613 – Jordan Morris

Release date 1/20/2010

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Intro: Unlucky 13 in the episode number. The bad luck episode. Possibly SABOTAGE! The Brittany Murphy “fiasco” and the NNF Death Curse.

3:00 Jimmy lashes out at Jordan for jumping the gun

3:30 What Andrew is eating: Guacamole!

4:30 Tardy Tracksuit Matt

5:15 Jordan and his ill-fitting promotional underpants

7:00 The male demographic of Fuel

9:00 Action sports!

11:00 Basketball world champions, the Harlem Globetrotters

12:00 Sketchfest recap and plugging the Primo

12:30 Jimmy’s meniscus trouble and E.R. visit with Jordan Morris in the Pat Francis role

19:30 Medical advice from Robin Williams at Sketchfest

29:00 Being stalked by the Pat-parazzi.

31:00 Jimmy’s Emergency room antics / insurance talk

38:30 The many-layered Robin Williams

39:00 Lifehouse and Roseanne Cash on Conan

41:30 Conan’s rally in the rain

43:00 Mediocrity vs. innovation in late night television

46:00 Let’s get back to the Fuel viewers

46:30 Jimmy’s extremely selective fast food boycott

48:00 Jordan’s McDonald’s audition waiting room experience

50:30 Big Mac Snack Wrap / McRib

54:00 Rosie and her blog poetry

55:00 The sad truth about “Tila chatter”

57:30 Break

57:45 Jordan does not stink in this episode!

58:00 Boating and driving on rainy streets

1:00:00 The origins of John Fogerty (including a medley!)

1:01:00 The most thrilling synchronization of clocks you will ever hear

1:o2:00 The Cajun area of Berkley

(Cick for a larger view)

1:04:00 J.P. Spaulding’s “hot sandwich” protest poster

1:05:00 Dave Foley and the new Kids in the Hall project

1:06:00 MaxFunCon 2 is coming soon!

1:08:00 Jimmy Pardo: Child Artist

1:08:30 Jordan’s theory of the origins of corny dads

1:10:00 Live hot dog ordering via text

1:11:30 New Year’s resolutions

1:13:30 Jimmy is frustrated with his “text machine”

1:17:00 Jimmy threatens self-harm, but Siegel’s hot dogs might save him

1:18:30 Accidental Wing Street hot wings from Pizza Hut

1:19:30 Breaking the McDonald’s boycott

1:20:30 Matt Pinfield’s Alternate Seagulls

1:21:00 The “pleasures” of base jumping

1:21:30 What’s the deal with this fictional thing I just made up?

1:22:15 MTV’s Kennedy, close personal friend of Jimmy

1:23:30 Annoying talk radio instead of your friends’ high quality podcasts

1:27:00 Judge Jimmy! Matt King: Listening to iPod in public: acceptable or inconsiderate?

1:33:00 The beauty of podcasting

1:34:30 Plugs: Jordan Jesse Go!, Fuel, Pardcast-a-thon, MaxFunCon

Ooonnnnn the podcast!


  • Joseph

    Wow matt looks different in that clip compared to the NNF feed

  • JP Spaulding

    And I also approve of this episode break down because I am mentioned yet again. Weird coincidence that my name was brought up on The Jordan and Jesse episodes. I’m really into me right now if you cant tell, fame is a drug people, no matter how small the quantity.