610 – Marc Maron

Release date 12/23/2009

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Time stamps are approximate, and taken from the audio version of the show.

Opening: Matt is wearing Christmas colors. Marc sports “beard of a gentleman that just finished a manifesto.”

1:00 Jimmy and Marc: early years, early clothing

5:30 Make the audience pay!

9:00 Merch table memories

13:00 Marc Maron: King of apologies

15:00 One big, dysfunctional family

19:00 Marc props the opener

22:00 Ahmet Zappa sets a nice table for Jimmy

26:00 Comics vs. normal people

27:30 Marc’s podcast and iTunes feedback

33:00 Marc panics over 2 seconds of silence

33:30 Marc snubs Jimmy at LAX

35:00 More feedback from “fans”

37:00 WE LOVE CAROLLA!!!!! (Just not Carollatards.)

42:00 Exotic nicotine fix

44:00 Porn: Addict or User?

53:00 Vanilla wafer break time

54:00 Tech troubles and gold investing

57:00 Marc is loyal to his clothing

1:02:00 Marc on Conan

1:03:00 Jimmy’s Tonight Show appearance

1:05:00 Looking for the funny in the shadow of 9/11

1:08:00 Kickin’ Aspen!

1:09:00 Marc gets personal with Jimmy

1:13:30 Easily offended + misreading of others = a winning combination

1:15:00 “Scorching the Earth”: Marc’s divorce and one-man show

1:27:30 Jimmy Pardo in Breaking Away

1:28:00 Marc Maron: Cat Lady

1:36:00 Pitching Sketchfest and MaxFunCon

“Oooonnnnnnn…………………. the podcast.”