29R – Going clubbing with Regan Burns

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Platinum 29R – Regan Burns

5) Relient K
4) Roxette
3) Rilo Kiley
2) Rainbow Bridge
1) REM

00 – Hello! Indeed welcome in the program!

Jimmy talks about Brett Goldstein calling him a pioneer.

Red Vs Blue! Or whatever color we wore in the revolution.

At the end of the day Betsy Ross was a seamstress.

Some spiderman talk.

Matt and Fam went to the Regal Beagle!

10 – Talking Matt Damon’s Crypto.com ad.


15 – Roger Rabbit talk!

Roger Rabbit 2 is coming maybe next year?

Jeff Garlin talk and the Goldberg’s time-line.


20 – Our guest is here.

Eliot’s talking about consequences.

Machel Raddow?!

Jimmy talks about maybe some fluctuations of episodes.

25 – Mystery Science Theatre Eliot’s Council Meeting?!

Talking puppets and Eliot’s use of stick pictures of us.

30 – Jimmy’s halfway through the final episode of Dave Holmes’ podcast!

Check out How To Survive with Danielle and Kristine!


Talking animal videos. Eliot loves when a cat changes his mind.

Ally and Bean did favorite sad songs.

35 – Talking Taylor Swift’s Ronan.

Taylor Swift & The Chicks – Soon You’ll Get Better

Regan Burns is here!

He got a little heat over the Oscar thing he did?

House plays one!

40 – Mario vs Mario

Regan thinks we’re talking about Mario Lopez this entire time.

What Network shows are we watching?

Not much it turns out.

45 – Regan asks Jimmy who he takes on Amazing Race. Probably Matt.

They talk about visiting the American Ninja Warrior set.

Who would Regan take on Amazing Race? Joel McHale.

Jimmy got hosed by a taxi driver because he pretended to know his way around NYC. The cabbie took them on a 2.5 hour tour of NY.

Regan would take his son! His daughter is a little “princessy”

Annie Lennox is from Scotland btw not London.


We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Regan Burns is here! He got “Carsoned!”

Jimmy watched an old Carson last night with Richard Benjamin as a guest.


60 – 70s Cher! Jimmy was in love?


Regan insists that Believe is one of the best dance/club songs.

Jimmy asks how often Regan “Clubs”

Regan talks about going to Sky Bar and paying $100 for 2 beers and 2 gin & tonics.

1h5m – Regan’s in a tangerine commercial.

Talking Regan’s Truth commercial.

He worked a lot during the pandemic.

Talking auditions in the pandemic.

1h10m – What do we call a oreo product with just a little more cream?

Hydrox came first? Everyone loves the JoJo!

Jimmy likes a vanilla!

Actor auditioning for a blind role is back!

1h15m – Jeremy Strong talk


Jimmy’s ready to go toe to toe with Jeremy’s method acting.

Eliot had a young method actor in an improv class once. He took a minute to get into character.

1h20m – Favorite movies of the year!
Hello! Round the horn!

I saw Spiderman!

Regan’s son is going to Chapman studying film.

1h25m – Hannah Einbinder did go to Chapman.

Matt shows off his tattoo.

The professor!

1h30m – Eliot got his shingles and his booster AND the flu.

Eliot talks about a girl he met in his youth that went to Chapman. It took a very unexpected turn.

1h35m – Oliver’s pretty smart we’re learning.

Eliot’s guess is Radiohead!

What’s My bag?!

Regan’s band guess Rage Against The Machine
Matt’s guess is R.E.M.
Jimmy’s going with Rush

We hear the fans!

You can’t put the dick back in the sock!


My Five:

5) Relient K
4) Roxette
3) Rilo Kiley
2) Rainbow Bridge
1) REM

Matt Wins!

Jimmy talks about Regan jumping into a golf outing for Oliver. That was the only year that had a chance to win.

Regan talks about doing celebrity golf outings, and his partners asking what celebrity they’re gonna get.

We’re done!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth