Episode 525 – Rachel Quaintance

Released 9/30/2009

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Intro: Hot on the mic! Rachel pipes in to make sure everyone noticed she wasn’t talking until introduced.

1:45 Rachel and Jimmy: piecing blue eyes “R” us

2:30 Sing along with Jimmy: You Make My Dreams (Hall and Oates)

Rachel Quaintance

2:45 500 (Day)s of Summ(er)

3:30 Matt Belknap: T-shirt marketeer extraordinaire

3:45 (rachelquaintanceishere)

4:00 Folding dingy t-shirts

5:00 Rachel’s “audition shirt” saga

7:30 Chinese vs. Korean Orientals

8:15 Obvious Trivia: Did you know a black guy played Jar-Jar Binks?

9:15 Traffic altercations

11:30 Don’t badmouth people in the crosswalk!

13:00 Rachel’s big fat giant baby

14:30 Movies at Our House: the Woodstock connection

15:45 Sing (?) along with Jimmy: In the Mood (Glenn Miller Orchestra)

16:15 Every man’s fantasy: Rachel shouting in her sexy Volvo

16:45 Rachel’s voiceover audition

17:00 Jimmy’s weirdass burp/yawn

17:45 Andrew looks high, man

Neil Patrick Harris

18:00 The Emmys

20:45 Matt somehow ends up in an argument with himself

21:45 Neil Patrick Harris and his classy old-school vibe

23:00 Non-celebrity celebrities

24:30 Jimmy recaps his mic-throwing incident

25:45 Jimmy’s diva-like on-set tantrum on Movies at Our House

27:45 Andrew’s agent calls!

30:15 “Allan… come in here!”

32:00 Actor’s tantrums are sometimes understandable

33:00 Movies at Our House: the greatest gig in the world

34:00 Sarah Silverman has an opinion about Rachel’s baby

35:00 The motion picture preferences of Rachel’s children

36:00 “Matt is not feeling me today”

36:15 Rachel’s 7-up audition

37:15 Hybrids on hills

37:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)

37:45 Do hybrid batteries “go into your baby”?

39:30 Matt is exahusted

40:45 Jimmy’s new house

42:00 L.A. house prices

42:15 “At the end of the day” moratorium

42:45 Rachel’s in-laws

43:45 Andrew (on mic!) talks about the upcoming “tops and bottoms” video

44:00 Jimmy’s bad-mouthing, caught on camera!

45:00 Matt explains gossip

45:30 Mom or Rachel?

53:30 Rachel is the female Louis C.K.

54:00 It’s OK to not like some kids

55:00 Hugs from “Schweet-heart”

56:45 Fargo, North Dakota: Land of Racial Diversity

58:00 Jimmy calls dibs on whatever snack Matt gets on break

58:15 Jimmy’s life has been ruined by Monster addiction

58:30 Rachel is a hyperactive, annoying, asshole

59:00 The Monster Drink refrigerator debacle

59:30 Rachel the Waitress and L.L. Cool J.

1:00:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Goin’ Back to Cali (L.L. Cool J.)

1:01:00 Break time!

1:01:30 Matt and Jimmy wolfed down their break snacks

1:02:00 Sing along with Jimmy: I Got the Music in Me (Kiki Dee)

1:02:30 Jimmy’s stomach has issues

1:02:45 Jimmy’s crush on the hockey rink girl

1:05:30 Love among age differences

1:06:30 Rachel lays down the law: no premarital frenching

1:06:45 Jimmy lays down the law: frenching in 6th grade

1:07:30 Babysitter crushes

1:08:00 Balwin vs. Lowe in the Handsome Finals

1:08:30 Sing along with Jimmy: I Feel Pretty (West Side Story)

1:09:30 Before the record store, there was Jimmy’s Garage

1:10:15 What happened when Jimmy was 17?

1:10:45 Sing along with Jimmy: Seventeen (Winger)

1:12:00 Matt’s Facebook time machine

1:12:30 F-word hypnosis

1:13:15 “I think my mommy…” (Jimmy’s spectacular simultaneous imitation of Yoda, Grover, Louie Armstrong, and Fat Albert)

1:14:30 Jimmy gets caught in the (solo) act

1:15:30 Don’t talk to your son about masturbation!

1:16:15 The sex-partner database

1:16:30 Rachel’s feedback on the coolness of record stores

1:17:45 M-m-m-m-m-y  G-g-g-g-generation

1:19:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Rock the Casbah (The Clash)

1:19:30 Rachel’s music knowledge

1:19:45 Musicals

1:21:15 Rachel Quaintance: sexy sounding song and dance lady

1:21:45 Sing along with Jimmy: I Wanna Sex You Up (Color Me Badd)

1:22:15 Judge Jimmy: Adam Leibowitz: Giving away your award: gracious or arrogant?

1:28:30 How to subscribe to season 6 for free video!

I’m Jimmy Pardo. Adieu.