922 – Pat Francis

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Intro: A trophy and an erection down low

Sweater-talk, fucknut!

Birthday hats: uncomfortable!

Knotted little-girl hair: painful!

ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man


Pat’s pitch-perfect Sharp Dressed Man guitar riff

Hector Salamanca

Breaking Bad and Gilligan’s Island (you figure out the connection)

Jimmy’s Eliot-insult surprised even himself

Pardcast-a-thon: SOLD OUT!

Here’s the Sharp Dressed Man riff: Weeeeooooo – weee woooo – weee-woo woooooooo!

Eliot has thumbs up but uncombed hair

Dan in a Miami Vice tee, Van’s, and short-shorts

Are those OPs? Yeah, you know me.


Jimmy wants to dress Dan

Matt recommends Jams shorts

Don’t jizz where ya eat

Fear of garbage disposals


Does Matt like his nickname of The Barber?

How did The Shooter become The Shooter?

Introducing Pat Francis: host of the popular podcast Never Not Funny Presents Rock Solid with Gary Lucy

Number as letters in titles

News update: Pat has a life!

Debate over the name of Pat’s podcast


What podcast does Jimmy listen to? Hint: not Pat’s

Beverly D’Angelo’s breasts

Let’s use this podcast to brainstorm Pat’s podcast

Dining at The Peach Pit

Back to ZZ Top…

The irony of the drummer’s name! (Covered by Obvious Trivia!)


Amy Grant

Bangles Binge

Acting: Tim McGraw vs Dwight Yoakum

Joni Mitchell and Big Yellow Taxi

Dan Katz eats dried seaweed


Why can’t he bring snacks I like?

Dice and Dice’s Lady show up

Jimmy cleans up Dice’s act for Oliver

Dice’s weightlifting clothes

Jimmy’s feet may not be public knowledge


Would Jimmy have Dice on the show?

Dice as Travolta

Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam’s Greatest Hits

Matt loves KDAY!

Dan Katz: The Processor!

Matt is not happy with his nickname

$10 in the jar from Pat (and previously owed by Jimmy)


Jimmy thinks last year’s Pardcast-a-thon started the planking trend

San Francisco’s KOME radio with Dennis Erectus

Jim Croce songs

Rapid Roy the Stockcar Boy

The decreasing cost of technology


Revisiting Jimmy’s bad eBay feedback

Pat is assuming he will be involved in Pardcast-a-thon

10cc’s I’m Not in Love – “Stay moist and quiet…”

Godley and Creme

Howie Mandel at the movies (This should have been a Celebrity Sighting! Come on, Pat!)

The prequel to The Thing


Tyler Perry talk

Back to Big boys don’t cry / Stay moist and quiet

James Spader and Pretty in Pink

Renny Zelweiger

Kenny Chesney. Gay?

Depending on how I write about this in the notes, it could be libel and slander


Don Rickles on Twitter

Pat replies to Rainn Wilson


Dan pulls the brakes on the show to honor F. Murray Abraham


Rock Me Amadeus

Sneak plug for Pat’s reviews on Pop Culture Beast

Alan Hunter’s Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes Say Anything Wired story

Sledge Hammer, groundbreaking video

Dire Straights Money for Nothing and the $10-in-a-jar word


The Straights and The Heads

Would you see Dire Straights live?

Damn Yankees

Jimmy saw Chicago live

Dio and Ozzy’s stage moves

Snorting ants and piss

Keep Yourself Alive

Ripping off Doug Benson’s game

How do you not get this?

Anson Williams Urine


The build-a-word game confuses everyone

Kids learning the Thriller dance

Tower Heist

Gabrielle Sidibe

Is Matthew Broderick aging gracefully?


Sarah Jessica Parker’s movies

Robocop Robocop Robocop Robocop

New clunker insult: Rickles Tweet!

Peanut allergy explosion

Pat’s daughter’s birthday party at Whimsic Alley


More about the party including cost

Pat relates to the costumed performers


Hey it’s Flynn Rider!

Pat is trying to save Chuck

Jimmy tells a Barry Sobel joke

Hank Azaria as Gargamel in The Smurfs

Oliver’s movie-viewing habits

Remembering Twitter Tracker


Pardcast-a-thon: November 25

Matt will be caffiened up for Pardcast-a-thon, and Pat was boozed up

The Rickles Tweet sting should only be used for Pat

Pat’s odd syllable emphasis

Who will replace Regis?


Pat’s Ryan Gosling joke provides the final Rickles Tweet sting

Matt is back to being the entreprenuer

AK-47 gone, not forgotten


In-studio Notes by Dan Katz

0 –  Overcast day. This show has trophies and boners. Eliot’s first year of life was happiness. Frustration after that. Birthday hats are the worst.

5 – Jimmy figures out how to get the cast-aways off Gilligan’s island. Failed ZZ top impressions.

10 – Jimmy buys Dan some shorts.

15 – Pat Francis is here. Beverly D’Angelo talk.

20 – We go back to ZZ Top.

25 – Amy Grant oogling.

30 – Dice and his lady stop by and hang.

35 – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam sing-a-long. Matt tries to get Pat to listen to a new radio station.

40 – The guys talk about the radio station KOME.

45 – the guys figure out a 10cc lyric.

50 – Don Rickles tweets.


0 – It’s F. Murray Abraham’s birthday.

5 – The guys talk Damn Yankees.

10 – The guys make a game/rip off a game. Tower Heist talk.

15 – Peanut allergies?

20 – Pat’s kid had a harry potter birthday

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  • Pelkey!

    I, for one, LOVED the young snide gorgeous James Spader. The old pudgy snide James Spader can be gone. That’s not slander, it’s a fact.
    Paperback Writer is my all-time favorite Beatles tune. It’s the only one I have on my iPod. Pathetically, I think I emailed this fact to Jimmy, but did NOT tell him that I love him. It’s more like a deep affection / admiration. Love is a strong word.