30L – Leaving the scene of an accident with Blaine Capatch

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Welcome in! No filth! 

Jury Duty talk coming soon from Eliot.

Jimmy updates us on the neighborhood get together that his neighbor Albert and his wife had! Jimmy had thought they’d end up leaving pretty quickly but they stayed for a couple hours! It was a joy!

Jimmy talks about his neighbors whose names he now knows! 

His neighbors “knew when jimmy was working.” 

5 – Jimmy has solved the mystery of the neighbor dogs. 

Talking bad language around older folks and thinking about what they experienced in life. 

Talking stopping down on Jeopardy? Boom!

Matt got a Jeopardy text from friend Andy Wood, who is a 5-time jeopardy champ. The show flies! They didn’t stop down at all during his tenure. 

We welcome back all listeners!  

15 – Eliot’s Jury Duty Saga!


Eliot talks about how he sold his job to the judge. 

Talking DJs and name. 

Rachel Steel! 

45 – Jimmy and Eliot aren’t going to be playing the baseball dice game. 

Blaine Capatach is here! The bard! 

We’ll be right back!

We’re back! 

Quick turn around for Blaine to be back! 

Bucca De Beppa talk! 

50 – https://sabatinosrestaurant.com/

Jimmy and Blaine talk Lord Carrett. 

Remember The Jerky Boys?

55 – Cancer vibes man! 

Blaine talks about his Prostate Cancer. 

60 – Camera going into the urethra chat! 

Blaine talks about why he missed last week’s show! He was the one who got in a car wreck! He’s fine!

Blaine talks about his experiences shopping for a new car. 

Round the horn!

Lotta use out of the ejector seat for Blaine. 

1h25m – RIP Rick Ocacek.

Jimmy’s handyman is the biggest Cars fan in the world. He saw them in concert and hated it.  

RIP several shows. 

Holy Moly talk! 

1h35m – Bullshit The Game Show talk. 

We hear from Joe E. 

My word is Lego. 

1h40m – Eliot! His guess is Les Paul. Jimmy allows it even though Gibson is the actual brand. 

Blaine’s guess is Lays. 

Matt is gonna say Lays also! 

Talking Electric cars! 

We hear the fans!

Landmark closing at end of May – https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2022-05-11/landmark-theatres-to-close-pico-location-in-latest-blow

Jimmy’s 5!

5) Lemon Ice Designs

4) Lincoln Logs

3) Lays

2) Lowes

1) Lego


Blaine still does Nerd Poker (via Zoom). 

1h55m – Mexican Pizza is coming back! 

We’re done!


My pleasure,

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