614 – Mike Siegel

Release date 1/27/2010

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Intro: Be careful out there everybody. Disaster can happen at any time, any place.

2:00 Andrew: Avacado, Jimmy!

2:30 Matt has a gorgeous new haircut from a hipster, tacklebox barber

4:00 Jimmy has strong feelings about hair gelatin

5:30 It’s been a while, but he’s back in style: Mike Siegel!

6:30 Mike’s cable TV credits

7:30 Superbowl with The Who

9:30 Siegel and Gilmartin: basic cable survivors

10:00 Impressive tech at Never Not Funny Studios

11:00 Surrounded by great hair

12:00 Rickrolled!

12:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Rick Astley medley

13:30 Lincoln Mall memories

16:30 Dead Malls website

17:30 Sears, your one-stop shop

20:30 Lincoln Mall’s biggest flaw

23:30 How to avoid getting fired

26:00 Camping out for tickets

29:30 Jimmy gets bummed out. No pun intended.

30:00 A passage to India

33:00 Handholding among dudes in India

35:00 American women: ogling allowed

37:00 Posing for photos for the locals

38:30 Eating habits abroad

40:30 Cricket: soccer with handles

43:00 Accommodations in India

45:00 Slumdog Millionaire

46:30 Jimmy has some free time coming up

47:00 Golden Globes with Gervais

54:00 Drew Barrymore’s migrating mouth

57:00 Break time!

57:15 Crisp and clear post-rain weather

58:00 Richter Clapper Fitzer Waxler

59:30 Men: Don’t fear the checkup

1:00:00 The Handy J Car Wash

1:02:00 Stevie Wonder or Paul McCartney

1:03:30 Moratorium on the b-word

1:06:15 New windows for the Pardo house

1:07:30 Videotaped evidence of suck

1:10:00 Comedy at the Taco Bell drive through

1:12:00 Marathon Mike!

1:16:30 Mike’s photo finish

1:21:00 If the Biggest Loser can do it, why can’t Jimmy?

1:23:00 Signing the Conan wall

1:24:30 Glee’s Golden Globe

1:25:30 Stupid Question of the Week! Mike Yoder: How many states have you lived in for at least 6 months? If you had to leave your current state, where would you go?

1:28:30 Jimmy’s failing memory

1:29:30 The Hats of San Francisco

1:34:00 Nobody wants to leave LA

Oooonnnnn the podcast! (With a nice bed of mouth-horns.)