Episode 426 – Paul F. Tompkins

Released 4/1/2009

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Intro: This is NOT episode 226! Sing along with Jimmy, right outta the box! I Wanna Go Back (Eddie Money)

2:15 Danielle “drove back” to the studio for the beginning of this episode to thank the listeners (including Heidi Stewart) for gifts

4:00 Jimmy is wearing his therapy-day shirt, the same shirt he wore “last week”

4:30 Paul is very patient and silent while Jimmy indulges in clock-talk during the intro

Paul F. Tompkins

5:30 “That was interminable!”

5:45 Talking to seat-mates on a plane

6:45 You CAN judge a book by its cover

7:45 Jimmy’s back-hurtin’, ice-pack-sittin’, talkin’, hintin’, surgery-havin’, seat-mate

15:45 Dr. Tatoff

16:30 Tower Video, Kneeling busses and elephant graveyards

19:00 Paul’s day job

20:00 Paul and Jimmy were drunk under different circumstances

21:00 Able-bodied wheelchair user

21:30 Toad the Wet Sprocket vs. Spin Doctors in a chicken fight

22:30 Francine Dancer

Francine Dancer

24:00 Matt and Jimmy’s Pre-school Panic cult membership

26:15 Re-introducing Paul F. Tompkins

30:00 Paul’s tiredness and sleep schedule

30:45 Paul has strong opinions about Cadbury Eggs

32:15 Andrew suggests that Paul make his own candy egg (perhaps in a bathtub)

33:30 Bathtub Gin Blossoms

34:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Hey Jealousy / Allison Road (Gin Blossoms)

35:00 Uncomfortable suicide talk

35:45 Paul’s work day as on-air talent and producer

37:30 Time to mock the listener

37:45 Paul makes mocking faces, oblivious to the cameras capturing his expression

Body language

38:10 “You know what I thought that was? A big stick bug.”

39:00 Life with Chuck Nice

40:30 Sizz-mergency!

41:30 Quincy says “Maybe it was murrrder!!!”

42:15 Andrew’s problem with Medium

43:00 Why don’t people in movies listen to the experts?

45:00 Randy Quaid, Johnny Quest, Tron, and the Bridges

47:00 How many Hitlers in the phone book?

48:00 Vic Hitler, Jr.: narcoleptic stand-up comedian

49:00 Matt clunks it up

49:30 Frunions and Mrunchos

50:00 The cast of Hill Street Blues

51:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Der Kommissar (After the Fire, featuring Falco)

51:30 Andrew greets Malcolm McDowell

54:00 Matt and Jeff Goldblum

54:45 Break time!

55:15 End-of-season stress threatens to destroy relationships

56:00 Jimmy reads autograph seeking Russian e-mail: “I am proud of you, and you for me.”

56:30 Andrew: “He copied that letter off a t-shirt in Japan.”

57:45 International mail and phone calls

58:30 Matt explains telephone technology

59:00 Paul’s New York domicile

Armisen / Paterson

59:45 Brutal New York winter

1:00:30 Fred Armisen as David Paterson
1:03:15 The deaf guy on Amazing Race: “Gross.”

1:03:45 Clap-along time!

1:04:00 Sinister deaf guy

1:08:00 The Cult and The Divinyls

1:08:45 Rip Taylor sings!

1:09:00 “You guys seem tired.”

1:09:45 Flying with Billy Bush

1:11:45 “Excuse me, aren’t you Mr. Hutchinson from Best Week Ever?”

1:16:00 Andrew is forbidden from using the word “pud” again

1:18:00 “Welcome to Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins, I’m your host, Mr. Hutchinson.”

1:19:00 Dropping out of high school vs. dropping out of college

1:20:00 Stupid Question of the Week: Brian Bieber, Sioux Fall, SD: What is your most irrational fear?

1:22:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Cruel to be Kind (Nick Lowe)

1:26:00 Why is The Octomom being covered by the Show Biz reporter?

1:28:30 Paul needs to get his friends on Twitter

1:29:30 Matt channels the spirit of Pat Francis

1:31:30 Imaginary people during the UCB show that didn’t happen yet

1:32:00 Los Angeles misses PFT

1:33:30 Matt’s sister loves PFT’s Letters to Magazine

1:34:00 Jimmy recaps the season

1:35:30 Season 5 might not happen! Sign up and find out!

1:36:45 On behalf of Matt Belknap – Johnny Clunkafuck

Oonnnn the podcast!

1:37:15 How to sign up for season 5