30K – Extending your stay with Geoff Tate

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 Hello! 30K! Talking and house down payments finances! 

Jimmy’s got a bandage. He had a little bit of skin cancer removed. 

A little Kool and the Gang on the left cheek!  Or a knife fight. 

Back off Keaton! 

Couple of things to discuss. Good and bad news for us?

Pat Benatar is in the Rock Hall! 

Lots of Rock Hall talk and the umbrella of Rock and Roll covering all genres. 

Talking streaming! 

15 – Scott Pilgrim is the Belknap family movie apparently. 

Does Charlie enjoy the Star Wars Arcade set? 

Talking Pinball! 

Jimmy dated a girl whose dad owned an arcade.

20 – We bounced between sex and pinball. 

Other business! 

The May phone call lottery is done. From OK Marty Scantlan and from Rhode Island Christina Miller! 

25 – Jimmy’s Fall Tour! 

Starting in August! Bloomington! (19-20)

September! Salt Lake City!

October! Cincinnati! 

November! Cedar Rapids/Debuke/Davenport!

December! Minneapolis!

The Tour Poster is coming soon! The Let’s See What Happens Tour 2022! 

30 – Talking Dave Chappelle. 

40 – Geoff Tate is here!

More bowl talk! 

50 – We’ll be back! 

Soda talk! Coke Zero Labels?

Dude wipes! 

We’ll be right back!!

55 – We’re back! Geoff Tate is here! 

Talking about Geoff’s hat. 

Talking blow jobs and hats! 

Talking comedy and faces. 

I go get coke zero for Jimmy.

Matt lost keys?

Talking Ellen and traffic jams. 

1h10m – Thicke of the Night – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thicke_of_the_Night

Jimmy talks about why he watched Alan Thicke’s show, it was Chicago related.  

1h20m – Talking Sara’s and bands with multiple singers. 

Eatin puss bit has new legs! 

1h25m – Why the fuck are you here Geoff?! 

Geoff’s seeing Pearl Jam tomorrow!

1h30m – Geoff talks about having Covid. 

The Hardcastle

The Hagar

You Betz Your Life

The Shoes

1h35m – NNF bio talk


1h40m – Teen Witch! 

Round the horn! 

Im seeing Dr Strange and Mary Tyler Moore. 

Walking Dildo is not going on the board. 

Swish a little soda around the mouth!

What non MCU character do I want to see?

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers talk


1h55m – My K is Kellogs. 

Talking Milk. 

Jimmy CANNOT do Almond. 

2h – Nice shirt Eliot! 

2h5m – Eliot’s going with Kia. 

Geoff’s going with Kleenex!

Talking about Falling Down 

Matt’s K is 

2h15m – K-Mart

We hear the fans.

Jimmy’s 5. 

5) Kohl’s

4) Kroger

3) Kia

2) Kellogs

1) Krispy Kreme

No winner!

We’re done! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole