Episode 511 – Todd Glass

In exclusive

format (which is used when I can’t take note of episode times)

Released June 23, 2009

Jimmy Jam – Flavor Flav’s cousin?

Andrew Koenig seems like someone who would be open to taking an herb instead of Robitussin

Generic vs. brand names

Fluff Fuck ‘n’ Fold

“I’ll take care of this with CASH!”

Shopping Mall massages and teeth whitening

Massage etiquette

Now we know what Todd’s Coma was all about!

Mount Rushmore: NOT a natural formation!

Puking on a plane

The air-hockey vs. Matt’s knuckles bet

Jimmy on Carolla’s BBQ podcast with Joel McHale

Andrew’s gradual move toward the podcasting action

Andrew’s mic should sound like a low-quality PA

Jimmy: not a man’s man

Carolla fans feedback about Jimmy

Jimmy may not be a fan of Comedy and Everything Else

Jimmy sees Todd enough already; no need to start hanging out

Todd is suddently sweating like crazy

Joel McHale’s short-joke

Jimmy can’t talk about his Chelsea Handler opinion

Calling out other comics

Andrew would confront evil people in public

Gotta (not) switch tapes, so it’s time for a break!

Episode 511, never forget

The “Confronting Evil” role-play with Todd and Andrew

Matt wants graphic descriptions online of sexual predators crimes, like jumping out of a bush naked

Jimmy tries to steer the talk away from creepiness

Marketing car dealers with a giant blow-up gorilla

Baby sign language

Progressive Insurance with Stephanie Courtney

Geico’s multiple ad campaigns

Gorillas are NOT monkeys!

Whale Wars, animal cruelty, and shark fin soup

Todd’s album Thin Pig is out

Jimmy recommends a $6 rental of a banner plane to promote Todd’s album

“Did we mention how nice it was to meet Darryl and his daughter at Lake Arrowhead?”

JUDGE JIMMY: Tin foil vs. Saran wrap (Thanks to Ross Drummond)

Todd defends foil / Matt defends Saran wrap, but in the end everyone agrees