919 – Aisha Tyler

In-studio notes by Dan Katz

0 – Jimmy is wearing boxer briefs. Mistake. Jimmy loves the NNF table. Zoe and Oliver had a playdate while Jimmy was out of town. The show is dragging.

5 – Eliot had to shave part of his beard because it was getting too difficult to eat sandwiches. Dan’s wearing skele-toes.

10 – This is the first time we’ve had a person of color on the show. Aisha Tyler used to be the host of Talk Soup and coined the phrase “The Soup.”

15 – Aisha was recently misquoted in Entertainment Weekly.

20 – Aisha wrecks Dan for the skele-toes.

25 – Aisha and Matt come together regarding their love of almonds. Aisha breaks all the black stereotypes. She skateboards and listens to punk rock.

30 – In high school, Jimmy went on a date with a girl who used the term “that’s mighty white of you,” and he never went on another date with her.

35 – Jimmy’s wife had a David Beckham sighting at Subway Sandwiches.

40 – The guys talk about paid sex.

45 – Aisha had her first black guest on her show and the guys do a guessing game.

50 – 55: No notes. Jimmy needed the computer.

55 – The guys get ticked about listeners who complain about individual guests.


0 – Jimmy had an awful experience in the cigarette-smoke-smelling bathroom.

5 – Mixed opinions about Ricky Jay. Jimmy interviewed Daryl Hall on the Pardo Patrol and they sang “Sara Smile.”

10 – Jimmy mock yells at the Conan interns. (***Bitches and Sandwiches***).

15 – Jimmy tells a great story about an Asian guy pretending to be a stereotypical Asian. The guys analyze Last Comic Standing.

20 – Matt and Aisha are new best friends.

25 – Aisha may have to quit drinking.

30 – Jimmy talks about the infamous meltdown in Chicago. The guys talk about this youtube video where a comedian hit a guy with his guitar.

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