2923 – Solving the puzzle with Cathy Ladman

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
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NNF 2923 – Cathy Ladman



00 Hello! Award-winning podcast! 

Should NNF be on the Star Tours route?

The last Conan hosted Tonight Show aired on January 22, 2010. 

Jimmy thinks he saw another celebrity this week. Elyse had a celebrity sighting and there was also a Friend of the Show sighting! 

Jimmy did a Flappers show on Friday! So much fun! 

They will continue for the time being! 

I get our guest!

Jimmy talks about the air freshener situation! 

Jimmy was STUNNED SILENT by a 17 day wait to get his car radio fixed. 

Jimmy so far not happy with his Hyundai service. 

15 – Matt does not like Elon Musk. 

We lost Meatloaf. We don’t care for his politics the last few years but he did bring a lot of joy. 

Jennifer 1 was not called Jennifer 1 at the time that Jimmy met Meatloaf. 

Cathy Ladman is here! 


20 – Jimmy and Matt talk about Meatloaf and Jim Steinman


Early break! 

Cathy and Mindy sent Jimmy a video. 

Cathy loves Jimmy’s shoes! 

25 – The foot does a LOT of work! 

Celebrity/Friend of show sighting! 

Wordle talk! Cathy’s doing hers. 

Steve Higgins – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Higgins

John Quaintance! 

35 – Old People with Tech! 

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back! 

2923! Getting close to the end of the season! 

Talking New York Times alert system. Abused?

40 – Kathy Griffin talk! 

Her net worth is $50 million?!

How much for the Shark Tank House?

20 Mil – Matt switches to $30 Million

22 Mil – Cathy, switches to $40 Million

35Mil – Garon

101 Mil – Eliot, switches to $60 million. 

Cuban pharmacy – https://techcrunch.com/2022/01/24/mark-cuban-cost-plus-pharmacy-lower-prices-reduce-stress/

Originally paid 6 million and somehow Manson is related. 


Jimmy recounts the comedy show at this house for Cathy. 

50 – One man show about Streisand’s basement – https://www.playbill.com/video/highlights-from-buyer-cellar-starring-michael-urie#:~:text=Michael%20Urie%20stars%20in%20Jonathan,%2Dman%20comedy%20Buyer%20%26%20Cellar.&text=Urie%20plays%20Alex%20More%2C%20a,and%20bonds%20with%20the%20icon.

55 – $85 Million for the house!

Cathy gives us her dream house specs. 

Cathy gives us an update on her daughter. She got a cat! 

60 – Is Cathy a pushover? When it comes to the kids everyone seems to be. 

We also lost Louie Anderson. Cathy and her husband were great friends of his. 

Cathy talks about the Prizes she won on Wheel of Fortune. 

1h5m – Talking the Women of the Night comedy specials. 

Cathy shares a story about a show with Roseanne, one of her earliest performances, where she was basically discovered. 

1h10m – Cathy talks about how she ended up on Wheel of Fortune. Her sister was on the daytime version. 

Cathy gives us her puzzle. 

1h15m – Sitting Pretty! 

Pat Sajak – https://www.nickiswift.com/291308/the-untold-truth-of-pat-sajak/

Cathy talks about meeting Sid Caeser! 

Listen to Mel Brooks’ new book! 

Jimmy talks about meeting Mel Brooks at the Tonight Show and Lee DeLano. 

1h25m – Eliot was on two gameshows! He won pizza for a year and a surfboard. 

Cathy and Eliot BOTH won Ben Stein’s Money. 

Talking about Cathy’s daughter’s boyfriend. He’s not warm to animals. 

1h30m – Talking San Diego Wildlife Park. 

Cathy talks about Oliver’s birth and how Jimmy and Danielle thought he was gonna be a girl. 

A group of cats is called a Clowder. 

1h35m – It’s Danielle’s trivia turn! 

A debut trivia song! 

Category: Seeing Double 



Cathy talks about a cross country trip with family and a norm Crosby show they saw in Vegas. 

We get to hear the Meatloaf trivia song from Logan Mounts. 

We’ve got great fans! 

Trivia Results: 

Category: Seeing Double

Question:.in the movie Out of Sight, Jennifer Lopez sees a mugshot of George Clooney which is actually a picture of Clooney from what other movie?

1h45m – Cathy has great stories! 

We’ll be right back with a Mike Nichols story! 

Welcome back!! 


Cathy asks about PCAT. She WILL be on the next PCAT.

We can’t believe we’re living through this! 

Matt talks about a friend of Charlie’s who had Covid over the holidays and had to open his gifts alone in his room. 

1h50m – Round the horn!! 


As a kid Jimmy hated the “straight man” ie Bud Abbot and Dick Smothers. 

Cathy is approaching 70! She’s 66. 

Comics are young clowns! Cathy has an “Adventurous Spirit” Jimmy disapproves. Cathy was 14 when Woodstock happened so she was too young to go. Her sister went though! 

Woodstock talk. People died! 

1h55m – Talking Ed Norton and how he is a brilliant character actor but maybe not a Leading Man. 

Richard Gere plays a great Prick! 

From Dusk Til Dawn is my answer!

Jimmy talks Dick Van Dyke and Diagnosis Murder.

Cathy met Dick at a ping pong party at Paula Poundstone’s place. 

2h – Eliot answer is Batman & Robin

Matt guesses O Brother.

Cathy guesses Monument Men

Jimmy answers Oceans Eleven

Answer below!

Jimmy and Cathy talk Pajama Games. 


No Mike Nichols story 

Trivia Results: 

Category: Seeing Double

Question:.in the movie Out of Sight, Jennifer Lopez sees a mugshot of George Clooney which is actually a picture of Clooney from what other movie?

Garon: From Dusk Till Dawn (18 pts)

Eliot: Batman & Robin (5 pts) – SCORE CORRECTION POST SHOW – Wager of 4. 

Matt: O Brother Where Art Thou (15 pts)

Cathy: Monuments Men (25 pts)

Jimmy: Ocean’s Eleven (16 pts)

Answer: From Dusk Till Dawn! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole