925 – Mike Schmidt


Released 11/21/11

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Penultimate episode

Get your finances in order

Jimmy accidentally drove to Sacremento

Political Corner with Jimmy

More than you need to know about Wham vs. George Michael

How Jimmy likes his cobb salad (get your Christmas presents ready!)

Avacado Grill: closed, so we can’t get sued


Mike has to over-explain his Linda Rondstadt joke

The Ease of the Parody

Jimmy was dared to sing his act

The Last Supper with Pardo in the middle

Why Matt hates rock operas

Mr. Roboto


Eliot is going on a date today, which seems to make Jimmy jealous

Some good guesses about who Eliot is meeting

Jimmy’s reaction indicates he may have been abused by a scone

What to bring into a concert

Dan Katz is Tilda Swinton as David Bowie


The Administrator Matt Belknap

Happy Birthday to Elise

Matt’s gift for Elise: soda pop maker

Eliot talks about his dad and carbonation

Take it back – doo-doo-doop-doo


Finally introducing Mike Schmidt

Mike left Never Not Funny “to branch out on his own”

Mike’s podcast may be a bit lengthy

A Horse with No Name and other America songs

Abracadabra and other magical songs


Ric Ocasak’s hair(lessness)

Autograph-seeking tips and tricks

Jimmy is too good to let The Who sign anything for him


A fleeting reappearance by the post-coital balcony couple

Creepy Matt shows up

Mike vs. Jimmy Van Halen minutia

Chickenfoot III = “really good” according to Jimmmy

More state politics


Closing down post offices, a sad development

Mail carriers listen to Jimmy to Mike

A song parody just cost Jimmy $299

Jimmy is very proud of his Marilyn Chambers / Behind the Green Door reference

Take On Me

Mike’s Chicago shows


Mike’s one-man show and podcast have de-chopped his standup chops

Mike’s standup and the five-minute light

How does Jimmy keep his chops?


Why Jimmy doesn’t do local standup shows (Hint: he’s very busy!)

Let’s talk World Series!

Rumpelstiltskin / Rip Van Winkle / Rapunzel


John Holmes and erections at death

Ancient songs on new-fangled satellite radio

If I Knew You Were Coming I’d’ve Baked a Cake

60s music

Back to magic songs


Piper and Tupper

Black Magic Woman

Stadium shows suck (except U2360)

Mike gets his chops back!

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Fractions are fun

Be sure to visit MikeSchmidtComedy.com

Chicago’s website merch

Who the fuck is buying the Chicago office chair?

That chair is for Jimmy if it’s for anyone


More chair specs than you need in tongue-twister format

SADDLE SOAP NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coffee in a Cardboard Cup


Jimmy is an office chair expert

Matt has hair-grease concerns

An office full of Chicago collectibles

Unwearable Chicago shirts


George Thorogood: thoroughly good

Jimmy is “that guy” who hears things on podcasts

Mike has an REO couch

Jimmy’s “present face”


Matt continues his hair-grease obsession

More balcony-lover action

Matt desperately wants to sell someone a Chicago chair

The Jeff chair from IKEA (Bil Dwyer’s favorite chair!)

Jony Ive vs. Johnny Five

“Fun” times working at Zappos


Mike’s east-coast tour and Kickstarter page


You could end up with a random CD from Mike’s personal collection

Details of Mike’s shows


What happened to NNF going to Philly and Boston?

The Truman Show

Mike Schmidt vs. Jim Carrey in the battle for entertainment greatness


Nostalgia for video and record stores

Streaming on Netflix

Why does anyone have movie DVDs?

Boogie Nights deleted scenes


Father of Invention with Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey’s ALLEGED predilections

Plugging Pardcastathon, with required shitting on us Mountain Time Zone people

Matt and Jimmy might watch the video this week

AK-47 gone, not forgotten

In-studio notes by Dan Katz0 – We are right around the corner from season 10. Jimmy was almost late to the record today ‘cause he was busy in Sacramento getting a bill passed. Jimmy doesn’t like avocados. The Avocado Grill just shut down.5 – Matt has some gripes with musicals. Jimmy says concerts count as musicals. Eliot is going on a date after today’s record.10 – Scones suck. Dan’s wearing weird clothes.

15 – Matt’s wife just had a birthday and she got a home carbonater. The 40 Year Old Boy is here.

20 – The guys talk about the band America.

25 – Cars sing-a-long. The Cars at The Paladium was the worst show Jimmy’s ever been to.

30 – The sexy couple from last week is back. Chicken Foot III is great.

35 – The guys talk 80’s music.

40 – Mike feels like he’s losing his stand-up chops.

45 – The guys talk baseball, shows that Oliver likes, and John Holmes.

50 – A list of Magic songs.

55 – Stadium shows suck.


0 – 5: The guys talk about Chicago The Band’s Executive Chair.

10 – The guys keep shitting on Chicago merch.

15 – George Thorogood is a nice guy. The guys keep talking about the Chicago Executive Chair.

20 – Mike has a kickstarter page for an east coast tour.

25 – The guys talk about using kickstarter and facebook to get live shows to fruition.

30 – What happened to Kevin Spacey?