924 – Scott Aukerman




You already know everything about the episode, so why is Jimmy introducing it?

Relax, Triumph is probably not touring

Jimmy’s favorite newspaper: The Daylight Savings TImes

Gabors and Goulets

Jimmy wants a Robert Goulet pin

Jimmy changes his underwear in his car, risking jail


Jimmy is not helping his criminal defense

Sex offender laws

Jimmy probably broke laws in the 80s

Jimmy got hit on via greeting card


Going around the room

Eliot is well-shorn

Summer Breeze

Dan looks ridiculous in his OP shorts, purchased by Jimmy

The Administrator, Matt Belknap

Scott Aukerman has lost a lot of weight since his last visit, or maybe not

Scott is the fourth chair


Ashton Kutcher and Two and a Half Men

Finishing Scott’s intro

Adjusting to daylight savings time

Scott names that tune

Jimmy and Scott are the Comedy Bang Bang Jism twins

Booby batter / baby batter

Disallowed words

The T word


How to refer to Chaz Bono

Finally finishing Scott’s intro

Scott’s nickname for Matt: Cholesterol

Fun e-mail addresses and the olden days of online presence

Scott’s fake nickname: Jackson


Scott’s avante-garde sense of absurd humor got him in trouble in school

ECOSPHERE ’90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Playing poker to Rock With You


Scott’s performance school experience

Jimmy as a grown-up at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Jimmy as Groucho for the Jitterbug

Comedians want to control how they are laughed at


Jimmy wanted to be Michael J. Fox or the wacky neighbor

Why do Wolf Blitzer and Nancy Grace bother Jimmy?

Update on the Goulet pins on eBay

Why not give away something that you are throwing away anyway

Roger Waters’ The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking display

The Heat is On

Back to first email addresses


Matt’s love, or not, of Keyser Soze

Jimmy has X-Men on Blueray

Oliver’s current movie watching: Spooky Buddies

Quoting Caddyshack

Jackie Mason


JimShooter at webtv.net

Graham Elwood’s post-breakup movie advice: Forrest Gump

Scott gets post-breakup closure, 20 years later

Jimmy’s Book Club recommendation: I Want My MTV


Are bookstores in their last gasp

Jimmy’s eBay laptop sale

Condescending parental advice from strangers

Everyone should shut up, all the time

Ooonnnnnnn the podcast

AK-47 gone, not forgotten

Jimmy wants a fake freeze-frame ending


Fake ending, for real

Ooonnnnn….. the podcast

AK-47 gone, not forgotten













Jimmy is sure that was great on audio

AudioMime… great band name

Vitamin Water Zero

Jimmy’s investment advice




Welcome back, in three-part harmony

For the Longest Time

Jimmy is bidding on a Billy Joel shirt

Scott insists that Jimmy will love Billy Joel’s Goodnight My Angel

We all need to see the picture of Rainbow Bridge


Thanks to Jason K for the long-forgotten link to the photo.
(See comment below.)


Compliments all around

Alec Baldwin is slimming down

Cooz: allowed or not?

Black-talking white guys

Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad

Conan in New York City: funniest week of shows ever


Pitching a movie with handsome, talented, cool Stephen Dorff

Goodnight Sweetheart

Matt’s comedy-reviewing days as In Search of Sasquatch

Matt’s appearance and voice may have surprised some people


Calling out Matt from the stage

Mouthing Off  became Running Your Trap

For anyone who has not seen him, Matt is not a fat slob

Power Tip: if you wonder what someone looks like, you can find out on the internet


It’s been almost 10 years since the comedy world hated Matt

Matt’s overnighter tip: cargo pants are as comfortable as pajamas

Scott (AND ALL OF THE WORLD) needs to see Matt’s old reviews

Quitting showbiz

Jimmy calls Hollywood “The Kitchen”

Helping the younger comic

Scott’s baseball pool system: The George Costanza


Scott wants everyone to stop right now and accept Jesus into their hearts

Matt interrupts Scott’s spiritual moment to point out a couple on the balcony making out

(Did Matt interrupt, or was it really… SATAN?)

Play-by-play of the PDA

“This is the most fascinating four minutes of this show”

Matt’s mom is proud of him


Did Matt ask permission to marry Elise?

Who has seen oral sex in person?

“Every man that has ever been alive has gotten a blow job”

Jimmy tries to end on a laugh. And fails.

Matt wants to talk about asexuality

Scott wants to poll the fans about blow jobs

Write pardcast@gmail.com if you are 25 or older and not had a BJ


Pat’s Francis’s late-blooming loss of virginity

BJ before PIV?

Closing it up before it gets worse

AK-47 gone, not forgotten

In-studio notes by Dan Katz

0 – The listener already knows the information that Jimmy is saying out loud. Jimmy committed a sex crime because he was wearing really uncomfortable underwear.5 – Jimmy and the boys at the record shop would’ve gotten slapped with a sexual harassment suit, if they behaved today the way they did in the 80’s.10 – Dan has new shorts. Matt has a new nickname.15 – Jimmy and Scott guessed the word “jizzum” at the same time in a game on Scott’s show a few months ago.20 – The guys talk about your first email name. Scott made up a nickname “Jackson” when he was in acting school that everyone hated.25 – Scott talks about a ballet he participated in that got him kicked out of acting school.30 – Jimmy had similar experiences at the Academy of Dramatic Arts

35 – The guys talk about giving away cardboard cut-outs from the record store.

40 – Jimmy has X-Men: First Class on blu-ray.

45 – The guys are being tracked down by ex-girlfriends via facebook.

50 – Jimmy told off a lady on the escalator.

55 – The guys pretend to be frozen


0 – The guys talk about Billy Joel. Scott swears there is one Billy Joel song that Jimmy will like.

5 – Jimmy just got back from New York with Conan.

10 – The guys talk about Matt’s early days in the comedy scene.

15 – The guys talk about

20 – We should accept Jesus Christ into our hearts right now.

25 – There’s a sexy couple on a balcony outside.