611 – Todd Glass

Release date 1/6/2010

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Intro: Comin’ in high and tight, like Jimmy’s haircut

2:00 Lita Ford

2:45 Sing along with Jimmy: Time of My Life

3:30 Easy, breezy, beautiful Andrew Koenig

4:15 Car talk with Matt over the holidays

5:00 Matt’s high hair

5:45 Sing along with Jimmy: Some Like It Hot

6:00 5 phrases that mean nothing

6:30 Todd defends Jimmy regarding iTunes feedback

8:00 Todd tells us how to give constructive criticism

10:00 Dealing with vegetarians

11:45 What bus is Todd riding?

13:30 591-ROCK, 591-ROLL

13:45 Tech trouble apology

15:00 Jimmy could spend some time with a man

16:00 Do they have cheese??? Not exactly!!!

17:30 Todd and Jimmy’s commercial auditions

21:30 Could I please jump out the window?

27:00 The mysterious replacement of the “can you hear me now” guy

28:00 Todd’s Christmas in Los Angeles

29:00 Maybe now Jimmy has time to golf

30:15 Todd gets a callback for an audition he never went on

32:00 More tech talk

33:30 Christmas family visit marathon

35:30 Doing nothing on the holidays

36:00 Jimmy’s New Year’s Eve shows

37:00 Pilgrimage to Pardo

39:45 Cops should wear suspenders

40:30 Bomb squad

41:45 Is there always truth in comedy?

42:30 Don Rickles still has it

44:00 Matt’s 2 second holiday update

45:00 How to get unfriended by Jimmy on Facebook

47:00 21st century town criers

48:00 Jean Carroll RIP

48:30 Ernie Kovacs (flaxseed oil)

51:30 Todd’s ability to read and write

53:30 Todd has the best neighbors in the world

55:30 Tease: People need to know what Todd is going to tell them after the break

55:45 Break

56:30 Matt is Mickey Rourke

57:00 Jimmy kills Daniel Stern’s career

58:00 Diner

58:30 Todd’s departure from Comedy and Everything Else

1:02:00 Todd’s really really, nice Christmas

1:05:00 How to have a stress-free Christmas

1:08:00 Juicy drippings

1:10:15 McHale ruins Jimmy’s flights, food, and television

1:12:00 Ball busting… with love

1:14:10 Todd is tired of your schtick!

1:15:30 Hurt feelings

1:20:00 Todd – amp it down

1:21:00 Todd’s family: the recap

1:21:30 What is “Todd” short for?

1:22:00 Yes, Jimmy really is 5’4″

1:22:30 College shows

1:25:30 Christmas toys

1:27:00 “It was a 2-person show…”

1:28:00 Frozen lasagna and day-old pizza

1:30:30 Matt’s cooking tip

1:31:00 Jarred gravy

1:33:00 BBQ grill at the campsite

1:34:30 Oliver: “You guys talkin’ about Joe?”

1:37:00 Message board / Sketchfest

1:38:00 True story: Don’t drop your keys in San Francisco!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! On the podcast!


  • Oh crap, they talk about Todd leaving CAEE… now I have to buy the individual episode (making my way through the seasons one by one, still on one).

    Lol, I knew I should have not looked at this particular page of show notes… job well done!! 🙂

    -Ghost Dad

    • Thanks George!

      Yeah, part of the method in my madness is to both make it funny and interesting for people who have heard the episodes, while at the same time piquing the curiosity of those who have not.

      But in fairness, I should tell you that Todd doesn’t get into the “why” of his departure from CAEE, but it’s good to hear him talk about it anyway.


  • Zach Coty

    I am up to date with NNF but I don’t remember this one. At the time I listened to it I wasn’t listening to CAEE. I am now around episode 30, sitll 30+ to go until he leaves. I’m really curious as to why he left, the dynamic where I am now is pretty good