, there have been lots of changes to how stuff on the internet works, and how the fine folks at Never Not Funny have done things.

For instance, we used to allow comments for each episode right here on Never Not Notes, which was great fun and allowed some good interaction. As well, used to host comments. But, alas, spammers have a way of ruining things, so both Matt and myself decided to just kill the comments. The options were to either let the comments fill up with spam, which would have to be deleted, or to moderate comments prior to allowing them to go live, which is a lot of work and frustrating for the legitimate fans trying to post, because you never knew when your comment would go live. (Yes, there are automatic anti-spam tools, but they aren’t foolproof either.) Thankfully, Facebook and Twitter have taken over some of the community aspect, although it’s not as centralized as many of us would like.

The latest change, and the actual catalyst for this post, is that you may notice free episodes no longer have audio embedded, and old episodes that used to have it now show an error message (“This content can’t be shown in a frame”) instead of a media player.

I know that hardly anyone ever listened to the show here, but the idea was that new listeners who might come across an episode due to a Twitter post would be able to click to the episode and listen without subscribing or dealing with a separate app.

When I noticed the error messages on older episodes, I asked Matt about it and he said that their new streaming method through Art19 allows embedding only for a limited time, I think six months. After that, it disappears. So older episodes aren’t even on either.

This leaves me some housekeeping to do. As I get time, I’ll be deleting the old, now-useless, audio frames, and replacing them with the text I now use in its place: “Find the show at” Which still won’t let them find older shows, but gives them a starting point anyway.

Thanks to everyone who has helped to keep this site alive with your visits, links, suggestions, encouragement, and kind words. Although it’s nothing compared to a lot of other site, my stats show that there have been over 250,000 views of NeverNotNotes since it began. That’s about half a million eyeballs, depending how many people have both of their eyes. So thanks everyone, and onward to Season 25!

As always, feel free to be in touch with your questions and comments. Just use: darryl AT darrylasher DOT com. (Not sure if that defeats email harvesters, but whatever.)