30F – Doing shots with Matt Weinhold

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 Welcome in to the program! Whatever episode it is, I don’t think anyone knows. 

Jimmy shuts down Matt’s Jokes!

It’s 30F! 

Mariah Carey – Open Arms


Thanks for coming to the flappers show! Small but mighty crowd!

Next pop cultured is gonna have a great line up including Janet Varney and Mitch Silpa! 

Matt found a ticket from when he saw Paula Poundstone nearly 30 years ago!

Jimmy found tickets from 1985 and 1987! 

Jimmy got a haircut! He thinks he does a better job. 

His stylist was very impressed with his cutting skills. 

10 – Lots of hair talk. 

Hair cut tip? 

Jimmy had a plumber over this morning. 

Talking tushies! 

I go get our guest!  

25 – Jimmy cannot remember what he wanted to talk about. 

No more masks required in LA but Jimmy noticed that around 90% of people are still wearing them. 

Jimmy’s finally opening Just Masks! Get ready! He used all of our sponsors to do it! 

30 – Last in first gone. Sorry John. 

Body masks, foot masks, etc. 

Plumber chat! He took his shoes off when he came into Jimmy’s place. 

Feet socks! 

Biden press conference. Who will be republican candidate in 2024?

35 – Daylight Saving talk! Do we really want to get rid of it?

Matt Weinhold is here!! 

He’s in a Kiss hoodie. 

40 – Jimmy talks about Kiss being his first concert and someone judging him for it. 

Creatures of the Night written by Bryan Adams!



45 – The Mail is here! 

Playing catch! 

50 – Talking the pitch back for catching/pitching 

$25 up for grabs in the letter game! 

We’ll be right back!

55 – Monster Party talk!

Fangoria Magazine talk – https://www.fangoria.com/


First CD to sell 1 million albums? 

Dire Straits Brothers in Arms! 

60 – Hey Joe! Cover song question. 

Coke in a can today for Jimmy. 

Perfect soda container?


1h10m – Candy test? Matt W has a story from a showrunner friend. 

All those Supremes singles went to #1! 

Tracey Chapman single question.


1h20m – Matt brought a gift! 

Talking donuts! 

Jimmy’s spice of choice? 

Variety Matt asks. 

Fruity Flavor! 

Favorite donuts? 

1h25m – Matt finds his Sour cream cake donut from Krispy Kreme. 

Matt W brought us some Star Trek Shot Glasses! 


1h30m – Let’s go around the horn! 

Game auditions! 

Matt W talks about his game show audition. 

Spider-Man No Way Home talk. 

Matt W doesn’t sound all that impressed. 

Jimmy has a follow-up but very nearly forgot what it was. 

1h40m – Best Marvel Actor as a guest for NNF? 

Jimmy thinks Benedict Cumberbatch. Matt says Robert Downey Jr. 

Chris Pratt? 2009 version. 

Breaking news?! Jon Stewart related? 

We’re talking Jon Stewart! 

1h50m – Coinstar! 

Eliot! He has something for us. 

The French’s have come through with more themes!

1h55m – Letter Game! 

Matt W guesses Frigidaire! 

Matt guesses Fiat

Jimmy guesses Ferrari

Garon guesses: Fry’s! 

We love Eliot’s car color!

2h – we hear the fan guesses. 

Huey Newton and The Lose! 

Was Napoleon actually short?



2h5m – Matt W growing more and more upset at the lack of Frigidaire mentions. 

It’s like #57 on the fan list. 

2h10m – Eliot’s five!

5) Fleishman’s 

4) Fox

3) French’s 

2) Fig Newton

1) Ford! 

Oliver wins? 

No winner! 


2h15m – Go listen to Matt W’s podcast! 

Charlie wants to see Rent! 

Now Jimmy may go. 

Chicago casting talk. 

Monster Party nominated for a Rondo Award! Go vote!


Do what needs to be done! 


My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole