18Z – Closing Time with Jimmy and the Boys


00 – Welcome to 18Z! The Appendix episode! It’s only Matt’s OCD that makes us do this.

Bother Jimmy with Postive Energy!

Jimmy and Matt talk tweets and retweeting compliments.

Jimmy talks about the weird crevasse of famous and not famous.

Jimmy talks about Laurie Kilmartin’s twitter feed. 

05 – Talkin’ Tim Robbins. He’s a little “foiley”

The entire reason for this episode is to take Jimmy’s money.

I couldn't resist adding the "napkins" tag to the story about Mel's terrible waffles.

It shouldn’t count as a shout-out when I instigate it by sending mail.

Also some mail.

Mail from Darryl Asher! Whoever that is.

Jimmy’s popping packing bubbles.

Jenn's highly detailed photo-realistic portraits on the mugs.

Jenn’s highly detailed photo-realistic portraits on the mugs.

Huckleberry Taffy!

10 – Jimmy reads the letter Darryl sent.

(Do not blame me for Jimmy eating while reading. Who could have ever guessed he would pop taffy in his mouth when he obviously had a letter to read? – Darryl)

We get mugs!

I sat on the mic cord.

No money for Z?! But closure.

Round the horn!

Keep chewing!

15 – 18Z!

Matt wants a theme for the show to be based on Hamilton.

Not throwin’ away my sock!

Matt talks about his late coming Hamilton obsession.

A jimmy joke showed up on a sitcom.

Eliot, Garon, Jimmy, Matt

Here’s the source photo. True, Garon has shadow, not a goatee. Came out as more of a goatee on the mug. ARTISTIC LICENSE! Do not argue with the artist!

Dirty carson shows up based on my word: Zebrahead.


20 – What do we call Hillary when she wins? President Clinton or Hillary?! Madame President?

Family coming to see the Phoenix show?

25 – Too much hate out there guys.

Talking Trump!

PokemonGO talk!

30 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunshine_and_Rain_(song)

Eliot’s word is ZZ Top!

Jimmy scolds Eliot for revealing spoilers of the show on twitter.

Talking Eliot’s second date that is happening on a Monday.

They’re going to a burlesque show at the Three of Clubs. Apparently she knows Lily Von Schtup!

Jimmy doesn’t think anyone would care if fucking started right on stage.

Matt suggests renting a deuce coupe.

I get a GREAT blurt laugh for “Yeah a gun!”

40 – Matt’s word is Zappa! He would have gotten some money.

All jokes aside: Thanks for subscribing! Season 19 right around the corner! If you didn’t get the full year sign up!

Is the lady calming down Eliot?
Give us some iTunes reviews!

See you next season!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth