Primo Bonus Audio: Happy New Year!

Release date 12/31/2009 message board for this episode

Intro: “Bonus” seems extreme. We’re thinking about you on New Years!

:30 Matt immediately derails the show, or maybe it’s just Jimmy attitude.

1:30 Jimmy is shoving his fists into his eyeballs, like a child

2:00 The movie oeuvre of Michael Keaton

5:00 Pat’s shout-out: Mario… Crystalinne… Darryl

5:45 Darryl deserves shout-outs, he’s doing some sort of log

6:30 The park near Matt’s house has log-rolling

7:00 Pat Francis is Bruce Springsteen

7:15 Oliver’s Target Christmas greetings

8:00 Demographic makeup of the Target workforce

9:00 This is a New Year’s countdown for people with nothing to do on New Year’s Eve

9:30 Jimmy has the steadiest gig he’s ever had!

9:45 Jimmy’s $10,000 shows

10:45 Jimmy’s $40,000 shows

11:00 No comedian can follow New Years Eve and noisemakers

14:00 Pre-midnight audience anxiety

16:00 How man of Jimmy’s New Year’s Eve shows were good?

17:45 Sing along with Jimmy: Ballroom Blitz

18:15 Matt’s New Year with Aerosmith

20:30 Jimmy actually defends Pat’s joke

21:00 The Clue movie

21:30 The Iglesiases and other latinos

22:00 The latino tax

24:00 The Swell Season / Once

25:15 Ballroom Blitz reprise

25:30 Shout-out to Rick DeMint

26:00 Pat’s horrible improv class

28:00 One on one with Matt Walsh

28:30 Sing along with Jimmy: One on One

29:00 Pause the podcast and get your noisemakers and champagne

29:45 Countdown … FAKEOUT!!!!!

30:10 Real countdown

Mario, give your wife a kiss. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!