920 – Jesse Thorn

In-studio notes by Dan Katz

0 – Jazzing it up early on NNF today. Bad Brokaw stops by twice. Jimmy smells like smoke ‘cause of the men’s room.

5 – Dan’s wearing a new ABBA shirt un-ironically. Jimmy got bad feedback from an ebay buyer.

10 – Jimmy’s almost done with the series Deadwood.

15 – Guest Jesse Thorn has a new son.

20 – Jimmy tell his Dakota story.

25 – Eliot doesn’t look like Ralph Fiennes.

30 – Cocaine talk. Steve Jobs got hit by the NNF curse.

35 – The guys dog on Harry Shearer.

40 – Jimmy overhears something amazing at Target and mentions Jack Lelane

45 – Jimmy overhears something amazing at the airport.

50 – Jesse’s friend John Hodgeman was told that the president of show business

55 – The guys argue about slang definitions for vagina and how much vagina is shown in playboy compared to other porno mags.

1:00 – the guys are angry about the guy who smokes in the bathroom.


0 – The guys have more nightmarish interactions with the bathroom smoker. Matt discusses retiring #23 when Michael Jordan dies.

5 – Jesse talks about his love for athletes doing crazy things.

10 – Jesse doesn’t support one of Matt’s jokes. Matt doesn’t support one of Jesse’s jokes. Eliot drops a “Novocain Of The Soul” pun that brings on the wrath.

15 – The guys talk about the tv show “227.”

20 – No one likes rock & roll anymore.

25 – The Jacksons are dissected.