29N – Gassing up with Jesse Thorn

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
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NNF Platinum 29N – Jesse Thorn

29 New Kids on the Block

00 Hello!

It’s N! Jimmy has 2 N bands in his apple music?!

Kevin Cronin talk.

Jimmy has oral surgery today! He can’t eat or drink for six hours before hand.

Matt talks about wetting his bed as a kid.

Bed-wetting stories. One guy in Jimmy’s second city class hooked up with a girl in class but got so drunk he pissed all over her bed.

Is Bill Burr the #1 comic right now?

10 – SNL talk!

Matt gets to tell his SNL story!

Pete Davidson is too Pete Davidson.

Talking about Joe Rogan saying he can suck his own dick.

15 – “I know what that means and I don’t like it!” – Charlie when Pete as Joe said, “I can S my own D.”

Blow job talk.

Porn magazine in the wilderness.

20 – Blow Job Bob nickname for a kid in Jimmy’s youth.

Matt talks about going to see Platoon alone as a kid and seeing some classmates there and one of them was giving a BJ to the another. They were 8th graders.

25 – Vietnam movies talk. Heartbreak Ridge is Korean War.

Hacksaw Ridge is the Andrew Garfield war movie.

30 – Matt talks about his booster shot and the weirdness of late night CVS.
It hit him about 18 hours later.

Oliver got into a heated discussion with a kid at school who is anti-vax.

35 – Talking the growth of the antivax movement.

40 – Smallpox and rinderpest have been eradicated.


140 cases of polio last year.

“You know what video they should play more? Union of the Snake.” – Oliver, for humor.

45 – Talking losing friends over music related reasons. Jimmy recounts a guy on Sirius XM Volume whining about Taylor’s unfairness towards Jake Gyllenhaal.

Talking Free Britney.

50 – Would Jimmy see Britney live?

We’ll be right back with Jesse Thorn!

We’re back!

34 minutes until Jimmy can have a clear liquid!

Talking Jesse’s meds. He’s currently hopped up on Excedrin. He may have taken 4 of them. He also took a constitutional this morning. He may have his hands behind his back.

55 – Jesse talks about what he saw on his walk. A malamute! Sleeping on its back, paws in the air, in a way that Jesse thought he was dead for a moment.

“Loose” made me laugh!!!!!

Danielle Koenig and Kristine Kimmel on Jordan Jesse Go this week!

60 – Matt wonders if Jesse is “Avatar bounding.”

George Jetson born in 2022 – https://www.snopes.com/articles/352023/was-george-jetson-born-in-2022/

Jesse is producing the Pee Wee Herman Radio Hour.

Grey Block Pizza – https://www.happycow.net/reviews/grey-block-pizza-santa-monica-92805

1h5m – Jesse has business entertainment questions.

Crypto coin talk!

1h10m – Race car gas?!

You can put some racing fuels in normal cars, but there is no real reason for you to do this. These fuels have higher octane ratings, so are designed to perform at higher temperatures and pressures. There is generally no noticeable performance gain when they are used to fuel consumer vehicles.

Talking sport fans in the bay area.

Jose Canseco talk – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jose_Canseco

Lots of baseball player talk.

1h15m – Jesse talks about the softball league the max fun team played on.

Lots of baseball, softball, and little league chat.

1h20m – Fall ball vs Summer ball?

Jesse talks about how difficult it can be getting your kids into youth sports.

Too many dodgers teams.

1h25m – Shits V Giggles!

Jesse talks about being driven around by his baseball coach Tim, who had a car with one door.

We’re ranking waters.

1h30m – Round the horn! Jimmy’s first!

Jimmy’s guess is Nelson!


I saw Dune!

1h35m – Movie nudity!

Bobcat Goldthwait talk!

1h40m – My guess is New Kids On The Block!

Jimmy meant to say that.

1h45m – Eliot’s guess is NSync!

Jordan guesses New Edition

Quick fans!

Jesse learns Eliot was in the Pee Wee Holiday special.

1h50m – Two Ns in Jimmy’s phone: Night Ranger and No Doubt.

Matt’s five:

5) No Doubt
4) Nirvana
3) Nickelback
2) Naughty By Nature
1) New Kids on the Block

Garon wins!

We’re done! The beta tape of podcasting!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth