921 – Moshe Kasher

In-studio notes by Dan Katz

0 – Jimmy’s clock wasn’t working today. Jimmy took a bunch of medicine today; made things worse. Jimmy does a Family Feud bit that Matt argues against the logic.

5 – Matt’s got a lot of gel in his hair. Someone mailed NNF a trophy.

10 – Jimmy yells at everyone for a while.

15 – 20: Jimmy goes over his history with guest Moshe Kasher.

25 – Moshe thought Nightmare Before Christmas was about the holocaust.

30 – Moshe pays Jimmy a huge compliment. Jimmy has a narrow head. Moshe has a book coming out.

35 – Moshe used to be a DJ and a ne’ever do well.

40 – Moshe has a new podcast.

45 – The guys talk about the pros and cons of stand-up. The guys talk Family Feud and Steve Harvey’s suits.

50 – Steve Harvey talk.

55 – Moshe dogs on the hare krishnas.


0 – The bathroom is in good shape. The guys talk about their final open mic days

5 – Jimmy brings up a painful memory from his teenage yrs. Moshe follows with a same-such story.

10 – 9/11 hurt James Woods’ career.

15 – The guys have problems with commercials

20 – The guys talk about She’s The Sheriff and Saved by The Bell.

25 – Matt heard the most Jewish name ever

30 – what is the worst comedy club name ever?