607 – Jesse Thorn

Released 12/2/2009

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Intro: Subbing way: a substitute way to travel!

3:15 Jimmy confuses his left and his right

4:00 2-layered Matt

4:30 Don’t Haight the ‘Bury

5:30 Jesse as Herb Tarlek

6:45 Jesse is back due to positive feedback, despite Jimmy’s objections

7:30 Jesse loves San Francisco

8:30 Rappers like Jesse just call it The ‘Sco

9:30 Eye-twitching, mucous, and scurvy

13:00 Pardcast-a-thon and Smile Train update

13:30 Jesse totally misunderstands Smile Train

14:00 Jimmy’s Facebook

15:30 Hans and Franz

16:30 Top donors: Kane Prestwood (spelling?) and Dan Christensen

17:30 The pride of Jimmy’s dad

19:30 “Get a grip!” on Santa Cruz public access television

21:00 Andrew Koenig’s hair

21:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Hair

22:00 There’s the 20 minute mark!

22:30 Carlos Santana sightings

24:15 Breaking news about Tiger Woods

25:00 Matt finishes a sentence with a noise

25:30 Tiger’s 911 call

27:30 Shhhhhhhh! There’s golf on TV!

29:00 “I just pulled a muscle in my neck.”

29:30 Signs of insanity

30:00 Web anonymity = “boobs!”

32:00 Guy vs. Mammoth

33:00 Matt is more tired than during the Pardcast-a-thon

34:00 Jimmy’s post-marathon marathon

35:00 The 70s on VH1

36:30 Jimmy and Jesse’s overlapping musical tastes

37:00 A Johnny Cash situation

37:30 What’s in a greenie?

38:45 Matt’s jealousy over Jimmy’s dad

39:45 Iron John

40:30 Jimmy’s imaginary drum set

41:00 More overlapping music

42:00 Sing along with Jimmy: Cherish and Jungle Boogie

43:00 Manhattan Transfer

43:30 Matt as Steven Wright

44:15 Gene Simmons’ checkered past on public radio

48:00 Limeys

49:00 Emily Post

49:45 Matt’s sister’s anachronistic birthday gift

51:30 Dean & Deluca

53:00 Matt as Roger Rabbit

54:00 Jesse is outta here!

54:30 Soggy donut break

54:45 Jimmy and Jesse as Dean and Deluca, the two galoots

55:30 Put This On

57:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Forever in Blue Jeans

58:00 Sing Along with Jimmy: Rock On

58:30 Some kinda weird-ass pocket-related finger jamming happened during the break

1:00:00 MaxFunCon is like a bath in love

1:02:30 Jesse apologizes for Jordan dropping trou

1:04:45 Jesse’s secret life exposed!

1:05:30 Inappropriate talk about “the old lady”

1:08:45 “Feathering your bangs”

1:09:30 Upselling at the record store

1:10:30 BB gun, lethal weapon?

1:11:00 Sing Along with Jimmy: Will the Circle Be Unbroken

1:11:30 Sing Along with Jimmy: I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me

1:12:20 Sing Along with Jimmy: Controversy

1:13:00 What Jesse did on the break

1:13:10 Sing Along with Jimmy: I Wanna Be Your Lover

1:13:45 Sing Along with Jimmy: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

1:14:30 Sing Along with Jimmy: Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)

1:15:30 To the person who sent the scatological Stupid Question of the Week: What show do you think you’re writing to?

1:16:00 Dean & Deluca & Jackie

1:17:30 Stupid Question of the Week: J.P. Spaulding: What suit do you want to be buried in?

1:20:45 Sing Along with Jimmy (and Matt): Grease Lightning

1:22:30 Use your will to call some shots

1:25:00 “We might get sued for how much music we do”

1:25:30 Take-out tipping

1:29:30 Jimmy has been chosen by God

1:32:00 Hotel tipping awkwardness

1:34:00 “This has turned ugly”

1:35:00 “This has been a real fuck-fest”

Onnnn the podcast!

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