Episode 425 – Danielle Koenig and Pat Francis

Release date 3/25/2009

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Intro: Jimmy gets forced into a Sing along with Jimmy: California Dreaming (The Mamas and the Papas)

2:15: It’s the penultimate episode of the season

2:45 Recording in the big room today

3:00 Andrew is not on mic due to having 2 guests

Third Chair Pat Francis and First Lady Danielle Koenig

3:15 Who is a member of the NNF family?

4:00 Danielle’s singing is usually annoying, but not this time

4:30 Oliver shuts down Danielle’s singing

4:45 Jimmy’s tushie dance; he should wrap a sweatshirt around it

5:15 Concert merch clothing

5:45 Who are the Mamas and the Papas?

6:00 Dr. Demento’s hilarious comedic novelty song gems

7:00 Kids are too sophisticated today

7:30 Where did kids slide their comic books?

7:45 Danielle’s teenage job at the comic book store

9:30 Who wants to see the new Michael Jackson record near the store ledger?

10:00 The upcoming Michael Jackson comeback concerts; does Michael still have what it takes?

11:15 “They were born to do it!”

12:00 Jimmy saw Michael in concert

12:15 Jimmy is peaking

12:30 Finishing the introductions

12:45 Michael’s art collection at Neverl’nd

13:10 We don’t know what Michael was doing as a child!

13:20 Sing along with Jimmy: ABC (The Jackson Five)

13:30 How many of the Jacksons are actually talented?

14:30 Which Randy Jackson is more talented?

Randy Jackson and Randy Jackson

14:45 Jimmy has strong feelings about Randy Jackson’s bass playing

15:00 Does Chicago suck?

15:30 Jimmy and Pat just performed at a college in Cincinnatti

17:00 Even in first class, Pat annoys Jimmy

17:45 Jimmy nearly assaults Jim Pankow of Chicago on the plane

18:45 Robert Lamb gives Jimmy The Nod

20:00 “Look at us! Isn’t this great? We’re doing what we love!”

21:40 Sing along with Jimmy: Make Me Smile (Chicago)

22:00 Maybe Pankow accidentally listened to the podcast

22:45 Pankow doesn’t have to deal with faulty mics

23:15 Jimmy schmoozes extra cookies

23:45 Why does first class get seated first?

24:30 Jimmy feels awkward in first class

25:00 Jimmy generously bumped Danielle up to first class

25:45 Shockingly, Jimmy was a small child

Billy Barty

26:00 Oliver is more like a midget than a dwarf

26:30 Billy Barty was the last Lucrative Midget

26:45 Email your fantasy baseball team names to Jimmy

27:15 Is it “pot them down” or “pod them down”? (Answer: pot)

28:00 Matt tries to get the fans to do his intro work for him

29:00 Download Audacity, cut an intro together, and email it to Matt (Which I did! But for Season 7.)

30:00 Holy ghost! Season 5 is coming!

30:45 “Like… Heh-hehhhhh!!!!’

31:15 “J-J-J-JIMMY PARDOOOOO!!!!!”

31:45 Jimmy needs to aim at the urban market

32:00 Steve Harvey’s church roll call

32:45 Lance Armstrong’s broken collarbone

Stevie Nicks, mid-twirl

33:00 Jimmy meets Sheryl Crow for Bands Reunited

34:30 Pat defends Sheryl

35:15 Jimmy likes Papa John Phillips

35:30 Jimmy’s dream about Stevie Nicks

36:00 Stevie Nicks or Pat’s mom?

36:30 Excited for the upcoming Fleetwood Mac concert

37:00 Stevie Nicks is at 50% twirl

37:30 What “now and happening” female singers does Jimmy like?

38:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Closer to Fine (Indigo Girls)

38:45 Let’s fight over lesbian folk music

39:00 iPod roulette gets stolen from Jimmy and Pat

Jimmy and Adam

39:30 Jimmy will be on Adam Carolla’s podcast

40:00 Pat bails to take care of nasal trouble

40:15 Old time insults and sayings

41:00 Pat gets an email from Ed Begley, Jr.

42:00 Danielle’s Pankow imitation

42:30 Rules of Engagement

43:15 How did Jimmy get “something as great as Danielle”?

44:00 What happens off the field should stay off the field

44:15 Tiger Woods just might be one of the few scandal-free top sports performers

44:45 Kevin Garnett’s career

45:15 Shaq’s movies

45:45 Michael Clarke Duncan

45:45 Jimmy pompously repeats what has already been said

46:30 Did you know Michael Clarke Duncan didn’t even want to be an actor?

47:00 “Yes I know!”

47:15 A story is being withheld from the listening public

48:00 Pat gets the locks changed on his new house

49:30 Matt challenges the gang to guess the song: “Rag top down so my hair can blow”

51:00 Matt defends Vanilla Ice to rationalize his own transgressions

52:00 Jimmy Pardo vs. Matt’s dad in a rap-off

52:30 8 Mile

53:10 Never Not Funny Death Curse: Britanny Murphy

54:00 Twofer Tuesday on the retro hip-hop station

54:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Mercedes Boy (Pebbles)

54:45 Jimmy steals Pat’s joke

55:00 Pat’s show-clothes

55:45 Deconstructing Pat’s Kris Kross joke

56:00 Miley Cyrus wants to be Oscar-nominated for the Hannah Montana movie

57:00 Why only 3 Oscar nominated song?

Courtney Cox and Bruce Springsteen

57:45 Did you know the girl in the Dancing in the Dark video is Courtney Cox?

58:00 Matt corrects the structure of Jimmy’s obvious trivia

58:45 Everyone is suddenly, uncomfortably, overly concerned about Danielle

59:00 Tommy Lee has a Starbucks in his house

1:00:00 Break time!

1:00:30 Mouth-synthesizers!

1:101:00 Sing along with Jimmy: Jump (Van Halen)

1:01:30 What the hell is a “wreckin’ machine”? (“Well can’t you see me standing here / I’ve got my back against the record machine”)

1:02:00 Misheard lyrics

1:03:00 Van Halen vs. Pointer Sisters

1:03:45 “I’m gonna kick you in the footloose!”

1:04:30 Bonnie and Clyde being remade with Hilary Duff?

1:05:00 What movies does Jimmy want remade?

1:06:45 Danielle predicts the new Star Trek will be horrible

1:07:00 Popeye with Robin Williams made Matt’s stomach hurt

1:08:00 Continuing the remake talk

Jon Hamm on 30 Rock with Tina Fey

1:09:30 Rachel Getting Married

1:11:15 The Simpsons in Ireland with Glen Hansard

1:12:00 Jon Hamm on 30 Rock

1:13:00 Alec Baldwin is 20 pounds away from being back in the bubble

1:14:00 This episode is apparently being done Memento-style, as Matt predicts what Jimmy will say “later”

1:15:00 Homophobia in grade school

1:16:00 Is Madonna The Material Girl, or did she just sing Material Girl?

1:17:10 Sing along with Jimmy: Holiday (Madonna)

Felix Howard

1:17:15 Sing along with Jimmy: Like a Prayer (Madonna)

1:18:45 Leonardo DiCaprio was in a Madonna video (This article says it was not LDiC!)

1:18:45 Stupid Question of the Week

1:19:00 Pat has a question of a week! But he gets shut down.

1:19:30 Sing along with Jimmy: Open Your Heart (Madonna)

1:19:45 SQotW: Matt Archinbalt: When’s the last time you urinated outside?

1:24:00 From Kyle Dodson (even Pat’s nephew knows not to send it to Pat!) : When peeing, where do you look?

1:26:15 Matt is still recovering from childhood traumas

1:27:15 Pat’s concert bathroom antics

1:28:30 Mystery guest enters the room!

1:29:00 Matt is concerned about Kyle’s Facebook updates

1:30:00 For season 5, send in disputes for Jimmy to solve for Judge Jimmy segments

Onnn the cast of pod!