2915 – Playing the field with Fielding Edlow

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF 2915 – Fielding Edlow

00 Hello!

2915 welcome in! (an) Award winning podcast!

Hot off the presses, friend of the show sighting seconds ago!

It is indeed KeKe Palmer in the Old Navy commercial.


Count and Highlight!

Talking about the process of an actor marking their lines.

Jimmy talks about Jon Hamm memorizing his lines in seconds…in French.

Drawn Together talk.

Friend of the show sighting Blaine Capatch!

Kid Rock has a new single out. It’s ridiculous.

15 – Kid Rock vs Limp Bizkit

Pac-Man Fever!

Kid Rock’s Politics: Everything You Need to Know

20 – San Antonio suck my bonio! Jimmy told Oliver about it and he went bananas.

Famous couples.

Who wants Madonna and Warren Beatty reunion?

25 – “I’ve already alerted Ted to your comments.”

I went to get our guest.

I come back to radio station chat.


30 – 20 years ago was not the 80s. It was the 2000s.

Jimmy did his Flappers show on Friday!

Another one in December!

Podcast fans vs Stand up fans.

When do you listen to a podcast?

35 – Eliot went to the movies!

He talks about his ticket situation.

The Pardo-Koenig house did NOT enjoy Ghostbusters.

Eliot and I loved it.

How long is too long for kids’ Christmas break? 3 weeks seems long.

40 – Jimmy cannot stop listening to the new Abba album.

Jimmy goes through his favorites off the album. “Keep an Eye on Dan!?”

Fielding Edlow is here!

She’s married today! Every day is a new day.

45 – Fielding’s husband is character actor Larry Clark!

“It’s all colors of the rainbow!” – Jimmy in an interview

Fielding has a daughter. She’s nine. Jimmy recommends Keep An Eye on Dan.

50 – Fielding’s daughter got a full week off!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!


Fielding Edlow is here! Her daughter’s name is Ellis!

“Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays” to, simply, PFLAG.

Eliot’s breaking point is Herb Tarlek from WKRP?!


Jimmy talks about a tweet of Fielding regarding her bombing in front of her daughter’s piano teacher.

55 – Fielding talks more about the show she was part of where she bombed in front of her daughter’s piano teacher, who apparently was a fan.


Long Fingers Big Hands – Piano teachers.

No harp no harm

60 – We’re talking Curb Your Enthusiasm!

Larry Clarke – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0164868/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t26

Hungry Hungry Hippos is not a game. Fielding says it’s for boys.

Jimmy and Oliver watched an old game show from Canada called The Mad Dash!



1h5m – Gentrification in Larchmont.

The village pizza place is getting a little grumpy lately.

Lulu Lemon Yoga Hookers.

1h10m – Fielding is a great name!


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laura_Branigan she died in 2004.

Category: I Love A Parade
Question:. The parade first started in 1924, what was the first cartoon character to get a balloon in the macy’s day parade.

1h15m – Keep the parade moving!

1h20m – Fielding talks about her show Bitter Homes, which is directed and edited by Rilo Kiley’s Dave Rock.

We get lost in a labyrinth of Trump improv.

We’ll be right back!

1h25m – Welcome back!

No one cares what episode we’re on. Jimmy says it to reset.


Talking Covid pills. Matt proves he read the entire article.

Round the horn!

1h30m – I forgot to check on Jimmy after his surgery!

Fielding suggests Room Temp water and lemon daily.

Jimmy needs his caffeine!

Talking Sodas and caffeine sources.

1h35m – Eliot reveals his Ghostbusters trip was a date!

Jungle Cruise talk.

Jimmy liked Flashdance but did not like Showgirls.

My answer is Popeye!

Eliot talks about his date. They’ve known each other for a while.

Fielding talks about her husband.

Matt tells about Kelsey Grammar’s fall.
Party Down is returning!

Jon Stewart show talk.

Fingered and frozen!

Eliot’s answer is Felix The Cat.

Matt goes Snoopy.
Fielding goes Donald Duck
Jimmy goes Casper The Ghost

Who will win?!

1h50m – The answer is Felix The Cat! – Eliot wins!

Fielding’s husband worked with Meryl Streep!

Go watch Bitter Homes and Garden! Mikaela Watkins loves it!

Chris Fairbanks makes an appearance!

Thank you!


Trivia Results:
Category: I Love A Parade
Question:.The parade first started in 1924, what was the first cartoon character to get a balloon in the macy’s day parade.

Garon: Popeye (14 pts)
Eliot: Felix The Cat (9 pts)
Matt: Snoopy (3 pts)
Fielding: Donald Duck (10 pts)
Jimmy: Casper (10 pts)

Felix The Cat – Eliot wins!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth