616 – Graham Elwood

Release date 2/10/2010

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Time stamps are approximate and taken from the audio version of the show.

Introduction: Andrew is bearded, and once again shadowed by Eliot.

2:45 Jimmy’s update on Matt’s hair

3:30 Comedy Film Nerds

4:30 Trash talk about Ansel Adams, right outta the box!

6:30 Neil Young: Gay Lust and Live Rust

7:30 Never Not Funny needs an intern

8:30 Matt mis-sings Pants on the Ground

9:00 Irish Neil Young

10:00 Time to mock the fans

11:30 Matt’s rusty weinie

12:00 Water Displacement, 40th try

16:00 Hari-Kari / Harry Caray

21:00 Paul F. Tompkins is Will Ferrell as Harry Caray!

27:30 Jimmy’s knee surgery for Danielle’s birthday

29:00 Celebate!

30:30 Book of Eli: Beyond Thunderdome

34:00 Jimmy’s profound, profane, extreme anger toward Avatar

46:30 (500) Days (of) Sum(mer)

49:00 Sing along with Jimmy: Summer Breeze

50:00 Harry Caray (reprise)

52:00 Matt gets fired! But Obama Water gives hope.

53:30 Break

54:30 Jimmy’s in pain and out of it

55:30 Zack and Cody at sea

56:00 Graham Elwood: Pirate Hunter (featuring Tiger Woods)

1:04:00 Graham kills the podcast

1:05:30 Beatbox!

1:06:00 This is the dumbest show

1:07:00 Graham, Bond villian extraordinairre

1:08:00 Jimmy on Cram

1:10:30 Judge Jimmy! Can you wear the same shirt twice within a single, full, non-holiday work week?

1:20:00 Graham Elwood: Skateboard Superman!

1:23:30 Graham still likes the bus. Suck it Dan Koenig!

1:25:45 The Devil Went Down to Georgia!

1:26:00 Koreatown Sizzler mistaken identity

1:28:00 Graham is shocked at J.D. Salinger’s untimely passing

1:29:00 Get a free copy of Graham’s CD: The Comedian’s Got a Boo-Boo, if you’re the first one to ask him to sign a can of WD-40.

1:30:00 Matt plugs AST Records’ release of Kyle Kinane’s Death of the Party; Graham plugs Comedy Film Nerds.com.

1:32:00 The Pyramid Game

Oooonnnnn…………………………..potato salad.