609 – Pat Francis

Release date 12/16/2009

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Intro: Thought we were closer to people resubscribing. Good vibes and tasty treats.

2: 15 Jimmy knows exactly what Pat Francis is doing!

2:45 $579 bid for LA food bank to be a guest on NNF.

3:30 Please don’t stop the music (DON’T sing along with Matt)

4:00 Sketchfest promo

5:00 Pat stepped aside from his regular spot for Conan

7:00 This the longest Pat has gone in his life without talking

7:15 Pat waited like a professional broadcaster until he was introduced

8:30 Podcasts are taking over

9:00 Matt and Jimmy know more about Mark Volman’s music than he does!

11:30 Pirate Radio and Elanor

12:00 A boulder on the brakes

13:00 Pardcast-a-thon recap / Pat’s mother-in-law with Jon Hamm

15:30 Pat’s in-laws work as extras

19:00 Pilar scares off Greg Behrendt

20:30 Napolean Bonaparte Show or the Tonight Show

21:00 A quiet Matt is a good Matt

22:30 Celebrity meets a Jackass with Jon Hamm, but not Chris Hardwick

23:14 Is my cell service G4?

24:00 Actioning off cellular spectrum

25:00 Texting Pat about toys

27:00 Pat’s offensive question

27:00 Jimmy’s “lose some lbs” heat on Facebook

29:3o Sing along with Jimmy: Extreme, Get the Funk Out

30:00 Thinking outside the box about cliches

30:30 Extreme talk about Extreme

33:30 Beverly? No Beverly.

34:30 Pat as Bruce Springsteen

35:45 Bio movies of uninteresting celebrities

36:45 Sing along with Jimmy, Along Comes Mary

37:00 Something About Mary, enjoyable by simpletons, as well as the elite

39:15 Andrew on mic!

40:00 Rare good songs on otherwise lame albums

41:00 Marc Cohn, shooting victim

42:00 Jimmy discusses his failing memory. Again.

43:00 Matt the Scientist

45:00 Tattoos are cool, brother!

46:00 Season 7 intro contest announcement (Original inspiration here)

51:15 Pipless nights

52:30 The joy of Matt

53:00 One hit wonders

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

54:15 The Devil Went Down to Georgia

55:00 Kids concert vs. Foreigner on The Tonight Show

55:45 Oliver’s snowguy

56:15 Time to mock the listener

57:30 Pat’s retirement

58:00 CDs vs. iTunes vs. iTunes LP

1:00:00 Break time! (Promo for Pardcast-a-thon download)

1:01:15 Pat’s magic handcuffs

1:02:00 Jimmy unzipped

1:04:00 The pleasures and pains of suit-wearing

1:05:00 Robert Downey, Jr.

1:05:20 Sing along with Jimmy: More Than Words

1:05:30 Jimmy’s old friend from Chicago

1:06:30 NPR radio voices

1:07:30 Contest for a new host for the show

1:08:30 Pardcast-a-thon and Jordan Morris

1:09:30 Pat delivered during Pardcast-a-thon at one point

1:10:00 Inappropriate in-law talk

1:22:15 The Piercing Gays

1:12:45 At the end of the day, Pat’s favorite show of all time… no categories!

1:13:30 Ren & Stimpy vs. sex

1:14:30 TV DVDs

1:15:30 Angry at The Prisoner remake

1:17:00 Old time radio voice

1:17:30 More of Pat’s favorite shows for Jimmy to mock

1:18:15 Jimmy’s favorite show… “You gotta go categories!”

1:19:15 Christopher Walken impressions

1:19:45 John Travolta and Kaplan’s daughter

1:22:15 Sing along with Jimmy: You’re the One That I Want

1:22:30 Grease is dirty!

1:24:00 Where are they now? Embracing Grease

1:25:30 Pat’s marketing advice for Matt’s sister Jenny

1:26:30 Teasing Sarah Palin

1:27:30 Rosie Radio

1:28:30 Gervais on 60 minutes

1:30:15 Matt sings When I’m Cleaning Windows

1:30:45 Jimmy Patinkin

1:31:30 Pat’s mom reacts to Pardcast-a-thon

1:32:15 Pat’s fuckin’ brother

Ooonnnn the podcast!

Stinger: When I’m Cleaning Windows

Stinger 2: Darryl-centric NNF Intro