30C – At home drawing pictures with Brendan Smith

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Jimmy sings us in!

30 C!

Jimmy got some confidence from that intro!

Oliver is Jimmy’s buddy!

Charlie is not a fan of Star Wars like Matt and Oliver does not have the love of Baseball or Golf like Jimmy does.

Jimmy talks about Oliver and the fun they have.


Amazing Race talk!

15 – Jimmy talks about Jeff Goldblum.

Nightmare Alley talk.

20 – Oscar talks!

Eliot has an idea how to save the Oscars. Or does he?

Jimmy hates it.

30 – Too much celebrity exposure takes away from the specialness of the Oscars.

There’s a game I can’t participate in. What Shirt is Brenan Smith wearing?

Quiet Riot is Eliot’s Guess
Jimmy goes with DIO
Matt guesses Iron Maiden


Taylor Hackford has won, Christine Lahti, Hal Roach, Peter Capaldi

40 – Matt wins!! Brendan is wearing an Iron Maiden shirt.

Brendan LOVES Def Leppard.

45 – Talking Sirius XM

We’ll be right back with Brendan’s Def Leppard story!

Welcome back!

50 – Jimmy has replaced their toaster!

Jimmy and Brendan talk about their music tastes. Brendan talks about going down a youtube rabbit hole about bands he loves and seeing all sorts of performances etc etc.

55 – Ranking Canadian bands.

Gord’s Gold!

Naming Gordon’s. I missed saying Eliot Gordon Ramsey. Apologies.

60 – Jimmy and Brendan talk about the new Tears for Fears album.


Torn down in 2016.


Jimmy talks about the guy in the audience at the Tony Hadley show with the gold pompons.

1h10m – Brendan got Covid from a Foo Fighters concert. Despite vax and masks.

Brendan thinks we are a year away from a Dave Grohl sitcom. Jimmy thinks Leah Remini will play his wife.

Lotta great ideas for this Dave Grohl show.

Jimmy praises Brendan’s show.

Kevin Bacon’s brother is Michael.


1h15m – Frank Zappa talk.

1h20m – Matt asks Brendan about the music in Peacemaker.


Dave Grohl enjoys comedy!

Talking Kesha!

Jimmy’s talks about the drops! Bigtime podcasting!

100 episodes of The Brandocast!

Brendan talks about the shows he’s seen lately.

“Choke on the sugar drink”

1h35m – Brendan’s going to see Billy Joel! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nylon_Curtain


Rob Durham sent us some of his books!

1h45m – Veder off! Eliot vs Brendan


I guess Eliot won? Per Jimmy at least.

Farmer’s Market Karaoke.

1h55m – Brendan and Eliot talk about the host of the karaoke.

We get Brendan’s Def Leppard story.

2h – https://variety.com/2003/music/reviews/meat-loaf-cyndi-lauper-1200540215/

I saw Robin Williams and Matt saw Chris Rock at the Universal Amphitheater.
2h5m – Eliot’s got a new theme!


he’s 60!

The Bowl is hiring!

2h15m – Round the horn!

Sponsored by Lemon Ice Designs!

I went on a hike!

Lots of nudity.

2h25m – Stryper!

Brendan picks Corona!
Matt goes with Casio
Jimmy goes Coca-Cola!
I guess Celsius



Eliot’s word is

5) Chrysler
4) Capri-Sun
3) Claris works
2) Corona
1) Campbell’s

No winner.

Sebastian Bach talk!

This is a long one!

Susannah Hoffs talk!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole