Primo Bonus Episode: SF Sketchfest 2010

Release date 1/17/2010 message board for this episode.

Intro: San Franisco Sketch-frest! 1500-1600 people in the theater! Or maybe 178.

2:15 Sing along with Jimmy: What’s the Matter with Kids Today?

2:30 Outing Paul Lynde

2:45 Pat tries to upgrade someone to reserved seats

3:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Taxi by Harry Chapin

3:30 Jimmy is clockless

4:15 Jimmy is a comedy wiz!

4:45 “I’m gonna go get that clock!”

5:45 For those who don’t know what just happened…

7:00 Pat’s AIDS-bearing clock

8:00 Tim Roth gets handled at the airport

11:45 If you’re blogging the show notes, the segue is “Speaking of clocks…”

13:45 Pat has secret knowledge about Jimmy’s old bathroom clock

16:00 Pat’s danger-pranks!

17:00 Jimmy the plant killer

18:15 Substance usage history

21:15 “Speaking of noses…”

21:30 Non-fans in the audience

22:30 Mocking Pilar

23:00 “Wheels” Dodson does object-work

25:30 Photo-op with Sarah Palin

30:30 Lilly loves Jimmy!

33:00 The real reason for Palin’s entourage

33:15 At the end of the day, you do the math, monkey see monkey do

34:00 Pat wants to go balls-out

35:45 Doug Benson’s cameo

36:30 Relax, enjoy, breathe

37:00 Pat further defines balls-out

38:00 The logistics of live shows

39:15 “Speaking of Matt Belknap…”

40:00 Creepy Wii

45:00 Uncle Pat’s baby massage

47:30 Belknap’s Polling Service

48:45 (Not so) Obvious Trivia: eBay stands for Echo Bay

49:00 Pat, the eBay shill

58:3o Fourth Chair Dave Foley

59:30 Jimmy and Dave meet because of Andy Kindler and a weasel

1:02:00 Downtown Divorced Dave

1:05:00 Newsradio memories

1:06:00 Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, and a turn toward the dark side

1:08:45 Candy’s dream about Dave

1:11:00 Lovitz on Newsradio

1:12:00 Time plus tragedy equals this

1:13:00 Kids in the Hall mini-series

1:16:00 Stupid Question of the Week: For a thousand dollars, do you bulldog-clip your penis?

1:18:00 Rush: Canada’s favorite band, and friends of Dave Foley

1:24:00 One last story about Phil Hartman

Ooonnnn the podcast!