18Y – Feeling the Tingles with Jimmy and the Boys


00 – Welcome in!

We got mail!

Maybe Eliot should run the theme songs?

Stop clunking up the shows Eliot!

Jimmy despises what he is about to say but says it anyway and calls Eliot the asshole that raises his hand at 2:39 on Friday asking for homework.

NNF-Mail call copy

It was almost 40 bucks to ship what was in this box since it was overnighted.

Jimmy opens it!

Nice card from Anthony and his gift is wondrously packed. It’s a custom maid Rosie as an umpire! Rosie makes the shelf!


05 – ASMR talk. Gentle Whispering does it for Jimmy.


Jimmy goes through some ASMR Youtube channels.

10 – Matt mentions the YT channel


Rhett and Link –


15 – Eliot wonders if sexual preference or gender makes a different in the ASMR you prefer.

Jimmy talks about how it’s more content not gender or tone that gives him the ASMR.

20 – Jimmy looks up some ASMR podcasts. Eliot wonders if any of us could do an ASMR video and what the topic would be.

Matt wants Eliot to try so we can see if he can be a big ASMR YouTuber.

Digipill – http://digipill.com/

Matt and Jimmy go in on Eliot for asking about the ASMR episode logistics.

25 – Welcome in to 18Y!

Eliot admits to searching for the pricing on that box.

Jimmy loves the packing materials Anthony used. He tries to make ASMR with it.

30 – We talk my finances!

35 – People enjoy our show!!

My word is Yaz.

40 – Talking Eliot’s date! HE says it went well. They’re still talking and she is sending him random pictures of “duchy golf bags.”

He talks about the date.

Know your Oprah history Eliot!

The guys talk more about Eliot’s date.

It was a long date. They went through closing.

But did they fucckkk?!!?

45 – She and Eliot are near the same age, lots in common pop culturely, and in terms of Doctor Who.

Here is the video Eliot is talking about – 

Eliot’s Y word is Yardbirds! Eliot wins!

It was Jimmy’s original word that he still accepted even though he changed it.

50 – Matt’s word was Yes and he tells a Jon Lennon story.
Paul Young was his secondary.

Lin-Manuel Miranda in the title role of the musical "Hamilton" at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York.Next season: Musical names by last name only.

Matt sings Hamilton!

Eliot and this girl have another date planned!

55 – Hard pass on meeting Eliot’s dad.

Can I get to Phoenix??

I couldn't resist adding the "napkins" tag to the story about Mel's terrible waffles.

Maybe Garon can Skype into Phoenix “like we did with Darryl that time.”

60 – Break!

We’re back! 18 yardbirds!


Doc Talk

The Masks You Live In – 

Greg Trout calls in and interrupts Eliot talking about the doc.

Greg guesses Yello.

65 – Eliot liked about 2/3s of the movie.

Thanks for the VM Colin.

Hi Ryan from Louisville. Jimmy knows him and cuts him loose!

VM from Kevin in Austin TX. He matched Yardbirds!

Talking Tickled!

Hi Adam from Portland! He’s an engineer, married almost 20 years.

Icing Eliot.

Adam talks about his kids and a trip to LA and the magic castle.

75 – Adam’s Y word is YYZ.

Eliot gets cut off.

We got a lady caller and she wishes Jimmy a happy birthday. Jimmy knows this girls name!

80 – Rachel gives us the details of her day. She’s her nanny. Jimmy asks if Rachel has ever had an affair with her client’s husbands. She says, “ew…no!”

Rachel likes nature docs.

She’s never been hit on as a nanny.

Hello Michael from MA! He just recently met Jimmy.

Michael works for the Koch Bros?!

He writes manuals.

Michael’s Y word is Yanni, which he pronounced weirdly.

90 – We’re done gang!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth