3008 – Reading the trades with Rebecca Lee

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 Hello! Welcome in! 3008! 

Big health news for Jimmy! 

2 pieces of good news! Tooth replacement today! Also his stomach pain is back. So only one piece of good news. 

It started back up during the NNF baseball draft. 

Good luck to the teams! 

Jimmy’s drafted four teams this season and turns out he is pleased with all four of them! 

Jimmy thrown off by Matt’s collared shirt. 

Matt explains the shirt. 

Jimmy goes back to his stomach issues. 

Talking Tom Thakkar. 

Matt talks about his move and getting rid of stuff. 

Taking chair talk off line! 

10 – Or not. Jimmy’s bringing it for Charlie! 

Matt talks about the button on the sleeves of his shirt. 


Talking 80s fashion. 

Jimmy remembered a dream he had last night related to the Flappers residency. He had a “don’t remember my act and im bombing” dreams. 

Gils in Beverly Hills. 

20 – Jimmy had his once a decade Filet of Fish. 

Talking Fish on Friday – religious reasons. 

Journey talk! 

25 – Talking train routes to concerts. 

AHA at the Wiltern! 

Jimmy didn’t love it but he and Oliver liked it very much. 

Brief Everything Everywhere All At Once talk. 

Grammy’s talk! 

Back to Everything Everywhere All At Once!

Lost City talk also. 

The Belknaps watched Turning Red. 

35 – What’s the greatest jingle ever made? At least on SiriusXM. OpitmaTaxRelief! 

Get that eye click checked out! 

Dr. Oz! 

40 – Sirius ads geared towards Truckers? 

Rebecca Lee is here! She’s got a play coming up called An Intervention. 

Jimmy has to take the blame for his mistaking the title of Rebecca’s play. 

We all already love Rebecca Lee! 

45 – Rebecca talks sleep schedules. 

Favorite insults? Jimmy love Fucknut! 

Jagball. Rebecca loves it! 

An Intervention tour? Rebecca hopes. 

The mail is here!! 

50 – Someone sent us the Hamilton vinyl set. 

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back! 

New guest already fitting in Rebecca Lee! 

Rebecca talks about the movie she wrote and starred in! It’s a bowling mocumentary. 

Good news for UCB! New owners! 

55 – Who actually reads the trades? 

Jimmy when he first moved here enjoyed reading Backstage West. 

Doc talk! 

Anyone can be a star now! 

Rebecca talks about growing up in Florida, going to Atlantic Theater School, and getting married during the pandemic. 

60 – Rebecca talks about her wedding that finally happened last May (2021).

They partied pretty hard the night before and she woke up extremely sick the next day to the point of having to have a nurse come to put her on an IV. 

Rebecca’s husband is Casey Feigh! Jimmy’s out after learning the spelling.  

Rebecca is into astrology!

More mail?!

Some shirts from Lemon Ice Designs! 

Punk as Heck! 

Toss a Gun read a book! 


1h10m – Rebecca talks about the books in the kitchen. 

RIP print edition of EW. 


1h15m – Jimmy talks about using a plane phone to find out if he got a hosting gig. He did. 

Matt guesses Extreme correctly! 

Rebecca asks what Jimmy’s favorite bands are. 

Rebecca listened to Prince and a metal core band on her way in. She loves early 2000s rock.  

1h20m – Sex with prince except you can’t listen to his music ever again. In or out?

Rebecca is in. 

Jimmy’s in. 

I’m not. 

Rebecca misses record stores. There’s a good one in Atwater. 

1h25m – Rebecca has never been arrested! 

Big Johnny! 

1h30m – Eliot doesn’t talk about his dating life. They didn’t sign up for it!

Talking social media. Rebecca hates it. 

1h35m – Debbie’s rad! 

Trivia time!

Category: Fights and Battles

We’ll be back! 

We’re back!

Question:.What animal was used by the US and Soviet Union during Vietnam and cold war because of their sonar capabilities to detect bombs, fetch lost equipment, and deliver to divers?

Round the horn! 

1h40m – Debbie is NOT in a band! 

I guess Dolphin! 

Talking instruments and if we can play them. 


Heidi, Debbie’s co-worker, is in a band called Early Riser! 

We’re gonna listen to some!

1h50m – Rebecca’s looking for what she listened to on the way here. 

Everyone guesses Dolphin.

1h55m – Oliver talk! He’s a great kid who’s never punished. 

Rebecca went with 25! 

2h – The guest is the champion! 

Go See An Intervention starting April 21! 

See you next time!

Trivia Results: 

Category: Fights and Battles

Question:. What animal was used by the US and Soviet Union during Vietnam and cold war because of their sonar capabilities to detect bombs, fetch lost equipment, and deliver to divers?

Garon: Dolphin (9 pts)

Eliot: Dolphin (11 pts)

Matt: Dolphin (1 pts)

Rebecca: Dolphin (25 pts)

Jimmy: Dolphin (12 pts)

Rebecca wins with a wager! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole