1901 – Detangling with Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee

In studio notes by Guest Intern Julie Dixon Jackson
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

00. Hello everybody indeed. its the first episode of season 19. Allergies.
Asian cabooses. gymnastics. Elise gets it. Why are there so few people at the gymnastics preliminaries. Julie Dixon Jackson is back with us. Trying to think of a word other than “puss”. We’re too dude heavy sometimes.
Fifty percent-

Yes And

Eliot choked when Jimmy “yes anded” him. No one’s used to having Jimmy agree with them.

New shirts…modelling for the camera. chicken chesting. Phoenix is coming up. Eliot’s going to see his dad. Hopefully they won’t talk about politics

05.Politics is important this time- for real. People think everyone is insane. Julie agrees one hundred percent. Luckily she is not a Trump Supporter. Jimmy likes a new band that hates Hilary and loves Jill Stein. Hitlery. Eliot tells a joke about Eggs and Cunt. Julie’s brother called her that a couple of weeks ago. There’s a story about how that all happened……
She got a nice text. They are kin but are adopted. Maybe her brother is right.

jimmy bob ross painting

Jimmy’s masterpiece

10. Julie just told a story that was a zero. Julie’s e-mail just rang out- maybe it was her brother. ” My ears are burning you effing C”

Oliver said “ha ha, woooooo”. Bob Ross painting family class. Liquid White? Oliver had a good attitude about it. He added a random snowman. Danielle thought Jimmy’s creation was a masterpiece- depending on the angle. Liquid White is available on Amazon.Puss. It’s good to have puss in the room (yay). Olympic swimming.
Fencing is awesome. Fancy light up helmets.

15. August 14th coming up. August 18th, Janet Varney will join at 4.
More upcoming shows. Shirts will be available. Don’t embarrass Matt in his hometown. Eliot isn’t invited if he wants to play Pokemongo.  Imagine doing the exact same show twice. Impossible. Podfest is at noon on the Sunday 25th September. Pardo is the code. You can watch it if you can’t go. SLC will be fun and depressing.

20. Julie was in the touring company of JCS- a very long time ago. She has had a relatively successful career in LA Theatre. How did she find NNF? Probably through Doug Loves Movies. Adios doper. Does her daughter listen the show? She is confused by “Dirty Carson”. Jimmy should have got a better reaction for his joke. What country is her brother in anyway? Julie was born and raised in Australia. She went to the Pacific Northwest when she was fifteen. Still doesn’t like her brother. Is he Greg Norman? No. Not a good golfer. There’s mail. Matt guesses it’s anthrax . There are 20 identical envelopes.

NNF-Mail call copy

25. Here comes dirty Carson. Handing out envelopes. Everybody gets five. “What do you get the guy that has everything?” One of the Starbucks cards has money on it.
Eliot has the green dot envelope. No ones going to be happy with this outcome. What’s with the puss.  Jimmy is giving Eliot the hardest time of all…. makes a “wiley coyote” comparison. That sounds funny…..damn him for saving that. Jason’s bit should have been better… It could have been so much more fun. Now we have 19 pieces of garbage. How did he do that.? he works for the company. We’re all winners. “That’s a no funna”…. Was our guest on Delta?

30. Jimmy got an e-mail for “Pod fest”. Jimmy sings “Jesus Christ Superstar”- Matt asks for a critique. Julie is neutral and non committal. He doesn’t like Julie anymore- her brother is right.

Forever envelopes. Jimmy sends Julie see if the guest is there. She has pants on this time. What was that 90’s sitcom with Jennifer Grey and Shrug? Julie returns with Jamie. Jamie has on hillbilly garb… She likes it. She is Jimmy’s new favorite guest. How old is Garon? He’s not bright eyed and bushy-tailed.

35 Jamie is on a show called “Ten Things”. Not anymore.
Cancelled Ass show. She’s had a rough morning. She seems to have a dreadlock in her hair.
The women are dominating- just like Jimmy was afraid of. Jamie crossed her eyes. Jimmy likes it. Let’s get that tangle out. Jamie hands the mike to Julie as if she is on the phone…”here, hold on…”.

wooden hair guideDouble puss is a mistake. Julie has her hairdressing kit in the car. She is a secret hairdresser. She has a studio at home.

The guys are too picky about their hair. Jimmy is explaining how he likes his hair done. Some wooden attachment. Is it the Flobie. NO. Looks like an afro-pick

40 Jamie can’t believe it’s wooden. They’re whittling? No one likes haircuts on a podcast.
Jamie is taking time away from milking the cows. It’s “toddler chic”. This is her airplane outfit.


Daddy Issues. Banging around in the barn. Kinda hot to be with an older guy? Not if it’s daddy.

It’s Tru Tv all over again.

A Chorus Line at the Hollywood Bowl. Jamie liked it. She was surprised that she liked it. She didn’t really how disco inspired it was.

45. Jimmy sings a bit of “What I did for love”….Tries to get a reaction from Julie. What other stuff has Julie done around town.

She glosses over the Hollywood Bowl. She did “South Pacific”. Jimmy sings a song from “Pacific Overtures”….not South Pacific. Then “Some Enchanted Evening…” almost correctly. Jimmy brings Julie’s brother back up again. There’s talk about the “C” word. In England they use it everyday….Jimmy thinks like the “N” word? Nope. Jimmy and Oliver took a train ride with a guy using the N word too much. Was it Quentin Tarantino. VRF is “Aspberger Central”

50. Pepperoni… Why is this guy so close to Jimmy ?
Matt wants to know if Jimmy has thought about having oliver on his shoulders and wearing a trench coat….It didn’t work. Jimmy lost his spine.

Rules keep people in line. We’ll be back


David Paterson could be Jimmy's inspiration for Actor Pretending to be Blind

David Paterson could be Jimmy’s inspiration for Actor Pretending to be Blind

55. We’re back. Jamie Lee and her book, Matt Donaher…He’s funny on Twitter. Jimmy fell asleep talking.

Is it the “Cockrell Seat”- Julie likes “the cock pit”. Here’s the actor auditioning for a blind role. It hurts. One eye goes limp.

Who was the governor of NY who was blind? Look it up. Governor David Patterson of NY.

Texas Toast is not that popular in Texas. Jamie is from Lakewood Texas. Jimmy stayed in a hotel with a overhanging pool.

Would anyone do the US Bank slide?

60. Does it cost $15? Jamie says “Stop”. Jimmy and Matt think she’s busting their balls. Julie LOOK IT UP. Call back to the Dennis Farina dying incident. A bunch of Muslims danced around Jimmy’s paper airplane. There needs to be a ball pit at the bottom of that slide. Brad Pitt is a lazy bum. Julie hasn’t found the pricing yet. Announces various prices. There are too many. Is there a Panini Hut? It doesn’t appear so.

65. Lots of talk about the Sky slide. Why is it so expensive and what else can you do up there? We still don’t really know.
jimmy roller coasterAfraid of heights. Empire State Building. Who’s been up in the twin towers before it came down. What day was that? Jamie says it was a Virgo. Does Jamie like Roller Coasters. She can’t put her hand over the edge. Is it Vertigo or common sense?
Brexit. The glass bannister at the Fox Hills Mall scares the crap out of Jimmy Jimmy is getting at an age where he maybe he doesn’t like them anymore. Who get’s barfy now?

70. Matt talks about the “Soarin”. Jamie went to school with a kid named Soren that had an awesome hamster habitat. “The Witches” combined with “The Lost Boys” is too much for Matt. Who is in that movie.

Matt meant “Soarin’ over California”. The women were confused. Tabitha Soren. Sexy little thing.

There’s a new 3.D that will knock you socks off.

75. More talk about Julie’s hairdressing business. It’s a hobby. She likes it. Jamie likes the idea of a dog. Jimmy doesn’t. Jamie came from Dallas. Jamie’s husband is Dan Black and they do a show together called “Date Night”. Jimmy’s in.

Matt doesn’t know him personally. He plays “magic the gathering”. Do you have to stop that when you get married? He doesn’t like sports- Matt says that goes without saying. He’s so Dan Black

80. “Date Night” sounds like fun. Jimmy will probably tell his Sara Palin story again. Talking about filling time in ‘sets’.
Jimmy can’t do short sets anymore. Jamie can’t wait to not have to worry about it.
Jimmy is blowing his brains out. Jamie was on Conan “pre-engagement”.

Here is what Trent Reznor looks like now. Still cool.

Here is what Trent Reznor looks like now. Still cool.

85. Trent Reznor? Is he the coolest? He scores Fincher films. Jamie doesn’t know what he looks like. Johnny Cash covered a NIN song. “Hurt”. It was awesome.
Evita singalong. They sing an accapella version of “I’d be surprisingly good for you.” It’s awful. Rent. Julie auditioned a lot. Musicals. Cabaret.

90. Jamie is like Jimmy in his love/hate relationship with “Rent”. She thinks she likes musicals better since ACL. She loves Cabaret. Back to Rent. Eliot saw NPR. Norbert Leo Butts played Roger for a while. He also was in Wicked. Jimmy hates it. Julie loves it.

95. More Evita singing again. It doesn’t matter what those “Morons” say is hard to listen to. It’s like “It doesn’t matter what those retards say. “School of Rock” is uncharacteristic of ALW. Julie makes up a song about a pineapple. Jimmy likes the pineapple song. CATS is the worst musical ever made

100. Jamie was stressed out because they weren’t actual Cats. The production she saw had rollerskating. Jamie doesn’t like musicals because all the songs sound the same. How do people chose their favorites. Hamilton has lots of callbacks. “Not throwing away my puss” Eliot just came from a board game convention. Matt Belknap is good. Jamie Lee is writing a book called “Wediculous”. It’s about weddings and how ridiculous they are. Mason Jars. Jimmy’s wedding was full of class.

105. Jamie more her overall shorts on a plane…like a hillbilly. Here’s a story. Flight attendant complaint story- self righteous flight attendant. He’s a monster. Eliot would have thought it. Someone needed to say something.


110. Jamie chooses celebrities. Jamie doesn’t do well. Neither does Jimmy. Garon barges in. Jimmy throws him out.

Garon is back. He is looking up the lowest score in Sevens. Jamie likes to be in control

115. Jamie “gives” to Jimmy. Celebrities. Matt under-explained. Maybe not. Jamie really wants to play again. Matt will do buttons. That was better. It’s not a huge pool of names.

120. Everybody had a good time.

Julie Dixon Jackson