1821 – Scooting Along with Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Welcome! 1821!

Jimmy talks about the schedule. We’re recording in advance guys. Jimmy talks about the historic heatwave we are in the middle of.

Martha & The Vandellas – Heatwave

Its 109 degrees.

Jimmy’s yelling at all of us.

Yard sale talk.

Mike Cusick is here! Parking talk.

Biscuits and gravy!

05 – Mike’s wife Wendy is also here.

Jimmy also had a yard sale in his mom’s apt complex.

Jimmy’s having a great time!

He talks about having a rocking chair to sell. He tried to sell it for $75.

He also had a high end hunk of luggage that he wanted $10. Someone offered $5 and he said he’d rather set it on fire and watch it burn than sell it for $5.

Jimmy pivots back to talking about Mike and other school friends. Some of which Jimmy appears to be holding on to some anger over.

Mike unsure why he moved to a Catholic school. Might be sports related. Sounds like he chose it. He went to Brother Rice. Mike gives more names who went over to the Catholic school.

10 – Reunion talk! Mike didn’t go but Jimmy did. He talks about. Mike talks about jimmy being so funny as a kid.


15 – more yard sale talk. Competing yard sale pricing. No one was haggling at Jimmy’s sale.

They sold a pull behind bike wagon tent thing they only used about ten times.

Jimmy and Matt talk about the fears of using those things.

Burly v Schwinn was a great case.

Jimmy says Schwinn went to hell once they started making the bikes overseas.

Wendy and Mike have been together since 8th grade.

Jimmy talks to Mike about his history with Wendy.

2 kids! One just graduated HS.

They went to a Steven Avery freedom march! He talks about it being pathetic turnout.

20 – 1991 Mike and Wendy got married.

Wendy wants to return to Chicago!

Mike’s dad was Mayor of Hometown.

Mike thought Jimmy’s dad ran for office.

Rich Sommer is here!!!

He meets Jimmy’s longest friend and then Jimmy tries to explain what he means by that. Jimmy explains Mike’s relationship to Rich.

25 – Jimmy sets the table.

Matt is dying to know what Rich drove here.


Rich Sommer in Quadrophenia

Rich Sommer in Quadrophenia

Rich explains there is a high dork factor to the Vespa.

Jimmy asks Rich if its still hot out. It is indeed.

We’ll be right back!!!

Wondering which of Mike’s daughter’s Jimmy is friends with.

Jimmy tells Rich about where Mike lives.
Rich is gonna bring in his Vespa!

Jimmy talks about Dave Holmes’ thanking them in his book.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

1821! The season is wrapping up right around the corner!

4 left in the season.

Poster by Jason Levy

Poster by Jason Levy

Listen to the past episodes on Howl!

Rich is here and the Vespa is IN STUDIO!

Rich walks us through the Vespa and talks about it being a wrap gift from Mad Men.

30 – The Cusicks are aware of Mad Men. Jimmy wants Rich to explain showbiz.

The 700 Club will not go away!

Rich talks about Wrap Gifts.

The Mad Men top six talk.

35 – Rich thinks they gave out like 22 vespas.

We’re talking the “cocked up” Jon Hamm pictures.

The Vespas were delivered to their homes.

It’s fully mad men customized from logo to the falling man.

Dirty Carson pops up talking about Evel Canivel.

The Cr with the brown is gorgeous.

The vespa’s came in a modern blue and the one Rich preferred, the cream.

40 – Heat Vision and Jack talk.

Wendy talks about having a scooter also. She fell off it after a week. She sold it.

Rich is also from Wisconsin.

Rich was not as captivated by Making of a Murderer as the rest of the country.

The Steven Avery drum is still being beating. They just had another rally.

OJ Talk.

Jimmy’s getting on the scooter!

Rich talks about learning to ride the vespa.

He took it to set this morning.

He’s put 800 miles on it so far. He loves it!

45 – Jimmy feels like he couldn’t get on a Vespa. Talking about the 3-wheelers on the road.

Rich isn’t a lane splitter.

Lane Splitting Is Legal in California

Lane Splitting is NOT illegal.

50 – Tit over donuts!

Jimmy talk about golfing with Paul and Paul saying, “Jim, do you say weird things when you’re getting fucked in the ass?” Jimmy’s answer, “I usually just say why why why why why.”

Going round the horn!

More yard sale talk.

55 – We fear the unknown here!

Rich checks out the latest PCAT cast poster.

Rich talks about meeting Mike McShane!

Lotta pot talk with Mike at pcat.

60 – Jimmy compares my leaving to Donnie dakus of Chcago.

Three’s Company – 

Rob Reiner loved Amy Schumer’s 12 Angry Men.

Chuck Schumer is second cousin to comedian Amy Schumer’s father, making Charles and Amy second cousins once removed – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Schumer

Rob Reiner talk – https://twitter.com/robreiner

Wendy doesn’t remember the kind of scooter she had.

Talking Jimmy’s friend Javier (maybe Bardem!?) who had a scooter.

Mike won an award for work.

Mike has some serious mic technique problems.

He is one of the top ten producers in his company!

65 – Mike works for ABF. He runs a terminal for them.

Beatrice Kay – Mention My Name In Sheboygan –

Rich talks about his hair in his play Buried Child.

Rich Sommer was in Harvey also in 2013.

Doug Benson fell asleep in the front row of the show watching it and was the first person on his feet for the ovation.

After that he did The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Dernin.

70 – Talking about the cast changes in Hamilton. People have tickets for July 9, and rich points out that people also have tickets for July 10.

JCS talk – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus_Christ_Superstar

Hamilton in LA talk.

75 – Jimmy talks with Rich about possibilities of getting rich on Broadway.

How Much Money Do Broadway Stars Earn?

Rich thinks the Hamilton cast is probably the highest paid cast on broadway right now.

Jimmy talks about a theater laugh he heard on a Sirius xm show and joining in with the laughs for Oliver who enjoyed it and also asked why were they laughing.

Dr. Map?!

The southern tip of South America is Cape Horn – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Horn

It’s in the Strait of Magellan –

We’ll be back!

80 – Welcome back!

Talking Janis Joplin off the air!


Talking Tea and wildfires.


Talkin’ Eliot getting snippy! He cant win.

Jimmy got an email from someone who enjoyed Eliot in Bumper Sticker.

Horrible manager over at the White Sox.

Get me in a Vespa!

Rich keeps the Vespa local only.

90 – The Vespa gets around 60 mpg.

Single plus loft opening at the familliare.

Michael Jordan talk.

Eliot has one thing he wants to say. Matt’s shirt is making Eliot think of Salmon Sushi.

My lethargy has handcuffed everyone.

Jimmy schools Eliot on organic comedy in regards to his salmon shirt comment.

95 – We all laugh at Eliot’s sushi comment.

Jimmy introduces our guest Rich Sommer fresh from his Mad Men races.

Madonna and Sean Penn went to Pinks on their first date.

Shanghai Surprise –


Talking Trump insulting Rosie in a debate.

Rich is our political correspondent since 3:27 PM.

Jimmy asks him what’s gonna happen at the convention. He believes Trump will be the nominee.

100 – Rich talks about the US being similar to Europe in terms of radically different cultures in close quarters.

We do not know where the Cusicks stand on the presidential run.

Mike is apolitical.

Politics talk!

Never Not Funny?

105 – The Cusicks are here! Mike was in the Navy. He was never on a ship. He worked in NORAD. He was the Santa Claus guy!

110 – Talking about NORAD Santa origin.


Stay tiny kids!

Jimmy talks about Oliver’s height. He doesn’t want him to get into performing but it seems inevitable.

Mike would have rather gone into Comedy. Jimmy says he is a very funny man.

Adios if you don’t get the show!

Matt quotes Reservoir Dogs.

115 – More music please Mike!

American Pie talk.

Sinead O’Connor talk.

Jimmy asks if Mike went with them to see the pope as kids. Jimmy talks about getting in a strangers car to go see the pope.

Jimmy and Mike met in 2nd grade.

Mike talks about Caddying as a kid.

125 – 45s! Jimmy guesses the record label again. The year 1982 on RCA records. Livin in my Dream World is the B-Side. Puttin’ on the Ritz by Taco.


Doc Talk!

Matt watched the Michael Jackson documentary by Spike Lee. He loved it.

The Resurrection of Jake the Snake.

Killer Legends


130 – Sevens!

Jimmy gives to Rich Sommer: (movies)

Jimmy talks about Kevin Nealon making a joke about his forehead.

Jimmy talks about getting yelled at by a heckler, “nice forehead!” His response lost him the audience instead of the standing ovation he was expecting.

Good to see the Cusicks!

Throwing shit around the room.

Rich talks about going to a dodger game and knocking the ball into the expensive seats to the disdain of the crowd.

Rich talks to Jimmy about his yard sale.

Oliver made $53 on old toys! He’s gonna donate $10 to charity.

Jimmy’s back in on donating to politics. Rich brings it back to Trump.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth