923 – Gary Lucy


Released 11/07/11

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Starting with a start!

Jimmy’s goal: no eye contact, just camera contact

Jimmy bails, Matt is disappointed

A whole lotta Zep

Jimmy needs some jokes

Black Dog

Daphne’s Subpar Pizza

Hairway to Steven

Mangia Matt’s Restaurant Rundown

Why the Olive Garden hate?


Jimmy must have popping corn at the movies, even if he has eaten like an asshole all day

A Never Not Funny EXCLUSIVE  Text Transcript between Matt and Jimmy regarding Daphne’s Pizza

Oh. Wait. There is no place called “Daphne’s Pizza.”

Pizza talk

How are Eliot and Dan friends?

Dan and Eliot = Pinky and the Brain, according to Matt


Matt’s children’s parody songs and Mike Phirman

Gary Lucy, a font of immediate knowledge

Jimmy misremembers Matt’s initial impression of Tobasco Ears Danny Katz


Introducing The Entrepreneur (not The Barber) Matt Belknap

It has taken way to long to have Gary Lucy on the show!

Follow Gary on The Facing Book

Gary is about to burst from waiting to talk

Gary “Dennis Miller” Lucy

Gary doesn’t take offense that he has not been on Never Not Funny yet

Gary’s rejection by Mad TV


Gary’s hand-me-down story about Henry Winkler and Paul Lynde

Riffing on Paul Lynde

Let’s go back in time to discuss Nancy Grace’s nipslip

Jimmy (kind of) lists (sort of) Gary’s credits (vaguely)

Gary Lucy’s Munster Updates



Matt’s Munster review: “A frankenstein is not meant to be that emotive!”

Gary blows the lid off The Munsters

The Munsters vs. The Addams Family

The origins of the Addams Family


The Munsters / Oscar the Grouch mobius strip

Back to Nancy Grace

Dancing with the Stars may be Gary’s ticket out of unemployment

Illegal war vs. Clinton BJ: even Stevens!


Gary compliments Danielle’s moves, even though he may not have seen her dance

Appreciating dance

Bill Clinton: a shrimp and/or a fetal pig

Gary wants a Jimmy Pardo book

Jimmy wishes he kept a journal of his on-the-road standup days


Jimmy may write a book, but he needs startup money

Confederency of Dunces: funniest book Jimmy has read

Jimmy got to see elevator-button braille in use

Blind eye doctor

Gary’s record retailing experience (apparently no tail involved)


Love of Bon Jovi

80s hair

Jimmy’s Warehouse Rockers

Brad Zutaut

Masters of Reality: Conan’s favorite book

Two Hit Wonder: Year of the Cat and Time Passages by Al Stewart


Gary’s Emmy award-winning game show writing

What timepiece has the most moving parts? (Scroll to the bottom of this page for the answer. You’ll hate it.)

Who’s Still Standing with Ben Bailey starts soon: watch it!

You can’t stop Pat from being Pat


Jimmy’s guest shot on Never Not Funny presents Rock Solid

Matt wants Gary to call out Pat on his musical choices

The shaping of musical taste

Matt’s failed attempt at musical coolness

Lips like Sugar (Echo and the Bunnymen)



A very interesting break

Jimmy busts out a song

Zooey Daschanel – Adorkable!

Matt continues to push for controversy on Rock Solid


Gary’s learning to stand up for himself

Aerosmith’s stupid album cover visual puns

Zooey Daschanel – A triple threat!

Zooey’s singing career: She and Him

The Never Not Funny marriage death curse!!!!! Zooey and hubby split!!!


Drift Roberts is walking to Pardcastathon for Smile Train

KOME radio, why was it allowed?

The thrill is gone

Morgan Ensberg – “funny” former Astro

Jimmy loves firing former third basemen

Mike Schmidt should do sports radio

Gary drops the best Randy Jackson pun you’ll hear all year

Matt Belknap: low-functioning autistic

Gary wants to go back to popcorn

Old Man Jimmy was THERE when the price of gas went to $1.00


Gary was fired from Jack Klugman’s Jack’s Corn Crib for being nice

Gary shocks the room with his lack of popcorn love

Buy Jimmy a popcorn tin for Christmas

Somebody’s Watching Me


It’s a One-Matt-Band!

Nina and the Warriors at a Halloween talent show

Nina sings AC/DC

Gary has parental advice for KISS-lover Jimmy


Influencing your kids’ musical taste

Katy Perry

Missing Andrew Koenig now that Occupy Wall Street is happening

Petiole and Stinkfoot


Passing out flyers at Danielle’s one-woman show


Plugging Mark Leyner’s books

He Aint Heavy He’s My Brother

Jimmy will be seeing Evita with Bernadette Peters; divorce papers in hand

Everyone loves Amy Adams

Zoe Daschanel in Elf

Singing like it’s 1940

Adele is for real. FOR REAL, PEOPLE!

Tim Gunn shows up


Project Runways outtakes

Gary loses everyone with his Kevin Costner reference

Drift Roberts shoutouts

Facebook Gary and Rock Solid

AK-47 gone, not forgotten


In-studio notes by Dan Katz

Gary Lucy

0 – Jimmy’s doing this bit that he already hates. The guys talk about the food court at Target.

5 – Why are Dan and Eliot friends now?

10 – Jimmy and Matt talk about their historical meeting with Dan.

15 – Gary Lucy tells a great Paul Lynde story.

20 – Gary is pulling the lid off The Munsters.

25 – The guys delve deep into The Munsters.

30 – The guys talk about Dancing With The Stars.

35 – When is Jimmy gonna write his book?

40 – Jimmy and Gary both worked at record stores.

45 – Jimmy was once the boss of the younger brother of the star of Hardbodies 2.

50 –

55 –


0 –

5 –

10 –

(Dan, did you fall asleep?)


Told you you’d hate it.