30D – Dollars to donuts with Joe Kwaczala

Joe Kwaczala

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


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00 Welcome in! 30D!

Jimmy talks about his voice and cadence.

30D Done Dirt Cheap!

AC/DC talk

Oh! The Mail is here!

The mail arrived in REAL time!


5 – The perks are here!

Matt hasn’t skied since he moved out here.

Michael Kennedy died in a skiing accident.

15 – So many great perks! They’re shipping this week as this episode drops!

Paul Gilmartin sent flowers to Jimmy after his mom passed. To the wrong house.

Good luck podcasters!

Personal call winners!

Andrew Bergetta!

And Michael something?

25 – George Michael talk!

Michael Paragua…Sorry Michael.

30 – Popcultured! Eliot was in a shirt that was…interesting.

Joe Kwaczala is here!

35 – Matt talks backpack placement.

Ranking Fear movies.

Mark Wahlberg talk!


Halloween date talk.

Joe did a John Mahoney marathon during the pandemic.


45 – Reality Bites doesn’t hold up apparently.


Popcultured talk. It was a great show!

We’ll be right back! If Eliot lets us take a break.

55 – Pat Benatar talk! Now we really WILL take a break.

Welcome back!!!

60 – Maria Bamford did a guest set at Popcultured. It was wonderful.

Talking Rock Hall!

Will Dolly be in?

1h5m – Rock ceremony in LA this year! Is Joe going?

Joe is credited for the news of the Rock Hall ceremony coming to LA.

Joe and Kristen do the show via Zoom.

1h10m – Jimmy confirms Joe grew up in Pittsburgh!


Talking about OMD concerts.

1h15m – Talking Covers and ELO.

Round the horn!

Robert Goulet Pin?

1h20m – My guess is D!

Joe talks about Studio 666.

Hot Dog on A Stick and Auntie Anne’s talk!

1h30m – I relinquish my D (Duracel) Word to Matt.

Jimmy and Eliot hugged?!

Joe talks hugs.

Who hugs who?!

1h35m – Joe goes Dole!

Matt takes Duracel.

Jimmy’s D is Dr Pepper

My D word is Dockers! (Back up Doc Marten’s)

We hear the fans!


Eliot’s six:

6) Disney
5) Delta
4) Ducati
3) Diemler-Benz
2) Diesel
1) Dell

No winner.

1h55m – talking fancy donuts. 9/11 donuts?! Joe talks about them. Krispie Kreme opened in Joe’s neighborhood on 9/11.

Who Cares About The Rock Hall! Go listen!

Taxi talk!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole