608 – Conan O’Brien

Release date 12/9/2009

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Time stamps are approximate, and taken from the audio version of the show.

Opening: It’s a rare night record, with the moon out and wolves prowling. Jimmy’s under the weather with Oliver-spread illness.

12:00  The concussion heard ’round the world

16:30 Conan makes a miraculously accurate prediction about his employment

20:00 Our man from Georgia: Jimmy Carter

22:00 Here’s something new! Let’s talk about the 80s!

25:00 My Dinner with Conan

27:00 Conan’s childhood

30:00 Matt doesn’t understand old TV shows. So he SUCKS!

32:30: Obvious Trivia: Henry Winkler is the nicest person in showbiz!

33:00 It’s a nice-off! Winkler vs. Hanks

34:30 Conan’s comedy influences

40:30 Don’t worry! Jimmy’s gonna be in lots of sketches!

43:30 Matt’s mom likes it dirty! (His words, not mine.)

44:00 Sarah Silverman’s non-racist joke about racism

46:00 My Dinner with Palin

47:00 The Cock-blocker: Conan’s wife

50:00 Shit-music-palooza with Bob Seger and KISS

52:00 Pardcast-a-thon makes Jimmy’s dad proud of him. Finally.

52:30 Bozo and Conan’s childhood TV shows

56:00 Conan the Beam of Light and his showbiz history

57:30 It all ends here

58:30 Matt’s farm humor

1:01:15 A crisp, professional break

1:02:30 Jimmy’s feeling better! Until Conan threatens a lawsuit.

1:04:00 DEATH CURSE! Conan mentions J.D. Salinger
(Podcast release date: 12/9/09. Salinger’s death: 1/27/10)

1:07:00 Conan loves his staff

1:08:00 Conan and Jimmy’s near-miss

1:09:30 Time… SPACE!

1:10:00 Life is hot with Jeff Garlin

1:14:00 Conan’s list of random names

1:16:30 Conan the Emmy host

1:19:00 Sing along with Jimmy: Wildfire

1:20:00 Judge Jimmy! Tooth gel vs. toothpaste

1:35:00 Conan O’Brien: Barefoot on the Edge of a Razorblade

“Oooonnnnnn the podcast…”