606 – Todd Levin

Released 11/25/2009

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Intro:  The Devil Went Down to Georgia, right outta the box! Matt: “You talk about that song more than your children.”

1:30 Charlie Daniels: “Respect the president!”

2:30 Sing along with Jimmy: We Didn’t Start the Fire (Billy Joel)

2:45 Billy Joel on the podcast?

3:00 Andrew has a kerchief in his shirt, doing a sketch about eating lunch

3:30 Todd Levin made Jimmy feel comfortable on the Tonight Show

Todd Levin

5:00 “Just throw a topic on the table!”

5:30 Fire on the freeway on the way in

6:15 Todd lies about growing up in New York

6:45 How Todd deals with marital discord

7:45 Todd’s wife keeps him honest, at the expense of humor

8:30 Rest stops on the freeway

9:15 Jimmy’s same-sex, rest-area proposition from a lumberjack [pardostory]

10:45 Todd’s rest-area panhandling experience

11:30 “I’m talkin’ to you like a gentleman!” [pardostory]

12:45 Jimmy’s work-arrival habits

13:15 Todd’s Tonight Show weight gain

15:00 Does Todd’s Late Night hiring carry over to the Tonight Show?

16:00 Todd just got over his fear of being fired any day (Thank God!)

16:30 Todd’s brother checks on his work production

18:15 Todd’s brother: probation officer, and juvenile delinquent

19:00 The Connelly Brothers in jean jackets

21:00 What is a comptroller, and why do they need an office?

22:15 Tethered remote-control cars: pathetic

23:30 Todd’s brother understands the criminal mind

25:00 The Connellys are a fiery bunch

26:oo Sucky performance for fireman

26:45 Firemen love chicken wings, at least on Top Chef

28:30 Getting ahead on Top Chef by making mom-food

29:00 If push comes to shove, Jimmy might like mac & cheese

29:30 Jimmy’s got red flags on the Connellys and staying in touch with brothers

30:15 Matt rats out his smoking third grade friends

31:30 “You can’t tether the Connellys”

32:00 Prophecies for Jimmy’s 20 year high school reunion

33:00 Names you only hear in school

33:30 Buried, urine-filled, beer bottle for an ex-girlfriend

36:00 Peeing is a private matter

37:00 Mr. Roper!

37:15 Matt and Todd bond over common local TV stars

39:15 Break time for parking meters and Twixy-Twix

40:15 Turkey leftovers in a 7-11 sandwich

40:45 Controversy erupts over the center bread in a Big Mac or club sandwich

41:45 Food innovations of Pizza Hut

42:15 The Jim Breuer Pizza Hut Hour

43:30 Jimmy hates a self-made leftover sammich

45:30 Jimmy Buffet

46:00 Eating out every night can ruin the magic

47:00 Jimmy’s shoutout to Todd’s parents

48:00 Todd’s parents suffer from… Disney fandom

50:30 Todd’s dad flips out in Disney regalia

53:30 Todd’s affectionate father

56:00 Todd Levin: family tour guide

57:15 Housing family during visits

59:00 Jimmy likes people!

59:30 No Disneyland or rental car

1:00:30 Walking around The Grove

1:01:00 Flash-mob dance at The Grove: fun or inconvenience?

1:02:00 Enduring second hand smoke

1:03:30 Jimmy lives at the airport

1:04:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Let’s Go (The Cars)

1:04:45 Jimmy and Danielle get the H1N1 vaccine

1:06:00 Andrew’s “big orgasm” Twitter

1:06:15 Racial profiling for H1N1 vaccine

1:07:15 Swine flu vs. whine flu

1:07:45 Todd’s old Hollywood story about Carol Channing

1:08:30 Matt is a horrible father

1:09:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend (Carol Channing)

1:09:45 Sing along with Jimmy: Coffee in a Cardboard Cup (Mandy Patinkin)

1:10:00 Crime shows

1:10:30  Extreme Home Makeover: “This is what you call garbage TV”

1:11:30 Reality show artifice

1:12:45 Jimmy thanks Thadra Chapman (spelling correction welcome) for the soap holder

1:13:45 Cat declawing vs. abortion

1:15:30 Jimmy has the best overheard-in-passing story ever, if only he could remember it

1:16:30 Judge Jimmy: Should you dress like a gentleman for jury duty?

1:26:30 “Don’t you know a clown can get away with murder?”

1:27:00 Dharma and Greg crashes into Criminal Minds

1:27:30 Who cares what Jimmy thinks about Jenna Elfman

1:28:30 Todd Levin is welcome to… [Jimmy almost breaks a rule!]

1:29:15 Time zones and TV show air times

1:30:00 Marriage Laws

1:30:00 Plug: The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (Hmm, no link available!)

1:31:00 Jimmy stalls to hit the 1:30 mark

Oooon da podcup!


  • luke

    Jerk, I spit out my low carbonation monster drink on some important work papers, when I saw that Mr Roper icon. By important work papers I mean an on-line coupon I printed out for a dollar off any sandwich at Burger King. Take notes Leanna this is how it’s done.