619 – Pat Francis

Released 3/17/2010

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Intro: We are back! Jimmy is being attacked by a torna-no of cords.

1:50 Matt says “frello!”

2:05 Pat says “what’s out!”

2:30 Eliot Hochberg from High-mountain.com is in for Andrew, who has relocated

2:45 It’s time to be funny

3:30 “Pat you know my doctor…”

4:15 Andrew’s memorial video will not be made public

Pat Francis

4:45 Heartfelt thanks for all the emails and messages

5:15 A celebration of Andrew’s life, featuring a sincere but long-winded guest

6:00 The service was one of Jimmy’s best sets

7:30 “Danielle’s husband… what’s your name again? We’ve never met.”

8:00 The first interracial kiss on a game show

10:30 The story of Jimmy’s life: no one knows who he is

10:45 Pat gets reprimanded on-air for skipping work

12:00 Never Not Funny will be at Bridgetown Comedy Festival

13:00 Oregon is our 43rd state. Isn’t it?

13:15 Eliot needs to raise his hand before speaking

13:30 Sitcoms with “Hello” or “Yes” in the title

14:00 Where’s our intern?

14:30 The ladies of The Marriage Ref

15:15 Rudy Giuliani says it’s OK to be funny

15:45 Why does that blind guy wander around?

16:30 Pat thinks Taylor has a nice body

16:40 Sing along with Jimmy: Touch Me (I Wanna Feel Your Body) (Samantha Fox)

17:00 Wearwolf… what do werewolves wear?

17:15 Never Not Funny will be at MaxFunCon

17:45 Is Eliot eating interesting odd food in honor of Andrew?

19:00 Paul Gilmartin’s aching back and buffet megaphone

21:40 619, the Steely Dan / Hardcastle episode

22:45 Pat will make Matt a Steely Dan mixtape

22:50 Sing along with Jimmy: Hey Nineteen (Steely Dan)

23:00 Sing along with Jimmy: My Old School (Steely Dan)

23:10 Sing along with Jimmy: Ricky Don’t Lose That Number (Steely Dan)

23:45 Famous bands shouldn’t play covers

25:00 Jimmy’s gripping radio station story

25:30 Jimmy obsessed over buying a TV for the last 3 weeks

26:00 Jimmy is currently obsessing over buying a TV stand

28:15 Zoe has the Elmo equation all figured out

28:30 Stick it in! The DVD, I mean

30:15 Sing along with Jimmy: The Lights are On (Wha???? Can the intern please track down what song this is supposed to be?)

30:30 New dishwashing aid for the ladies

31:00 The quality of SNL through the years

32:30 Set-building and sketch quality on SNL

34:00 Jimmy threatens another microphone-throwing fit

34:30 Reality show teasers

35:30 Celebrity Apprentice: boring or not?

36:30 Pat explains how to watch Celebrity Apprentice

38:30 “Ass on the street, Robinson Peete!”

39:00 Pat’s favorite Celebrity Apprentice moment

39:45 Pat might live-Tweet Celebrity Apprentice

41:15 Jimmy needs an academic tree from Matt

Pat Francis as Starchild

42:00 “Chin up” vs. “suck it up”

42:15 Jake Steinfeld

42:45 We can’t talk about how much Jimmy hates The M******* R**

43:30 Overproduced, fake videos

44:15 Smokey butts

44:30 Clamoring for Pat

45:00 The success of Dear Starchild

46:30 Sign up on the Facebook Jimmy Pardo Fan Page and the Never Not Funny Fan Page

48:45 Pat is not going to give Ian a shout-out!

50:00 Sing along with Jimmy: Who’s Zoomin’ Who (Aretha Franklin)

50:45 Bob Costas on She-Bop

51:45 Why doesn’t anyone care about the space program?

52:15 The Great Tang Controversy of 2010

53:00 Jimmy is in this month’s Maxim magazine

53:30 Pat booked a gig at The Inn of the Seventh Ray

54:30 Jimmy’s elaborate rules for a contest at The Grove

55:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Luck Be a Lady Tonight (Frank Sinatra)

55:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Three Coins the Fountain (Frank Sinatra)

56:00 Teasing a Jackson Browne story

57:00 Matt’s irrational hatred of Jackson Browne

58:00 Break time!

58:55 Jimmy Pardo from the internet and television

59:15 What if Jimmy put his CNN appearance on his reel?

59:30 Could Jimmy do Red Eye?

1:00:45 A riveting tale of fruit gum

1:01:15 Sing along with Jimmy: More Than You Deserve (Meat Loaf)

Jackson Browne's hair (and Jackson Browne)

1:01:30 Matt went to college with everyone

1:02:15 Why does Matt hate Jackson Browne?

1:02:45 Sing along with Jimmy: You’re a Friend of Mine (Clarence Clemmons and Jackson Browne)

1:03:00 Jackson Browne’s hair

1:03:30 Pat sings The Three Stooges alphabet song (Warning, watching the above video will result in the world’s most annoying song getting stuck in your head forever.)

1:04:00 Pat grew up in the ’30s with The Three Stooges

1:05:00 Jackson Browne, the Jack Johnson of the ’70s

1:05:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Somebody’s Baby (Jackson Browne)

1:05:25 Sing along with Jimmy: Lives in the Balance (Jackson Browne)

1:06:00 Favorite post-Beatles Paul McCartney songs

1:06:45 John Lennon, writer of clunkers?

1:07:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Band on the Run (Paul McCartney and Wings)

1:07:45 George Harrison and Cloud Nine

1:08:30 Remind me what Jimmy was doing in the record store…

1:09:30 Pat’s history of stalking Jackson Browne

1:09:45 Sing along with Jimmy: Bad Blood (Neil Sedaka with Elton John)

1:10:00 Here begins the Epic Saga of the Man with the Yellow Bag

1:13:55 Sing along with Jimmy: Don’t Do Me Like That (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

1:16:30 Pat meets his doppleganger

1:19:20 Star Search singer Sam Harris and Over the Rainbow

1:20:00 James Brown vs. Jackson Browne

1:20:30 Jackson Browne plays with the Watkins Family

1:21:30 The stalking begins

1:23:40 The stalker becomes the stalkee

1:24:15 Pat doesn’t mind saying he did it, he just doesn’t want to be caught doing it

1:29:30 A winning shot at the buzzer!

1:30:15 Eliot seems to have stalking experience

1:31:15 The Rosie/Trump feud

1:32:45 What to replace the yellow bag with?

1:33:30 We’re back!

Ooonnnn the podcast!


  • Wow… Darryl has nothing to do and we love it!!

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  • Sheala

    Dude, You Rock.

    • Thanks Sheala! I’m glad you like it.

      I shall try to continue doing this “rock” thing that you seem to think I am doing!

  • JBel

    This is so great. I just love how you set it up for us to actually listen to the episode to understand whats going on. Is this how we can lure free feeds to go Primo? Either way, great site Darryl, good visuals and I can finally see the Yellow Bag that makes it so bad.

    • Thanks tons, JBel!

      You’ve caught on to part of my scheme! I’m trying to make the notes entertaining in themselves, plus interesting to those who have heard the whole episode, but also intriguing enough to maybe encourage a few non-Primos to wonder what they are missing.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I really want the notes to help people get even more enjoyment out of the show.

  • Mark

    Just wanted to echo all of the other comments on this site – Darryl, you’re doing an amazing job with these! I love listening to the episodes again with your show notes in front of me so I can catch all the stuff. Makes me sound like a total nerd, I know, haha. Thanks again for this site, keep up the good work!