618 – Joe Lo Truglio

Released 2/24/2010

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Intro: Ernie Banks said it: let’s play two! And he had 99 red balloons

2:45 The Pardo house is a Bodie Miller house

3:45 Jay Spaulding could not be shaken between shows, so he is still here

4:30 Matt and Jimmy as Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum

Joe Lo Truglio

5:15 How Jimmy and Joe met

5:50 “If you don’t know who Joe is, you’re probably accurate”

6:00 Joe’s credits

6:30 Joe on the Jumbo-tron (boos, not booze)

8:30 The logistics of stadium shooting

9:30 Ministry of Funny Walks

9:45 Joe in The State and You Wrote it You Watch it

11:00 Jon Stewart vs. Jimmy Stewart

12:15 Fred Savage, director extraordinairre

12:45 Ken Marino and his homage to the Mario Brothers

14:00 Members of The State went on to greatness

14:30 “How many tank tops can one man wear?”

15:00 Competition and political maneuvering in sketch comedy

15:45 The State should have been The County

16:15 Joe on Reno 911: 40 year olds in underwear

17:00 Ethnic and family talk

17:45 Spaulding knows: the money’s in cheese!

18:30 “Cheese umbrella! Write it down.”

18:45 Beth Dover, and life in the downtown loft

19:45 Matt and Jimmy’s The Boys are Back in Town sketch

20:30 Jimmy’s Monster Drink overdose

21:00 The difficulties of life without walls

22:45 The belch heard ’round the world

23:30 Joe decides to sell the loft within a month of purchase

24:00 Three versions of trampoline-billiards

24:30 Loft Habitrail

25:30 “No show was ever called Hamster Cross the Line!”

25:45 “I am a yes-and guy…”

26:15 Pinup Pastries, the neighborhood just got a little sweeter

27:00 Food once again threatens to derail the show

28:00 Why can’t Pinup Pastries sponsor the show?

29:30 Jim Stewart, Jimmy Woods, Bob DeNiro

30:15 Jimmy might be lifting his moratorium because of John Mayer

31:30 Blues men gave Jimmy the inside scoop

32:00 Alpine Valley concert parking

33:00 Joe’s 1987 concert triple-bill

36:30 Jimmy loves a guessing game

37:00 This whole thing is out of order!

37:15 Jimmy sees Rod Stewart with Mike Schmidt and Pat Francis

37:45 Joe has loft-vision

38:15 Joe and Jimmy clap and sing a dumb unnecessary song

38:45 Joe’s Jack’s Links commercial

40:00 Jimmy’s longest reset in history

41:15 Pinup Pastries!

41:45 Joe has finally discovered that Jimmy is hosting a show

42:00 Jimmy got a pink slip and a talking to

42:45 Jimmy doesn’t envy Conan O’Brien one bit!

44:45 Meeting up at the movie house

45:15 The truth about Anvil

46:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Metal on Metal (Anvil)

47:00 Cynical L.A. audiences

49:00 Avatar talk with Joe from Brooklyn

50:00 Jimmy likes a written letter

51:00 Jimmy comes down hard on the free listeners

51:30 Online paranoia

52:00 Pinup Pastries!

53:15 Break!

53:30 Jimmy doesn’t want people knowing his break business

54:00 Jimmy’s haircut: too short?

54:45 Jimmy defends Elliot from Matt

55:00 Tech trouble update: free video and Pardcast-a-thon clogged the server

56:15 NNF probably needs more RAM. Or something.

56:45 Joe’s flat screen TV desires

57:30 Jay Spaulding is Googling something, but no one knows what

58:00 Jimmy is the mean dad that no one, or everyone, likes

58:00 Jay “J.P.” Spaulding exemplifies the attractiveness of Never Not Funny fans

Best Western Hollywood Hills

59:45 Jay’s hipster hotel, location of the film Swinger

1:00:45 Ron Livingstone, I presume

1:01:30 Behind the scenes of Wet Hot American Summer

1:03:00 Anti-Semetic cupcakes

1:04:00 Inglourious Basterds and Jimmy’s interview with Tarantino

1:06:00 Joe loves the New York Mets

1:07:30 Joe is injured on the play!

1:07:45 Oh, yes, let’s stop the whole show just to get a mic for Jay Spaulding!

1:09:00 Don’t forget CheeseGuys.com (Audio warning!)

1:10:30 This is a bringer podcast

1:12:00 Stupid Question of the Week: Liezl: At a concert: sing along to the music, or sit back and enjoy the show?

1:14:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Rich Girl (Hall and Oates)

1:15:45 Jim takes back his Steve Miller anger

1:16:15 The anti-karaoke list

1:17:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Couldn’t Get it Right (Climax Blues Bland)

1:17:45 Sing along with Jimmy: Lady (Little River Band)

1:17:55 Sing along with Jimmy: Lonesome Loser (Little River Band)

1:18:00 Sing along with Jimmy: Reminiscing (Little River Band)

1:18:30 Jay goes to comedy shows and sings along

1:19:45 Chris Hardwick’s dinner party: everyone’s invited!

1:22:15 Jay clarifies that he won an auction, not a contest

1:23:15 Jimmy is just like Rickles, just ask him

1:24:30 The echoiness of Joe’s loft

1:25:00 St. Elmo’s Fire soundtrack

1:25:30 “The torch people”

1:26:00 Boxers or briefs

1:28:00 Jay displays keen insight into the mind of the home listener

1:29:00 Sing along with Jimmy: C.I.T.Y. (John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band)

1:29:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty)

1:30:00 Plugs: Eliot’s High Mountain, Jay’s open mics

Ooonnnnn heyhoooo!